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Floor Plan Software for Mac

Office Layout. Wiring Plan. Seating Plan. Garden Design. Evacuation Plan. HVAC Plan. Plumbing and Piping. Ceiling Plan. Security and Access. Wardrobe Plan. Edraw Infographic. Visio alternative. Electrical symbols. Flowchart symbols. Find reseller. Edraw Max.

How it works. This application was designed with beginners in mind and therefore, the learning curve associated with its use is far simpler than the other apps on this list. It is basically a 3D modeling tool used for the design of simple models such as construction structures, household items and engineering components. It also comes with a plethora of tutorials and a vibrant community to help anyone achieve design tasks in record time.

Its pros and cons include:. DraftSight was also originally built for use on Windows and Linux operating systems but the popularity of the Mac OS led to a viable product been designed for the Mac ecosystem. This CAD application is an advanced drafting tool built to enable construction workers, builders and architects draft components for building structures.

Therefore, it comes with an intuitive surface and background processing machinery that aids the user when carrying out task. DraftSight also supports file sharing, cloud-storage and collaboration through its extensive BIM interface built to work across all operating systems it currently functions with. As this rather suggestive name shows, the CADintosh CAD program for Mac was built solely for designers looking for a digital drafting tool compatible with their Macintosh computers. This application was designed primarily for use by engineers looking to design electrical, mechanical and architectural drawings on the Mac OS.

It is also quite important to note that it is a 2D drafting tool with the tools and features required to draw ideas from scratch as well as edit other files downloaded into its user interface. There are 2 types of mode associated with using the CADintosh. They are the pen oriented mode and the individual oriented mode; the pen supports the use of stylus pen in designing while the other works with the inbuilt tools provided in the software. Lastly, your input is also welcome and we implore you to encourage other CAD users to consider designing with Apple, by discussing the CAD apps you believe are best for Mac OS in the comment section below.

There are computer-aided design programs out there that are free and can be used on Macs.

The criteria used to evaluate whether a program is included on the list is its free price tag, of course, and its capabilities as CAD software. That is, is has to be able to competently and consistently let users produce high-quality electronic drafts, engineering and architectural calculations, 2-D and 3-D electronic models.

It can work on Windows, Linux, and, of course, Mac.

Why use Mac home design software?

In fact, FreeCAD is a versatile enough 3D modeling software that can be used by professionals in many different fields such as architecture, construction, engineering, and industrial design. FreeCAD gives users the ability to design and model real-life objects regardless of size. That is to say you could design and model the look of a tumbler lid prototype just as well as you could model an actual skyscraper. As a parametric program, you could also change designs by modifying your set geometric parameters in the model history.

As is industry standard, FreeCAD users can create 3D geometry from 2D drafts by sketching their desired shapes in 2D and then using these shapes as a base to extrude different volumes or voids.

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One of its more interesting modules is its robot simulation module that lets its users simulate and study the mechanical range and dynamics of robot movements. This free and open source CAD program can efficiently create technical drafts and 2D models such as schematics for mechanical engineering drawings, electrical plans and layouts, space and building blueprints, and other construction documents.

Being an open source program, one would expect QCAD to be a program with some capabilities lacking. It has extensive 4, CAD element library and over 60 modification tools for the program.

Software Architecture & Design Applications / Mac OS X Apps - Best Selling

It also has standard functionalities such group blocks, layering, and to-scale printing. If you need something simple done quickly, QCAD is a no fuss, no muss way to get you your 2D drawings done. Image Source: Ricky Jordan. DraftSight is a free to use 2D CAD program based upon an open business model and caters to professional architects, engineers, and draftsmen.

The program promises its users a much better way to open, edit, and share DWG files. Fully ready versions of the programs for Mac will be available soon. DraftSight is accessible and usable for all users regardless of skill level.

This includes certified CAD professionals and draftsmen, students and educators in the academe, and even hobbyists looking to learn how to do some simple CAD-work. Additionally, the online community surrounding and discuss the product is highly helpful. On the Dessault website, one can find forums and discussions that can provide new users of the program and novice CAD-work operators with some tips, tricks, and insights about using the program and CAD work in general. The professional version can only be run on a PC for now.

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