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Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

Example Skins. Primary Color. Link Color. Background Color. Background Patterns. Main text color. When they used the Record Plant in San Francisco, they took full advantage of the complimentary limousines, speedboat and conference room complete with water bed and tanks of nitrous oxide for those requiring a mood change. I would sit and wait for days. It was like these are the sacred steps back up the top of the sacred mountain of this jungle.


Tusk by Fleetwood Mac (British GQ)

As the day went on, they got drunker and drunker. But one thing was apparent.

Buckingham took a second of a recording of this, sped it up and then started layering it with vocals and guitars. Then we made a copy, from one track machine to another, of this huge, sped-up tape loop rolling around the room. As for the art, in hindsight it looks like an imperfect example of the transition between the Seventies and the Eighties, being a mixture of Hipgnosis-style Seventies extravagance like a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin album and California New Wave, all red triangles, power-pop sunglasses and fake neon.

The sleeve was illustrated with the dense African-inspired collages of Peter Beard, but also contained the sort of colourful, madcap photography that would become such a big part of pop iconography in the Eighties. World famous for his photo-diary books and blood-spattered African montages, he was, the band felt, the perfect man for the job. He came down to the studio and was there for probably about a week, taking pictures of the band.

He then left and during that time got very involved in the conservation of elephants and wildlife.

We were just thinking of an album title. We had no idea that his artwork, when it came back probably three, three-and-a-half months later, would have elephant tusks all over it with odd pictures of us stuck in it, so it was just a coincidence. Then it was chosen as a word that we thought sounded good.

Beard was in the studio for two weeks, shooting mainly Polaroids of the band and the inner circle. Nicks, for one, was rather circumspect about it all.

Why Fleetwood Mac's Tusk is better than Rumours | Louder

With speakers. Celebrated photographer and video-maker Norman Seeff was one of the photographers charged with shooting the band at the time. However, by the time of this particular shoot I had decided to go straight and was into yoga and vegetarianism.


But the band loved to party. When they turned up for the session they went straight to it from the get-go. We shot for hours and by the end they were looking a bit ragged, a bit crazy, although they were always professional. Even though they got completely loaded, they knew how to work with each other. When Stevie Nicks heard that this was going to be the title, she threatened to quit the band. Rumours , although this time the band were squabbling about their creative direction rather than about who was sleeping with whom.

Stories We Want You to Read

However, this tension was exacerbated by the fact that Fleetwood had been sleeping with Nicks. But Mick is definitely one of my great, great loves. Everybody was angry, because Mick was married to a wonderful girl and had two wonderful children. I was horrified. I loved these people. I loved his family. Neither did the album, not in the minds of the Warner executives at least. While it still contained some Stevie Nicks mooncalf songs and some wistful, down-home Christine McVie ballads, it was certainly several leagues away from the generic coke spoons and crushed-velvet formula they had developed over the precious five years.

More to the point, even when her songs are obviously well constructed and lyrically intriguing, one continually gets this distinct image of Nicks as a young woman who played Ophelia at some high-school production of Hamlet and never quite recovered by the experience. In every city, grand pianos would be installed in hotel suites, winched through the window. Stevie Nicks would order her hotel rooms to be painted pink before her arrival.

Each member had a black-belt karate bodyguard, their own make-up artist and their own masseur. Before a gig, 14 limousines would meet their private plane at the airport. Christine McVie says she used to go on stage and drunk a bottle of Dom Perignon and then drink another one off stage afterwards. The band also started spending some of the vast amounts of money they were earning — buying houses, cars, estates and planes.

I need to go to LA.

Hear Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Real Pretty’ Live ‘Sara’ From New ‘Tusk’ Box Set

I need to go now. For years, though, Tusk remained a grand folly in the eyes of consumers and critics alike. I knew some of the more popular songs, but Tusk was the first I had listened to completely. It was as uncommercial as an essentially commercial enterprise could ever make itself sound. It is where obsessive artistic control circles around into raggedness, where chaos and order dance together in a cloud of whirling scarves. Posted by Nickslive at Thursday, February 19, Labels: Fleetwood Mac , Tusk.

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