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Sendy is a self hosted service to email your newsletters at a significant discount. Similar to MailChimp.

Abyss Web Server

Guacamole is a client-less remote desktop gateway. You can control your machine without needing a client and just a browser using HTML5. Yourls is a self-hosted URL shortener. It provides stats as well. Pow lets you create a quick environment to build and test Rails apps. Moodle is a CMS for education. VirtualHostX lets you setup multiple websites quickly on a Mac. It comes with it's own self-contained Apache web server as well. Owncloud is a replacement for Dropbox, but also provides calendar, contacts and so much more.

FileMaker is a powerful database server. Very Powerful. Run it for yourself or as a paid service for others. uses cookies.

A very good alternative to Exchange. Run a Minecraft Server of your own. ServerPilot makes it simple and fast to create and maintain Wordpress installs. Built for DigitalOcean, but works great on a Mac mini with Ubuntu. If you log out, you've lost VNC. There are many password vaults available.

2. Configure Sharing

I chose SplashID a long time ago to help me keep track of my 1,plus user accounts, the passwords for machines I maintain, and my personal Web info. While SplashID isn't all that yet, it's close. I can sync my desktop, phone, and an encrypted USB key, and I can email an encrypted file to myself for backups. If someone tries to break in, the system will scrub the database.

Camtasia Studio is one app I'll never be without. I use it to capture PowerPoint presentations during symposia and lectures, and it's great for capturing online demos. The fact that it's also a darn good video editing tool cinches the deal. Because Camtasia can nicely combine other video sources and stills, it has become an indispensable part of my toolkit. The latest version even has the ability to insert a moving mosaic to blur out passwords or faces of people without model releases.

The Mac has a great set of keystrokes that will save screen captures or portions of the screen as fast as you can hit the keys.

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SnagIT can do all that, plus add graphical annotation, perform simple video capture, and automatically upload your images. An excellent use of SnagIT is to capture an entire Web page -- it scrolls the page down if necessary -- and save it for documentation. SnagIT and Camtasia Studio form a powerful combo, and if you buy them together you can save some bucks on the purchase. The iSight camera is great, as is the noise reduction on the built-in microphone, but the lighting is rarely perfect. I've saved some presets for the places I do my videoconferencing my desk, my easy chair, outdoors.

Best rdp client for mac

I also use iGlasses to rotate the video on my external iSight camera the old FireWire version when I mount it to the underside of a shelf with the magnet. A bunch of other programs share similar features, but iGlasses has been my pick for years and it works great. Both the Mac and the PC suffer from the proliferation of new video formats.

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  • VLC is the do-all and end-all of video players -- I can't recall a single video file it wasn't able to play. Beyond handling obscure formats, I also use VLC to test multicast configurations, since it can stream not only to unicast IP addresses but also to multicast addresses. It's also a great way to set up a demo, because you can create a playlist of videos and have that list loop over and over.

    I run Air Display on my iPad to use the tablet as a second monitor for my Mac, and it sure beats traveling with an actual monitor. The downside is that this second monitor must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac. Although video can be jerky, ordinary application video refresh is pretty quick -- very acceptable for most applications. Thinking about using a Mac for your server? Find out which Mac model makes the best server based on several important categories. Read More?

    Tunnelblick | Free open source OpenVPN VPN client server software for macOS

    Check out our helpful guide. Your email address will not be published. This is a very useful article as I am planning to use an old black macbook as a network server. Many thanks. I moved my Mac Pro across the country to essentially be a server for my images but also as a Plex server. As it's a 1,1, it won't take OSX later than I managed to get an old version of Plex server up and running on it but it won't connect to my LG tv, the only place I watch. I ran through every step on my MacPro and it's not appearing on the network for any of my windows computers.

    What might I be missing? As has just been stated, Transmission did get a fixed version out quickly.