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To fill text with color, gradient, or image — with or without outline In Pages, create text. Large and heavy. About 72 pt.


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Not too tightly. Save as PNG. To Desktop.

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Drag PNG into Pages. Text is now an object. Insert square shape. Drag and re-shape so that it is slightly larger than text.

Outline Text? - Apple Community

Drag shape or image to cover text, send backward behind text If edge of fill color shows, select and reduce size. Select text. Select Instant Aplha. Click inside each letter.

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Apply Instant Alpha outside text. Use Graphic Inspector. Select text and drag corner to enlarge or reduce. User profile for user: the1scottyc the1scottyc. However, as a very amateur graphic designer, having worked with adobe illustrator and indesign, I think that the lack of a text stroke option is bad.

I am a very recent convert to the mac 1 week and I am loving it, but small frustrations like this are bugging me. I can do this using indesign or ms word in seconds just by selecting an menu option or toolbar button an a palette. Another problem with the method that you gave is that the text is no longer editable. However, if you want anything to change you must take your suggestions to Apple.

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In the meantime, you can use Art Text for a simpler and faster method. User profile for user: PeterBreis PeterBreis It is not a shortcoming of the Mac. Tech Ease for all your classroom technology needs. Creating an outline with Pages.

How to manually make a timeline in Pages

Start typing each heading. To create a new heading at the same level, press Return.

To indent a heading and change its level in the outline, use the Demote and Promote buttons on the toolbar. Then copy all text and paste it in the second box. In my example image above reddish brown letters are 24 points and white letters are 27 points.

Next, click outside the box, click on it again to select and make it larger than the first one — so that you can 'slip' it under the first one. If it goes over, go to Arrange menu and Send it to Back.

Add or remove a text outline

This is the fiddliest bit of the whole work. If you are not satisfied and eventually give up, then check your Applications folder, you may already have another programme that allows outlining text. For instance, between and Apple bundled ComicLife with its basic installation package.

In ComicLife you can give text several outlines. The programme is very simple to use. Click on 'Lettering' at the bottom of the page, type your text, then click on Details tab on the right and change the number and colour of outlines, colour of text, gradient etc. In the example below there are three outlines.