Mac os x home directory permissions


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You get a terminal error otherwise.

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It depends how the server that stores the network home folders has been setup. In conventional setups you will need to login to the server using an account with admin privileges on the server and fix the issues there. In this case, step 1 becomes:.

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And how does one do this for thousands of accounts? Actual steps would be nice. Google home folder permissions Windows server and BAM you get a list of what things should be and you can then go and set the permissions on the root and propagate to child. This home folder should still be listed by name, but it should no longer have the house icon.

Try out a few applications use and your Mac for a few days. If all is well, you can delete the original home folder.

Mac Troubleshooting - Reset User Account Permissions

Imagine that you've moved all your user accounts to another drive, either internal or external and then something happens to make the drive that is holding your user accounts fail. You can use the Recovery HD partition to access troubleshooting and repair utilities, but it's easier to have a spare administrator account on your startup drive that you simply log into when an emergency occurs.

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When Should You Repair Permissions?

Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. If you're using OS X Once your backup is complete, follow these steps:.

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  7. Restart your Mac. It should use the home folder in the new location. At this point, you should make sure everything is working as it should.

    KB Parallels: How to reset user Home folder permissions on Mac (reset ACL)

    Here's how:. Open a Finder window, and navigate to your Home folder.

    How to: Change multiple file and folder permission issues on a Mac OSX (Mountain Lion) [HD]

    Open it and examine the folder's content. Terrific post — thank you so much! This worked perfectly and saved me a lot of angst!!

    What Are Permissions, and What Does Repairing Them Do?

    You worked wonders, man. Thank you so much — I thought that either I was going to be stuck with an awkwardly named home folder, or changing everything would be overly complicated; but you made it simple enough to be literally done within 10 minutes. Surely, you do realise that even if you back up all your files, some Applications and plugins are going to be locked and ask for the password.

    Too risky. Tags home folder.

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