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  1. How to Use Text Replacement in Office for Mac
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Usability wise, setting up a replacement for typing out email addresses is a great trick and goes for both Mac OS X and iOS on the mobile side of things too. Note that in some apps prior to OS X This is not always the case going forward, but if you are having trouble getting text replacement to work in some apps this is the first place you should look.


How to Use Text Replacement in Office for Mac

Now here comes the interesting part, the Text Substitution feature is not enabled by default in many Mac OS X applications and it has to be manually enabled on a per application basis. Note: New to OS X Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. They are dimmed. This works for me but i put a substitution in that i misspelled and now i can not get rid of it.

Can anyone help with that. I am a small-time writer and sometimes would like to express a thought in slang of one country or another. Must I disable spell check each time I use slang? Thanks in advance. Apparently this capability exists in the newer version of OS X because my And, we wanted to mention them, just in case you needed something specific. Typinator is another great choice when you are looking for a text expansion app for Mac. Even then, you can use Typinator to boost your personal productivity while typing. We found it to be quite clumsy and congested.

Alfred 4 for Mac

As far as the UI concerned, you can see the sets and abbreviations at the top section, and the expansion text at the bottom part. But, it really is not intuitive. Coming to the features, Typinator does not disappoint. You get quick and easy expansion, followed by better organization of your abbreviations. You can create your own set of abbreviations or download some from a library. For instance, you can get an Autocorrect set for different languages. Just like TextExpander, Typinator lets you create different types of snippet content, also variables.

You can add variable options like date, month, etc. However, when it comes to Preferences, you will find the basics only. In short, Typinator offers a smooth text expansion experience, but you miss a lot of features. For instance, it does not have Delimiter support. In case you are wondering, Typinator is macOS-only. Even then, for a price of Rocket Typist shows how minimal a text expansion app can become. Despite the simple UI, however, Rocket Typist offers some features that we have not seen elsewhere.

The simple UI takes no time. If you want to edit the snippets or create one, you have open that separately.

Use iOS’ Text Replacement feature on Mac

Once in the window, you can create, edit and arrange your snippets in different categories. But the best feature is this: Rocket Typist lets you create interactive snippets. For instance, you can create a template with the variable for the name. Whenever you enter the abbreviation, Rocket Typist will ask you to enter the name. You can do this for almost everything else.

We loved it. Inside such a simple package, Rocket Typist consists of many features.

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Also, despite the little learning curve it has, we found it easy to use the program. As you can guess, however, you will miss all the advanced set of features here. Still wondering who needs Rocket Typist? The basic users. If you need a simple tool that expands the bunch of abbreviations, Rocket Typist is the one for you. You need not worry about heavy settings or subscriptions.

Using Text Replacement (#1068)

Just pay for the software and keep calm. On the bright side, Rocket Typist is pretty inexpensive. You can get its core features for free. If you need an advanced set, free feel to purchase the Pro version. In addition to regular purchase, Rocket Typist comes with Setapp too. TypeIt4Me was truly a great competitor in the list, as far as features were concerned.

It was offering almost all the features we had seen in TextExpander, but something is not perfect. One thing we noted is that the program comes with a set of abbreviations and expansions. Just after you have installed and given Accessibility permission, TypeIt4Me will start expansion.

But, thanks for that, you can set up a Delimiter using a key. TypeIt4Me even lets you print all your abbreviations so that you can paste it on the desk. In addition to the fully-fledged snippet editor, TypeIt4Me offers a feature-rich menu bar icon too. From the dropdown menu, you can choose the popular snippets and they will be pasted. This makes things easy if you just forgot one abbreviation. You can add normal text or variables as per your wish.

OS X Mavericks and later come with a somewhat limited number of predefined text substitutions.

1. Textexpander

You'll find substitutions for copyright, trademark, and a few other items. You can enable or disable individual text substitutions, including those pre-populated by Apple. Text substitution is a powerful capability, but the built-in system is at best basic. If you find it lacks a few features, such as the ability to assign substitutions on a per-application basis, then a third-party text expander, such as those listed below, may be more to your liking.

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