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Kirwan's "Dust" combines a gentle, gliding melody with resigned, melancholy lyrics and his most memorable chorus.

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Welch's "Sentimental Lady" was, of course, his first solo hit in its re-recorded version, but this original take is far superior, and one of the great lost pop songs of the early '70s. Outfitted with a terrific vocal melody, hooks galore, and an impressive tremolo guitar solo, "Sentimental Lady" is perhaps a little trite lyrically, but it's a heartfelt and lovable tune regardless, and the best thing Fleetwood Mac did in the years between "Albatross" and "Over My Head.

Bare Trees isn't in that league, but it shows that after five years of false starts and failed experiments, Fleetwood Mac were finally on their way. Listen to over 40 million songs with an unlimited streaming plan. Listen to this album and more than 40 million songs with your unlimited streaming plans. Scarrott, Writer. Buy an album or an individual track.

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Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees Song By Song Thread

Philadelphia Soul offered a third voice of its own. The other tracks make up for the poem. This album is worth every penny, so get to the store and buy it now. It would be fair to say that"Bare Trees" is officially the last Fleetwood Mac blues album. Danny Kirwan contributes virtually half of the album tracks. Kirwan's tracks would have to be the strongest on this album. All of his five tracks are strong and there is not a dull moment delivered by him.

The title track is a blues-oriented track and is strongest track on the album. It has a catchy chorus and could have been a hit single if released. All of Kirwan's contributions tend to be blues compositions but Mcvie contributes only one blues composition. The other Mcvie track "Spare me a little of your love" is a country-tinged track unlike "Homeward bound" which is very blues.

By the next album "Penguin" this country-oriented rock style would be more evident in Mcvie tracks such as "Remember me" and "Dissatisfied".

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It is a shame because it deserved to be a hit, much so, that Welch would re-record it for his debut solo album and would hit the billboard US top Regardless of Mcvie's and Welch's indispensible contributions, Kirwan is really the star and major driving force on this album. Kirwan's swan song and probably his finest hour with the Mac.

Submit your own review here! When we are dust, this will remain Review written by keogh01 yahoo. All works together as a whole - music, lyrics, cover photo and varying voices.

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When will it be remastered? Review written by Tom curioushead hotmail. Bare Trees was their best album in my opinion. Look out for the ghost Danny kirwan lives on Review written by darlin comcast.

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The second best Mac album ever Review written by John Fitzgerald from Peabody, MA, August 16th, This is undoubtedly one of the best period Mac albums and arguably one of the best overall despite half of the record relying on Danny Kirwan material and the other half to be split between Bob Welch, Christine and their neighbor Mrs. It was excellent music - as good as the Moody Blues. This cd helped me get through university Review written by Futuregames1 from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 16th, On the whole, this is one of my favorite mac albums.

The group has thoughtfully preceded the poem with about 15 seconds of silence, sufficient time to pick up the tone arm if you're not in the mood. The rest of Bare Trees isn't nearly so melancholy, nor is it structured to conform to the theme Kirwan has developed.

Christine McVie's two songs, "Homeward Bound" and "Spare Me a Little of Your Love" which sounds like a single to me , make it clear that she's become a fine songwriter and a persuasive vocalist -- she's somewhere between Sandy Denny and Dusty Springfield, and there's no doubt that she could make it on her own. Bob Welch's two contributions, however, don't approach the power of "Future Games.

Both are trite. As before, it's Danny Kirwan who makes the difference. He really lets loose on "Danny's Chant," which features tough-guy electric guitar sounds purely for their own sake.

Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees

His "Child of Mine" is a lyrically disjointed but musically forthright rock 'n' roll song. And Kirwan's instrumental, "Sunny Side of Heaven," shows off his unique electric guitar style to good advantage. Like most outstanding guitarists, Kirwan gets a sound that is more plainly human than mechanical. His guitar tone is piercing but tremendous -- powerful but at the same time plaintive, especially in the upper ranges. With his multiple skills, Kirwan can't help being the focal point. It is his presence that makes Fleetwood Mac something more than another competent rock group.

He gives them a distinctiveness, a sting. He makes you want to hear these songs again.