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  1. How to Back Up Your Mac’s Photo Library to An External Drive
  2. Best ways to back up your photos on Mac
  3. Export from Photos App
  4. Best photo backup options for Mac

The one at work is backed up daily. The one at home gets backed up on the weekends.

How to Back Up Your Mac’s Photo Library to An External Drive

I am now up to four copies my laptop, iCloud Photo Library, and two external drives. Going back to my original recommendation of keeping an offline copy of your iCloud Photo Library, I also think having a service like Backblaze makes a lot of sense. Backblaze will automatically back up all your files including documents, photos, music, and movies. Unlimited files.

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Unlimited file size. Unlimited speed. Sign up for a free trial of Backblaze here. Even if you are all in on Apple hardware and services, an excellent final backup might be something like Google Photos. The free version downscales your photos slightly , but if you are already keeping all of your copies in iCloud Photo Library, Google Photos can be just a fail-safe to all your other methods.

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I upload my media from the iPhone app. Getting locked out of your online accounts. Apple, Google, and Backblaze all offer two-factor authentication. Enabling this allows you to add another layer of security. You can use an app like Authy or 1Password to generate the codes for Google and Backblaze. I advise to use unique passwords on all of your accounts and use two-factor authentication whenever available.

Best ways to back up your photos on Mac

By deploying this system, I have ended up with multiple backups in multiple locations home, work, and offsite with Backblaze. You should be doing a 3—2—1 backup strategy. So back up your pictures early, and back them up often. Combine a cloud-based option with an external HDD and sleep well knowing your memories are safe.

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Export from Photos App

Igor Degtiarenko. Writer and blogger at MacPaw, curious just about everything. This might be helpful: Best photo sharing sites you can use for free. TIP: As you back up and re-back up photos to an external drive, eventually you might find it riddled with duplicates. Gemini 2 , the Mac app we mentioned earlier, can also scan your external HDD for duplicate photos, making it easy to delete them. Did you enjoy this post?

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Best photo backup options for Mac

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