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  1. Mounting NAS Volumes in Mac OS X the Right Way
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  4. Using the Mac OS X automounter
  5. mac osx - Why do you have to create a directory before you can mount a share? - Server Fault

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Mounting NAS Volumes in Mac OS X the Right Way

Copy link Quote reply. Thank you. Behaviour of Finder is really really really bad :. In that case I have following error message -bash:!

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I can't find error anywhere. Can anyone educate me?

  1. Automounting NFS share in OS X into /Volumes (Example);
  2. Duplicate Mount Points Mac OS, cannot rip to /Volumes/(folder)-1 - FAQ - Caldera Support.
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How To Create Disk Partition in Mac OS Sierra and Other OS X

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TL;DR / Solution:

You signed out in another tab or window. Mounting the share is a 2 stage process:. Create a directory that will be the mount point. Mount the share to that directory.

Using the Mac OS X automounter

All remote filesystems will appear under this directory which acts as a trigger to the automount service. You will need to use sudo to create the directory:. Also we will assume the filesystem is formatted as a Microsoft Windows SMB filesystem as it is also accessed by Windows devices true in my case. Any time you modify the map files you need to inform the automount service in order for them to become active:.

The only option that you are likely to ever want to change is the timeout period. This is time that the automount service will wait before unmounting a filesystem that has not been accessed.

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It should be noted that filesystems that are automounted in this way will not show up automatically in the sidebar of the OS X Finder application. Nor will they automatically appear as disk icons on the desktop.

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  • If that is important you may want to simply add the share as a login item and have it mounted whenever you login. For filesystems that are accessed by scripts or applications I prefer having them automatically mounted and unmounted in the background on demand. Use Your Loaf.

    mac osx - Why do you have to create a directory before you can mount a share? - Server Fault

    Why automount may be useful I have a number of remote filesystems that are stored on Network Attached Storage NAS devices connected to my local network wireless router. Create a local mount point To get started you need to create a local directory that will be managed by the automount service. Add each new filesystem map on a separate line.