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  1. PDF without Adobe: 6 Quartz and Preview – The Eclectic Light Company
  2. Creating a Transform for a PDF Page
  3. Creating a Transform for a PDF Page
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PDF without Adobe: 6 Quartz and Preview – The Eclectic Light Company

The intersection results in an effective rectangle. If the value of the rotate parameter you supply is nonzero and a multiple of 90, the function rotates the effective rectangle by the number of degrees you supply. Positive values rotate the rectangle to the right; negative values rotate the rectangle to the left. Note that you pass degrees, not radians. Scales the effective rectangle, if necessary, so that it coincides with the edges of the rectangle you supply.

Creating a Transform for a PDF Page

If you specify to preserve the aspect ratio by passing true in the preserveAspectRatio parameter, then the final rectangle coincides with the edges of the more restrictive dimension of the rectangle you supply in the rect parameter. You can use this function, for example, if you are writing a PDF viewing application similar to that shown in Figure Listing shows a function that creates an affine transform for a PDF page using the parameters passed to the function, applies the transform, and then draws the PDF page.

Clips the graphics context to the rectangle specified by the box parameter. You can pass a CFDictionary object to specify page properties including the media, crop, bleed, trim, and art boxes. Takes as parameters a rectangle that specifies the size of the PDF page and a string that specifies the filename. Creates an empty CFDictionary object to hold metadata.

Creating a Transform for a PDF Page

The next two lines add a title and creator. For more information on creating dictionaries, see CFDictionary Reference. A pointer to a rectangle that defines the default size and location of the PDF page. The origin of the rectangle is typically 0, 0. Quartz uses this rectangle as the default bounds of the page media box. You can use the CFDictionary object to specify output intent options—intent subtype, condition, condition identifier, registry name, destination output profile, and a human-readable text string that contains additional information or comments about the intended target device or production condition.

This example sets the media box.

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Signals the start of a page. Quartz ignores all drawing operations performed outside a page boundary in a page-based context. Calls an application-defined function to draw content to the PDF context. You supply your drawing routine here. You can add links and anchors to PDF context you create.

Quartz 2D Programming Guide

Quartz provides three functions, each of which takes a PDF graphics context as a parameter, along with information about the links:. You must supply a destination name.

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You can set the owner password, user password, and whether the PDF can be printed or copied by including the following keys in the auxiliary dictionary:. If this key is specified, the document is encrypted using the value as the owner password; otherwise, the document is not encrypted. Only the first 32 bytes are used for the password.

It is responsible for the rendering of all 2D objects. With Quartz, this now becomes PDF.

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In short: Quartz implements a set of rules for describing how pictures and text are displayed and printed. Because Quartz uses the PDF drawing model for imaging, native applications can create and import PDFs without the need for outside programs.

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  4. Even spool files sent to a printer are PDF data. Some people have been wondering whether Apple pays licenses to Adobe for the technology used in Quartz. This gives Apple considerably more flexibility with regard to what Quartz and the PDF interpreter can be used for. This is not the case.

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    In fact, one of the main differences between both systems is that the PDF specs are now at version 1. Programmers use PDF in a number of interesting ways. The actual implementation of PDF within Quartz offers acceptable results for use in a prepress environment. Apple could still improve things but OS X