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I am benefiting from targeted upgrades regularly. For example, at the end of this year I will look at pugetsystems testing new i9 processors. I am particularly interested in 16 and 18 core beasts. If those will give significant performance boost I will upgrade my PC again through a local computer shop - not myself. I will specifically be looking at 4K video rendering and encoding performance as that is the most annoying and most slow performing part of workflow for me and saving time in those would be of significant benefit given how much my time is worth.

Guess what? Obviously the case, PSU, etc will remain the same. Overall it is huge saving compared to buying a new system to the same spec. And I do this regularly when there is something what makes a difference to workflow savings. Even if my rate is NOT low and I knew how to put hardware together well which I do not I would still not hesitate to spend time to do it myself. I have no problem spending time now to save time later continuously in workflow. But I personally outsource this. I am only talking about upgrades that make sense and make a difference.

And it is surprising how often these happen. And they never all happen at the same time in one area. So gradual upgrades over time make a lot of sense. Surprisingly enough the same is true for laptops. I already upgraded it 3 times with things that simply were not even available at the time the laptop was purchased. All pc fanboys need to know is once you go mac you never look back.. I know a lot of users that use both extensively including myself.. Just put it this way there is a reason why live event pros are mostly using mac..

I know people that use there macs for 5 years and still run there pro programs PC is a hopped up car with aftermarket parts that needs insane maintenance.. Mac is a BMW m SOrry I used a mac and laughed at it and wondered what overcharged bunch of garage it was that enforces you to be entirely bent over a table locked into one vendor.

Based on the replies from you in regards mine and other posts, you're too sensitive and take things personally. This discussion is about computers, not YOU, so chill out. Your replies about Mac are calling it garbage and such. Pretty obvious you take things too personally and fire back making attacks in order to try to anger someone like how you feel angry.

Calm it. I know quite a few around me that did not only look back but actually moved to Windows. Your silly generalization fails to hold once faced with real life. What is more you must be blind since there are people in this forum who did not only look back but moved to Windows and you even responded to some of them.

So you kind of should already know that your generalization is false. Ah playing the victim. Sorry but you are too sensitive. Even with your last reply to me. It really bothers you that people criticize Windows or various other Windows variants so in turn you start hurling insulting words Apple's products in order to "get back" at the people who prefer Macs and don't want Windows. Calm down,. Calling posters that disagree with you kids certainly is insulting. So get over yourself and move along.. Aroart Pff. Yeah, a BMW M3 isn't maintenance intensive at all when driven hard..

Boy you're a touchy one aren't you. You knee-jerk way too much. I never actually called anyone directly here a kid. It was a generalization based on the information posted. So let me understand something. So you're suggesting that there aren't young people that post on DPR around the ages of 12 and up? Are you also suggesting that kids ages 12 and up aren't capable of building themselves a computer? You do realize youth enjoys tech as well right? Or did you think everyone that posts here is age 30 and up? Stop being so touchy and sensitive. I was being honest, but you take things too sensitively.

That's childish. You need help. You make the Windows crowd look bad. So sorry you can't handle being called out on it, but that's reality - then again, it's not as if you post here often. This is such a retro 90s article and discussion. It completely neglects the rise of mobile computing and the monopoly Apple has there. Most photos and video today is shot on mobiles and leans heavily towards the iPhone. There, Windows isn't even a player. The majority of photos uploaded to sharing sites are taken with iPhones. The data is clear. Some great work is indeed done professionally on the iOS exclusively, not laptops or desktops.

Android is the only competitor. What is more mobile device screens are just not good for profi work anyway. On mobile - Android dominates by far. However, Apple dominates on ripping off what can easily be seen how despite small market share Apple has been leading on profits and huge market leading profits is a clearest sign of the greatest rip off in a generation. That's absolutely correct. The majority of photos uploaded to Flickr and Instagram are from iPhones.

Apple doesn't have a majority of the market for smartphones but it dominates the mobile photography field in terms of user publishing. This article and video bypass that entirely. As for the idea that mobile photography is not a field for professionals or DPR, that's nuts. Mobiles are an increasing part of the professional workflow and will only take up more of it over time. They'll never take over but their rule and influence is huge.

Apple is the most influential brand here. When Canon switched mounts to implement autofocus many users were dismayed. Apple has irritated many by going to USB-C, leaving legacy external hardware requiring a dongle. Soon, as the rest of the industry adopts USB-C, Apple will look like the forward thinking corporations they are.

Even the lack of an SD card slot avoids the problem of future incompatibilities with new SD card specifications. Apple is hardly the pioneer here. Forcing your customers to buy dongles or new peripherials for no good reason whatsoever is simply greedy, not "forward thinking". Albert Einstein once said: "To disagree with Slouch Hooligan is to be a stupid ignoramus. You're welcome!! How does that benefit the consumer? Keeping at least one "old" USB port on the machine would have made it how much bigger?

Would have added how much more weight to it? They did, however remove the compatible USB2 ports much to their customers consternation. Intel has been on record that Apple single-handedly saved USB. I agree with the original OP on this. Dester Wallaboo, well that's a nice anecdote and it has been repeated ad nauseam, but what exactly does this have to do with anything? Type-C USB hasn't been struggling for adoption. So far I haven't used it for anything. I never said that USB-C is struggling. But going full USB-C will accelerate the full adoption of the tech across the board.

If manufacturers want to make Apple customers happy, they'll be cranking out full USB-C devices instead of holding on to older tech. It pushes a market.

iMac for Video Editing OR a Windows PC?

And let's not pretend that USB is some single connector deal. The regular one you expect for printers, scanners, etc. So it's not like we aren't used to having to pick cables based on what we are connecting. Pushing for higher speeds and convenience, in the long run, is an admirable goal. So much QQ'ing in here. I seriously question Apple's ability in the Notebook and Desktop sector to still affect market adoption of anything in any meaningful way. They have neglected their non-mobile product lines for so long that they simply have barely any market pull left.

The situation with USB back in the day was different. The adoption of USB was mainly hindered by a lack of peripherials and Apple managed to solve the chicken-and-egg problem by adopting USB while making sure that importan peripherials appear alongside the new Mac product. USB-C, on the other hand, has no chicken-and-egg problem, making this oft-repeated anecdote of Apple's USB heroism even more annoying than it already is. The audio industry has been trying to ditch the headphone jack, as it has existed for decades, for a very long time.

It's incredibly limited by today's standards. The inability to feed power, send an optional digital signal, drive multichannel audio, or to allow the headphones to talk back to the audio device has hindered the progress of audio listening for a long time.

Five reasons to choose a PC over a Mac for photo and video editing

Ditching the headphone jack may or may not have been a good move. Only time will tell. Of course they haven't. Look at any pro-grade audio equipment and what you won't see is USB-C or Lightning ports to connect headphones or speakers to it. Apparently, our resident Apple cultist thinks that Apple mobile devices are "the audio industry". Hit Google I'm not your search engine. I listed off the reasons. Reasons I read in audiophile mags over the years. Does the current headphone jack serve well for providing power for noise-cancelling headphones? Is it a great connection for multi-channel audio? How about allowing the headphones to talk back to the audio device to give it an audio profile via metadata so that the device can recognize and provide a correct EQ'd profile for the phones in question?

How about the ability to send a raw digital signal to headphones, or another receiver with it's own DAC? I never said the audio industry was looking for lightning connectors or USB. I just said they have been looking to find a way to modernize the connector for today's tech abilities.

One Photographer's Search for the Right Apple Computer | B&H Explora

I never claimed the iPhone is an audiophile's dream. And I never called it 'headphone hatred'. Crikey, you guys are so overdramatic. The headphone jack needs to evolve. Let me ask you the questions again. Does the current headphone jack implementation support multichannel audio? Does it allow for power to be sent for headphones such as sound cancelling? Does it allow the headphones to talk to the audio device and identify themselves to the audio device? Does it allow the ability to send an digital signal over the connection for either the headphones to to have their own DAC or for another external audio DAC?

This is the natural evolution of headphone jacks. And I would love the whole industry to move this direction. Why be stuck in old tech? One last note on USB-C I've got the sturdy legacy solutions that never let me down. Please don't make a habit of posting YouTube clickbait videos as news. I see at least 3 "why I switched to I have been with PC from the beginning because I like the flexibility of having software and tools that predates the Windows era.

PC is just more flexible and almost "programmed obsolescence" immune. The issue for a laptop and photography for me is the screen. I have owned and supported Dells in the past and the build quality and durability is always inferior, whatever the model. They seem to choose "B-C" grade components. My brand of choice is Lenovo, but they are expensive and heavy for the same level of performance and the screens are not the best. But, if you bought a fast model 8 years ago, there is a good chance it is still going strong. Their firmware support is excellent and they choose "A" grade hardware.

How often do you get bios update with Dell. With Lenovo, they fix the issue. So now this died down. Good luck with the BS that is Windows. I was a diehard Windows fan used every version from version 3. I still use it at work, and I spent most of yesterday finding and updating Visual Studio ended up downloading the 7. That was the tip of the frustration iceberg that was yesterday for me ALL Windows and Microsoft related. Sorry it took you most of a day. So let's all ask ourselves if Windows is the problem here or the person in front of the screen.

So you are blaming Windows because you use really crappy software with crappy support? You "make sense" right there. Why not talk to your IT department about keeping the software up to date? It is Microsoft's fault if the company that you work for is using outdated or not updated software? Why not ask your boss why they not keep their software up to date? Downloading and updating software without company permission is a serious breach of company policy and a reason for dismissal, because of possible incompatibility with other company software!

I just had no problem installing Adobe's latest RAW program. However, CC simply wont download or load. I finally got it to download but it won't install. Good thing there is nothing really exciting about the latest version of CC except maybe for "face aware". Seems like it is more for designers. I'd love to see the direct price comparison. I've spec'd out laptops and if equally configured, they're a lot closer than a grand. But the lack of ports is a very valid complaint. Apple really blew it on this one. Hopefully they'll correct the error when I need to upgrade my Macbook.

Considering how long it took them to update to the latest version, there will be another port that they will go with that there is barely anything that uses it and take away USB-C. I just got a new PC and after working on a spreadsheet for over 10 hours backing up every 10 Min the program Excel corrupted the file. Microsoft Tech support took a look and I had to totally reload all.

Never happened on my Mac. Let me say that most of the the problems come from Microsoft operating system and office , the only trouble I have on my Mac are Office The equipment is not the problem. Office is a horrendous set of applications for anything but the lightest use.

Just recently I had Word crashing whenever I attempted to create a table of contents. I am a big proponent of just using specialized software for anything that isn't a quick letter, a mock-up or things you need in the office that everyone else can edit. LaTeX is fantastic for longer texts and R blows Excel out of the water for graph creation and work with large data sets. I wrote a page Master's degree thesis with Word 10 years ago, including TOC, footnotes, image captions etc.

Never had an issue with it. Sure, it's not as powerful at layouting as LaTeX but then again, it's a text processor - LateX isn't. Specialized tools will always be better at specific tasks. It absolutely -can- work. My thesis was submitted in LaTeX, but most of my fellow students submitted theirs as Word files. I am certain that most of them had no serious issues, but being somewhat tech savvy I had to help one with disappearing footnotes.

It was the weirdest thing. They just would not show up in print, no matter what options you used. Worst of all, it was not immediately obvious that they didn't, so unless you very carefully checked every final draft after making even the smallest adjustments, there was a real danger of footnote 42 just being absent. Less than ideal when a considerable portion of your final grade depends on the quality of the said thesis.

I still use Word for writing letters. If something goes wrong, it's not too much work to fix it and it's less of a hassle than making a whole new LaTeX project. Yes, footnotes were I think footnote handling has been much improved in newer Word version. I have Office on my work laptop.

It is still either working absolutely fine or not working at all. I guess it makes sense that something as feature-packed as Word would eventually run into bugs of this nature due to the sheer complexity of the thing. It is really rather unfortunate when these bugs begin to occur in theses and dissertations though, where in contrast to LaTeX you don't have an easy way of getting the source text out of the document.

I think he's just counting it very generously. Then you add a mountain of back matter that does not go towards the page count and you are all set for a thesis that can be used as a murder instrument. If you do data analysis, just add all your data. If you do interviews, add all your transcripts. I doubt it helped her cause though. Sure photoshop is available. They call it GIMP.

Which is also free. They have a lot of funny names for things which are free too. The money I have saved from the gaping maw that is Adobe pays for a new camera body pretty much every years. It is not about revenue. Nobody seriously builds for highly unpopular platforms. Mac OS follows it quite far behind. And Linux disappears into statistically irrelevant. They are just in a different league. Further to that DPR is resource for videographers as well and there things are even worse than with photography on Linux.

And many mix photo and video and require software for both. Just curious: What does photoshop have that Gimp lacks? They seem pretty close to me. Gimp has layers, filters, selection by color, and a gazillion other things. I think this is a fair Gimp-photoshop comparison. She pans Gimp a little bit. Best guess: she doesn't know how to use it. Layers harder to use than Photoshop?

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How so? Even so, she says it's almost indisginguishable.

You are here

How is that "not close? Just google for it. There are many answers online with long lists. Messages here are too limited in size. Apart from direct things like extensive raw support there is a lot to do with how professional market supports Adobe platform with excellent additional tools.

When it comes to photo processing I do most in Lightroom. I only use Photoshop for cases where Lightroom cannot do it. Lightroom is way better suited for photographer's workflow with non-destructive editing. When you have to process thousands of images you would rarely do it in Photoshop. I use JpegMini in export and it is integrated into Lightroom and Photoshop.

Saves time in workflow Why would I google it? I'm familiar with both products. Oh right, Gimp doesn't have CMYK color model, which messes up the experts on these forums for "printing. I admit there may be edge cases where for a few people only photoshop will do, but I refuse to believe that's the case for And gimp integrates with other programs as well. Linux is a real OS. I can open files in Gimp from Digikam, my photo manager.

Or I can use rawtherapee, etc. And my computer is not bogged down from the 1 Gb of ram that photoshop requires, and my computer works in the first place, turns on and off when I want, without making me wait a half hour for "updates," etc. I am glad you are happy and are different to the rest of us.

Live there happily while almost everybody else is not with you in the professional market place unless you are not a professional. So now I see how your mind works--free of all logic and data! That makes it easy to come to any conclusion you want. In summary, when professionals agree with you, they're right. When they don't, they're wrong. Simple as that!

Thanks for clearing everything up. Let me apologize before this goes any further. I'm old school. My arguments are handicapped by having to stick to facts. That's what they taught me in school. Yet you live and breathe in a fact-free world. I deeply regret any inconvenience I may have caused to your unfounded and cherished assumptions. The blue screen of death saying widows did not load properly still appears and high level support at Dell still cannot fix it. They are also suggesting a wipe and reload of windows. If they cannot find another solution, I will abandon Dell forever and go Mac as I'll have to start again loading all my apps anyway.

Semi rant over. FYI to all, been a Dell customer both in business and home use for well over 30 years so this is not my first rodeo. Apple hardware also has it's problems Or the screen coating issues a. Frankly, there is little evidence that Apple notebooks have less problems than the top-shelf products from other manufacturers. They all have their kinks. All you have to do is go to Apple.

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And then their users claim that they work and never have problems. Just Windows does. I wonder how hard they have try to keep a straight face when they say that. Dell has become so awefull Its so unreliable, its incredible. The Wlan sucks slow and the LAN is broken disconnects after 2 minutes. The case needed repair already because the hinges where to tight which lead to damage on the case.

Sometimes it slows down for no reason. Its not shutting down correctly quite often wakes up after some minutes without reason which lead to some overheating in the bag. All in all: spend over bugs and it just sucks. I am not sure if I will stick to PC notebooks I will stick to my PC, but for mobile a macbook looks more and more promising, especially if I compare my ipad with my older android tablets Strange how I have been using Windows 10 on my desktop since about the time it first came out and I have yet to have it "always forcing updates" on me.

I seem to get maybe every few weeks. And the normal monthly one Why is that you are so "special" that you supposedly have them all the time? Even my Dell laptop that is about a year old barely has them. Dude, why would I make this up? There is definitively more than one update per month. On my desktop PC they dont bother me that much - I use it every day and if it updates once a week while shutting down or restarting, its not that much of a problem.

If I use my mobile device maybe 2 times per week its basicaly doing an update every 4th to 8th time I use it. Thats especialy funny if its the half-year big update that takes 45 minutes to install -. And these are not the professional users. I want to decide when I want to update MY device. It is reboot to update? You can stop reboots via Windows Task Scheduler and do them at your own schedule. Though better do it soon after but at time convenient for you updates were downloaded and you were asked to restart. But if you want to put laptop in your bag and get going then why do you shut down at all?

Just hibernate. This will power it off completely but will keep all software open for when you next power up. It wakes up without any reason. Todays morning its battery was empty because it somehow didn't stay off. I did put A LOT of work into solving this. I kept track of this problem for weeks to narrow it down. It does not matter. I am NOT alone with this problem according to google and dell forums.

So please don't tell me its my fault. The correct way is to ASK if I want to install it now. Its totaly ridiculous that I have to justify myself for this. Its MY notebook and it just doesn't feel like the software knows this. What patch do you need at all? Just use Windows tools. In this case Windows Task Scheduler. Not sure what you do wrong but it works fine for me - my laptop and desktop do not reboot without my consent and I keep doing it manually to install updates at my own pace rather than Windows doing it automatically.

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I have two Dell laptops of different generations that I personally use. Both hibernate absolutely fine. I set hers to hibernate both on lid closing and power button. Works like a charm every single time. So it must be something wrong on your side. The RAM is also significantly faster, as are the graphics cards. I'm relatively new to a Mac, transitioning after my PC died a couple of months ago. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated - this is all new to me.

It is available as a free download from the Apple app store:. Featuring an easy-to-use and streamlined design, the all-new Photos has been engineered from the ground up to help you keep your growing library organized and accessible. Powerful and intuitive editing tools help you perfect your images as well as create beautiful gifts for sharing. OS X Yosemite v Hey I'm kinda late here but I have an advice for you, OSX has a very handy feature when you click a file and press the spacebar, it does a preview wich depends on the type of the file, with a folder it shows the weight and date of it, with music you can play it without opening an music player app, so as with videos, and with PHOTOS, it previews.

So I hope my advice is helpful to you and others! Greetings and have a nice day! I've been really happy with it so far- it suits retouching large scans and printing. Hopefully someday once I get a little bit more space I'll be able to add a second monitor. Thanks for your insight. I too have a late model Mac and a Macbook Pro. I'm in need of something to upgrade to and your discussion on the growth ability of the Mac Pro has me thinking.

I would appreciate your thoughts and ultimately your decision on the monitor you went with. Great article! Obviously, not everyone has the budget to make the jump. Those who can now have much more info to operate on. My question is more to do about the add-ons. What sort of HD storage and monitor did you end up with? Of coarse you picked the most expensive computer there is.

It would be nice if budgetary concerns were addressed in the article. I have a 5k IMac with a Thunderbolt screen attached it to it and they look great together. I also hace a MacBook pro and both can process D files just fine. I don't think that the IMac screen is too glossy.

Careful placement prevents glare from windows. Skip to main content. This, ultimately, was the deciding point that led me to choose the Mac Pro as my new computer. Related Articles. Buying Guide. Top 5 Films for Travel Photography. Tripod Strap and Bag Roundup.

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Apple Mac mini Desktop Compute. Apple iMac. Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer. Reply Reply. I guess I missed , what monitor are you going to use with the Pro? Mark S. Mick S. It is available as a free download from the Apple app store: Featuring an easy-to-use and streamlined design, the all-new Photos has been engineered from the ground up to help you keep your growing library organized and accessible. Kevin Escalante. Thanks Bjorn, which monitor s did you end up adding to your MacPro? Bjorn Petersen. Bjorn, Thanks for your insight. All submitted content is subject to our Terms of Use.

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