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Jeff Benjamin. Compared to the Core V2, the Core X is a more straight-forward solution, eschewing niceties like USB, Ethernet, and RGB lighting in favor of a less expensive, more corporate-looking external Thunderbolt 3 graphics solution.

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How does it stack up to the current crop of Mac-compatible external graphics boxes on the market? Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the details.


The Best External GPU for a MacBook Pro

Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more videos. Everything about the packaging, from the box, to the quality of the styrofoam inserts used to protect the chassis showed attention to detail.

Apple MacBook Pro with an External Graphics Card!?

The Razer Core X features a black, all aluminum enclosure with a hideaway quick release lever not a handle on back. Rotating the quick release lever from its hidden position unlocks the inner chassis from the outer chassis. The non-slip material works together with the quick release lever, allowing you to open and close the chassis with a single hand.

Adding the to usability of the Razer Core X is a specially-designed plastic track and rail system on the bottom of the inner chassis.

About the Author

It allows the inner portion of the Razer Core to easily slide in and out of the outer case, because the plastic prevents metal from rubbing against metal. This was one of my main complaints about the original Akitio Node, which produced nails-on-chalkboard like sounds when accessing the GPU. Another thoughtful design choice was the decision to use a single PCIe expansion slot cover and a single thumbscrew. This means that you only need to deal with a single screw when securing your GPU inside the box.

The overall look and feel of the Razer Core X is one of thoughtfulness. Even the main Thunderbolt 3 controller board features a sparse design that looks much cleaner than its competitors.

Boot Camp eGPU Setup Guide – Windows Gaming with Macs

For starters, it features a wide enough chassis to accommodate pretty much any current GPU you can slap inside. This means that even gaudy-looking cards with custom cooling solutions should fit inside with no issue. Even better is the fact that Razer has opted for a completely tool-less design, making cover removal and GPU installation a breeze. The second big selling point for the Core X is power. You can even control which apps appear on each screen. By default, the macOS will launch apps onto the primary display and use the Radeon graphics card in the Core X to speed everything up.

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With 8GB of video memory to play with, the Radeon RX inside the Core X was able to crank the graphics right up to the Very High setting, and then cruise along at a smooth and playable Using just its integrated graphics, the MacBook Air could only manage Before launching any app you can Control-click on its icon and select 'Get Info' from the context menu that appears. However, games and other apps do need to be updated to provide this option, so some apps may still need an external display in order to run at full speed with the eGPU.

Back to School Image credit: TechRadar. Check out our list of the best graphics cards for inspiration 1.

Bring magic to your desktop with a $699 external GPU for MacBook Pros, iMacs

What you need The Thunderbolt 3 ports on a MacBook. Image credit: Apple.

Adding a graphics card to the eGPU case is relatively easy. You can power more than one monitor or screen with the eGPU.