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There is also no phone number in which to contact them. This is very suspect!

Wholesale Mac Cosmetics Outlet Online Sale Cheap Mac Makeup

My products came damaged and some clearly tested. Stay far away from this company! I have been looking at that site for months wondering if it was legit or not. Thanks for posting!

All Cosmetics - any good?

This is a review for the "All Cosmetics Wholesale" www. All Cosmetics Wholesale is a website where you can find high end brand cosmetics for a fraction of the price that you would pay at a department store. I came accross this website a long time ago when I was looking to buy Mac products for a cheaper price than sold at the Mac counters. It took me a long time to finally decide to buy from them, mainly because I didn't know if they really sold the "real" stuff.

So I watched a few reviews on youtube there were only a few and after going to the site over and over I finally decided to go for it. Here is the stuff I bought from them: First thing I will say about this site is that because it doesn't look as nicely put together as other makeup websites, such as sephora.

After you get passed the looks of it and start deeply looking into it, they actually have a very nice selection of brand name products, they seem to run out of stuff fairly quick so you have to be diligent when looking for a specific product and buy it right away if you can. When it comes to shipping, they use USPS for most of their orders and I was pleasantly surprised to get my products just 4 days after I ordered them. As far as the products go, I can tell you that they are the real stuff. I am not really sure how exactly they afford to sell everything at such a low price but somehow they do.

Some of my stuff came without a box when this is to happen, it specifically says it on the description of the product before you buy it but that doesn't mean that the quality of the product has been compromised in any way. The prices are fairly low on most stuff. Some brands like Mac still have high prices but if you look really good every now and then you can find pretty good deals.

All Cosmetics Wholesale: is it real? : MakeupAddictionCanada

There is only one things I was not pleased with: They don't list a phone number to contact them, if you have a question you will have to email them but besides that everything was pretty much perfect. I did email them to ask them a question and they answered promptly, so that was great.

This is the only one item that came damaged and I will email them about it and see what they say. I'll keep you all posted.

How To Spot Fake MAC Makeup

They are fast at shipping their products, offer great prices and they do sell real high end brands. Posted by Luisana at PM. Anonymous July 9, at PM. Anonymous July 10, at PM. Luisana July 10, at PM.

Cheap Mac Makeup Online Sale,Wholesale Mac Cosmetics Outlet

Prettyme December 22, at AM. Anonymous July 22, at AM. Anonymous July 27, at AM.

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Anonymous November 23, at PM. Anonymous February 22, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Welcome to my blog! Hello, my name is Luisana. I am just a normal girl who happens to love makeup. I created this blog to help all of you ladies out there that would like some tips and tricks when it comes to beauty.

I can't say I have done it "all" but I have certainly tried a lot of different things and I have found what works best for me and I am here to share my opinion and experiences as I keep on trying new products. They provide accurate descriptions including expiration dates in many of their listings. This is a nice way to grab a beloved item that might be discontinued or even a great way to grab a limited edition item that is no longer available.

Hey—thanks, will check it out….. I love All Cosmetics Wholesale. They frequently have great coupons and sales, too. They always follow my packing requests, so that my items arrive in perfect condition.

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