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You have to do manually. Yes and got lost. It's a same this tutorial hasn't been updated in almost a year and a half. With the release of 9. I did. But being a newbie to Ubuntu and Linux I got lost due to some of the commands and screen shots being different in Jaunty. An update would certainly be appreciated. I just installed this and the newest version comes with an install script that automates the whole process for you.

Bug yang saya temui: main Icon tidak mau berubah, masih Icon GNome. Wallpaper tidak mau berubah secara otomatis ketika tema dipasang. Usplash tidak mau muncul.

How to Run Mac OS X in Linux

Begitu juga ketika saya coba shift. Settingan Sound ada yang berbeda. Dan ada sound yang tidak ada dalam paket ini. Ketika saya mengubah settingan sound, dengan mengikuti petunjuk ini, suara tidak mau berubah. Screenlet, ketika saya login, muncul Item-item screenlet yang dobel-dobel. Secara otomatis aku direpotkan untuk meng-klik item yang dobel tersebut.

January 2017 — Linux All The Things

Any chance you'll be updating this for 9. It's sorely needed for us novices. I changed my GPG key, so you have to switch to this one. I'm trying to down the Mac4lin. Thank you for the excellent guide, but I wanted to let you know that there is a slight error in the text that may cause users problems. During the portion of the tutorial on the first page where you are utilizing gconfig-editor to change the orientation of the window operations buttons, you mispelled maximize in your first use. When I go to my add to panel in this proccess it don't look like the screen shot above.

Can someone help me??? I can e-mail anyone a screen shot of what mine looks like if you want to help. I have a big problem to find the whole software apps, on which site i can download all files i need for this!

FreeBSD Theme -

Even the default Ubuntu Usplash is deformed and off-centered. Hey, this is a fantastic project, but has anyone tried it for Mandriva yet? Is it guaranteed to work? Can you please send me a link to the wallpaper in your first image? The nice bluish one? Thank you in advance!!! I got passed the first steps of the install script by creating the missing directories myself. Hello, I got everything working per guide. My buttons are on left and I did input the command as copy and paste to get it to move to the left side, but maximize button is missing for some reason.

Please help.

Macos bspwm

Do not install the theme if you dont want to loose network manager removes network manager panel applet. Just wanted to know, where can i get those folder icons you are using, and how do I install em? I am pleased to post you the fvwm mac os x design environment. It is also close to this site in term of result.

Please find the webpage. I have an arch system set up with gnome. When I downloaded the archive, everything is fine but the cursor archive is corrupt. Please fix it. I was looking for a way to get rid of the horrible Mac OS X interface on a Mac, and replace it with Gnome or something similar. This may be beautiful, but utterly annoying in about every single detail.

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I tested and installed it in Ubuntu It looks great, just 3 clicks and it is installed, easier imposible. I have downloaded it and installed it, the computer went to the apple Gray with all the taskbars and everything. You could just get a copy of MacPup 5. I can personally attest to most of this working with the new Ubuntu Unity display. The perks are that you don't need to install the buggy global menu app, and the unity bar is sort of like a dock. More win7 than mac though I just wanted the theme, not necessarily everything so you may find bugs when you implement other parts of this.

Overall, it worked for what I wanted it to do. Your mileage may vary. On another note, I had several issues with parts of the theme reverting back to what it was prior to the theme install when I tried to install it on the last ubuntu LTS. If it begins to bug out on this release I may get unhappy. But then, this is probably better suited to go on the mac4lin forums than here.

It is tempting to try this since I would always want to try having a mac kind of feel even though I am using linux. I guess it won't hurt if I will give it a try. I wonder if it applies to all kind of Linux. I would like to thank you for this excellent information!! I am very interested for this post.

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This site is so helpful. You mentioned that this guide works for Gnome. But does it work for Gnome 3? This feature is only available to subscribers. The individually updated binaries are lumina-calculator, lumina-config, lumina-desktop, lumina-fm, lumina-open, lumina-screenshot, lumina-search, start-lumina-desktop, etc.

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  7. Apart from adding new components, following its minimalistic approach, 1. For example, the LuminaUtils library has been removed to promote faster and stable binaries. The internal Lumina Theme engine has been disabled from all utilities.

    The Lumina 1. For more information about installation and downloads links, you can visit this link. Are you willing to try out Lumina 1. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. All App Gadget Software.