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Learning to work with Auto Save | Macworld

FAQ A question and answer session with myself on everything about this site. Suggestions Do you have a tip you want to share, or do you have a suggestion you want to make for a future tip or trick. Contact Fancy a chat, you can contact me easily. You may try this experiment yourself. Make sure you can see the model's preview in a Finder window while working in Rhino for Mac.

Modify the model, then wait for about 30 seconds. When you see the Finder preview change, an Auto Save has occurred. Any changes you make to a model are Auto Saved, but you may not want to keep any of the changes you make. When you close a model you have modified, Rhino will ask if you want to save your changes. If you respond by clicking the Revert Changes button, your original unmodified model will be restored.

Just Show Me: How to use Autosave in Mac OS X Lion

The periodic Auto Saves run in the background. You will never know when a background Auto Save is happening because it never blocks Rhino from working. If you start changing your model when Rhino attempts an Auto Save, Rhino silently abandons the Auto Save and will attempt it again later. Auto Save does save frequently, but archives only a few versions of your model. Auto Save archives your model about once an hour for a day, then once a day for a week, and then once a week for some number of weeks.

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  3. How to browse all the auto-saved versions of your Mac documents?
  4. Appple calls these Versions and you can browse them with the Versions browser see below. If you are using Time Machine to make automatic backups of your computer files, then all the previous versions of your 3DM files are included in the Time Machine backups and do not take any additional space on your local computer disk. If you are not making regular backups, we strongly recommend that you start performing backups with Time Machine. As you work on a model, there are natural break points or phases in your work. Remember that the system will make regular snapshots of your model about once an hour, so you will have many recovery points if you ever need to go back and retrieve previous work.

    Foldable? Meh!

    Creating a new version does not overwrite previous versions but instead adds to your collection of versions. Pressing Command-S a lot means you create a lot of versions of your file. You probably do not need or want all those distinct backups in the future. You should instead stop typing Command-S all the time if you just want to save your model. This is no longer necessary. The system is already saving your model for you. To figure out where most of your disk usage is allocated on your Mac, we recommend DaisyDisk.

    We recommend installing the non-Mac App Store version, and scanning as administrator so that you can see hidden disk space. Yes, the Versions browser is part of Rhino for Mac.

    Using the Mac's Auto-Save and Versions Feature

    In the Versions browser, the window on the left is your current model. Learn more. Skip to main content. Hello, guys I have new macbook pro with macOS high Sierra. The hell is that Autosave function doesn't work. In Functions I put 3 minutes for Autosave - no result. I have the same question 7. Hi First, go to the Excel menu and choose About Excel to verify you have version Here's how to update if you need to bring your installation up to date: Make sure your Mac has a working internet connection before checking for updates.

    AutoSave and AutoRecovery are two entirely different things.