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Are newsreaders, feed readers, Atom and RSS readers the same? Yes and no. I prefer the term feed reader by now as they also support Atom feeds just another RSS-like format.

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There is an feed reader software called Feedreader. You do not want you to mix them up. Feed reader is any tools to read feeds while Feedreader is just one brand. I see you are a dilligent reader. My first draft of this post was half explanation why I changed my mind, but then I thought nobody cares and the target audience are the Google visitors anyways as you all already use RSS readers.

So finally I had to change my reading habits. Stop writing so many different great blogs! Get a life! And give me a break! Damn blogging bastards! Haha, I know the feeling.

My bookmarks are cluttered beyond belief without having a bunch of blogs in there. Just spent an age looking for readers — my searching has to get better. Thanks for the list.

Top 3 Mac Desktop RSS Feed Reader Clients

And I can use it on any computer no matter where I am. However, almost every feature-filled application-based x-platform reader totally screws up content-rich feeds. Take RSSOwl, for example.

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Half the time, graphics and nice formatting disappear from feeds that look great in Bloglines. It combines all of your online reading in one place. It's here. Browsing articles with the arrow key and space bar is easy, and a tabbed interface allows you to allow full versions of articles to load in the background. NewsNetWire 4 is, as of this writing, in development. The interface is simple, and browsing your feeds is easy. It also includes built-in sharing with Buffer.

Not sure you want a full-blown RSS reader for your desktop? There are menu bar options, like Feeds free :. Updates capable of syncing with Feedly and more have been issued for the iPhone and iPad, but the Mac version remains broken.

What is the RSS feed?

Stay tuned, though, because if the previous version is anything to go by it will be fast and feature filled. And there are other apps worth checking out. Leaf is an attractive app that leaves some advanced features out in favor of simplicity, and is getting a lot of really great reviews. Fill me in below, okay?

6 Best Free RSS Reader Apps For - Get Your Daily Dose Of RSS Feeds

Your email address will not be published. My main problem with NetNewsWire is that it won't allow you to comment on Google blogs from within the program. While the service is a good replacement for Google Reader, their iOS apps need a lot of work. Fortunately, they are supporting many of the popular clients that were available for Google Reader.

Top 2 Online RSS Feed Readers

Reeder is also currently free, while developers build a brand new version. It does not have as many sharing options or keyboard shortcuts as Reeder for the Mac, but is a good alternative. Now that Google Reader is gone, most users have found other alternatives.