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By Matt Elliott. The solution? Save them to iCloud Drive. Here's how: When you have an email with an attachment, instead of tapping on the attachment to view it, tap and hold on the attachment and then tap Save Attachment. Enlarge Image. Have you ever copied a file to a remote server before? So the copying to iCloud drive option described here would in fact make a duplicate of the file locally in addition to the server side file resulting in 3 copies of the file.

Completely agree. This article will cause potentially a huge amount of space to be wasted on your Mac by copying your local files locally again. It is a misleading article. This is wrong.

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Anything put into the iCloud folder is local to your Mac. Anything put in there will then be automatically copied not moved to iCloud. So by copying the files you have doubled up the files stored locally on your Mac for no reason as well as the iCloud version 3 copies of your files.


Macbook - Saving Word Documents to the iCloud

This is madness. Many people may actually blow their hard drive space following this article. This is the purpose of iCloud Drive. Those style apps let you flag files to sync. On my Mac, I am simply not able to create folders of files in the iClod Drive. The OS is preventing this, and I have no idea why. This requires OS X I have the same Can you please tell me how to transfer photos off my iPhone 6plus to an external hard drive such as Lacie?

My iPhone storage is full 16gb and I increased by iCloud storage to enable transfer, but when I delete a photo from the phone it sends a message stating that the item will be deleted off ALL devices including the iCloud. Please advise me! I tried uploading to Google photo, but get the same message about deleting off device will cause the cloud to delete as well. My mac book only has 4gb ram.

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If you delete a photo on iphone, with iCloud sync unfortunately it will delete photos from all your iCloud devices. Nice tutorial.

Save any file to iCloud from the Finder

I hope that makes sense.. Issue I am finding is that documents you place inside your own folders on iCloud are not searchable on IOS devices unlike the documents placed inside the IOS app created folders. Hopefully this will be sorted out by Apple.

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You can also access these files online through your account at www. Files over 15GB in size are not supported. Open a new Finder menu, click the Go menu item and select iCloud Drive. This is useful for some apps you plan to use across all your systems, but may not always be what you want. To control which apps can store data to your online drive:. To check, login to your account online at www. If it does not you can change this and the time zone problem will be resolved across all your devices. Wait a few moments and you will be presented with a list of files that you have previously deleted in the Restore Files window.

MS Word (Office ) Save defaults to iCloud | MacRumors Forums

Tick the box beside the file s you want to restore and tap Done. Files are only available in this way for days. Got a story? Drop me a line via Twitter. I'd like it if you chose to follow me there so I can let you know when fresh items are published here first on Computerworld.