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You niggas sipping just to act Actors! Bought a Bimmer, wrapped it matte Skrrt Got a shooter, peep hole out the back Grraw! You niggas looking unfortunate Woo Different types of babies like a orphanage Babies! I hit my money in the storage I hate when I had to go to court and shit Hate it!

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You thinking that I'm cooking up porridge Cooking! Dunny Dr. Yung J Dr. Sosa E.

Insane Gangster Disciples

Blanco F. Linzy G.

Cole J. Marsh J. Patton J.

RhymeZone: c lyrics

Rashon J. Simon J. Stalin J. Basquiat J.

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Quick J. Cirrus K. Michelle K. Pride K. Sankofa K.

  1. Rich Porter sister Patricia upset that Harlem let Alpo snitch ass be in the Apollo comfortable.
  2. Eight Tray Gangster Crips.
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    Eight Tray Gangster Crips

    Carter M. Antjuan Adams Mr. Cheeks Mr. Etau MR.

    GDN Anthem (Official)

    KnowDat Mr. Gangster Disciples have been documented in the U. Graffiti characteristic of the Gangster Disciples has been reportedly seen in U. Like most major gangs, Gangster Disciples use a well-defined system of symbols to communicate alliances and rivalries.

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    This system is a combination of symbols that represent the Gangster Disciple Nation or the Folk Nation as a whole and symbols that rivals use to represent their organization, typically inverted to show disrespect. The major symbol Gangster Disciples make use of is the six-pointed star identical in appearance to the Star of David The fact that this star is known as the Star of David pays homage to co-founder David Barksdale, and the six points are said to represent Love, Life, Loyalty, Understanding , Knowledge , Wisdom.

    Despite there being no ostensible references to the country of Israel or Jewish religion in most open source literature on the subject of Gangster Disciples, some rival Vice Lord members will at times refer to someone suspected of being an organizational infiltrator, mole, spy, supporter, or sympathizer as sbeing "Jewish. The second most well known symbol of the Gangster Disciples is the three pointed pitch fork, which is also the basis of their representative hand-sign.

    A pair of pitchforks may be seen in GD graffiti crossed behind a six pointed star, with the tines of the fork always placed in a vertical position.