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Acting on the advice on this page may open your system to damage, attack, virus, or other harmful event; use this information only in conjunction with an informed risk assessment. This document is owned by its respective contributor; WDY Enterprises, LLC does not assert copyright in any of the content provided on this page. Please note that we recommend Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail with WDY Enterprises for its stability, security, and overall functionality. Internally within WDY Enterprises, we use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage our e-mail, on every platform that its available for.

If you find any inaccuracies or errors in contributed documentation, please communicate to us the nature of the error and what you've done to address it. See the separate docs for those versions. These instructions work for OS I'm a Macintosh consultant and was involved in writing some of the documentation for Freenet when it started up back in With this document I'm providing some unofficial support for configuring your Macintosh computer for use with the new WDY Enterprises service. Please read these instructions carefully and refer to online help for your email application as well as for the OS.

If you have exhausted all these sources, but still have a problem you can email me at fmoore gcfn. However, be warned that I can only do it on an 'if I have the time' basis. If you find any errors or omissions or have suggestions on improving these instructions, I'll be eager to hear from you. It is denoted with wdyllc: ' '. The order in which the data are requested varies and the minor pieces are often entered through sub-menus or special windows.

If you have this info in front of you when you set up your account, the process will be faster and less confusing. The name can be virtually anything. If you only have one email address, you could use 'My email' without the quotation marks. Please don't use all caps; that considered poor style. Depending on the circumstances, sending mail that can't be responded with an incorrect e-mail address may be perceived as an attempt to violate the terms of your user agreement with WDY Enterprises.

While its use is permitted, the use of IMAP without proper care and training is likely to result in lost or misdirected e-mail. Enter 'wdyllc. You will also need to enter a port number, often through another window or sub menu. The default port number, which you likely WON'T be using, is listed in parentheses for your information. You will also be specifying 'use secure connection SSL '. You will also be specifying 'use name and password' and 'use secure connection'. This step may be necessary when you are using a restrictive ISP that blocks outgoing port 25 access.

Some ISPs in the central Ohio area are known to do this.

If neither port 25 nor port work, it may be necessary to contact WDY Enterprises for assistance. Okay, don't; but you've been warned! And when was the last time you did a backup?! It's version 7. As I write this, there is a version 8, but only for Windoze. Many of the providers in this section do not focus on IMAP, but instead focus on other services such as web hosting, spam fighting, or Internet connectivity. This means that the IMAP criteria that I am using to evaluate them are not what their business is focused on.

I include them here. These providers let their users use IMAP to access their mailboxes, but they are, in my opinion, charging too much for the amount of IMAP-accessible space they provide. Space is cheap these days and if a service provider understands IMAP, they understand the need for lots of space. It's fine to have bandwidth limits and charges, but storage space should be cheap cheap cheap!

The following providers used to be listed above. I include them here because they might provide clues about types of providers to avoid. Other providers that have gone out of business or have stopped accepting new customers are listed in The Table with a gray background. Sometimes it is useful to have messages available in a data format or through a protocol that is different from the original format or protocol.

For example, you might prefer to read In addition to looking for the things listed in the next section, I suggest that you be wary of a provider who. In addition to looking out for the 17 things listed in the previous section, I suggest that you look for the 54 things listed in this section. I've put the ones that are the most important to me at the top but, of course, your requirements may be different from mine. Choose a user ID, alias, or subdomain that contains some or all of these strings. Using these strings as part of your email address might confuse the email-address harvesters -- muahahaha!

Liste mit POP3-, IMAP- und SMTP-Servern

Here are some things that you can do to get the word out that users want IMAP. And they want it to be secure. Some of the history of IMAP is described in the comp. The server's greeting message sometimes states the type of IMAP server and its capabilities. To find out more about its capabilities, type. To find out more about using telnet to talk to a server and the meaning of the results, see. A shell account is useful if you want to be able to remotely run Pine or other IMAP tools such as mailutil by ssh'ing to a remote Unix shell.

This is a convenient way to process your email when you're on the road and need to use an Internet cafe, a friend's computer, or a mobile phone to access and process your email. Some of the IMAP providers in the table and the lists above also offer shell accounts. The providers listed in this section focus on providing Unix shell accounts. Electronic discussion groups are a tremendous resource -- one of the best things about the Net IMHO -- and I regularly participate in a number of them.

I prefer using. I do not like web-based discussion groups -- mainly because I can neither FCC messages that I post nor save random discussion messages in my IMAP mailboxes -- and it's unlikely that you'll see me participating in those. Thank you to the people who include this page or a section of this page in their del. Some details about the deliciousness of this page are in the following tagometer :. Thank you to the following people who either sent me feedback about this page, put me down as a referrer when they signed up with a provider, or contributed to Infinite Ink.

So far I have referred more than 75 customers to DreamHost more than 60 Direct and 15 Secondary; described in table , 68 to MailSnare described in table , at least 13 signups 11 of which became subscriptions to Runbox described in table , at least 11 to LuxSci described in table , and at least the following to FastMail. FM described in table :. Thank you all very much! If you forgot to put me down as your referrer at DreamHost or FastMail. FM or probably any of the providers that I recommend , it is possible to do it retroactively, so please send me email about this.

Please let me know if you put me down as your referrer and, if you like, I'll add you to this Thank-You list. Also, if you've sent me suggestions and I've left you out of this list, let me know that too this will save me the work of digging through my mailboxes! Also thanks to vBulletin for the cool thumb and smiley icons that I use on this page, and to the members of public discussion forums, especially EmailDiscussions.

Web Infinite Ink D eflexion. Update bluelists and greenlists by putting messages into 2greenlist and 2bluelist IMAP mailboxes. In all three of these examples, server-side scripts can be run periodically on the relevant mailboxes to update the relevant filters or their auxiliary files Bayes database, greenlist, bluelist, etc. In example 2b, an alternative is to have a Procmail recipe trigger the filter update.

Shared mailboxes can be used for announcements, discussion groups, blogging , syndication similar to what RSS provides , public spam reporting, Help Desk tracking, and lots more. This is useful on a local network as well as, of course, on the Internet. For more about this, see my message RE: use only interoperable standards-compliant protocols and data formats in Dan Gillmor 's discussion forum about Becoming Independent of Microsoft.

Even though I am not a fan of. Net-My-Services- HailStorm -like centralization, I recommend that you read what Mark Lucovsky, HailStorm chief architect, says about it because he's got a lot of good ideas but the wrong business model. Johnston in DevX. These are qualities that I recommend looking for in any provider of web services. I help a lot of friends and family get set up on the Net so I constantly keep my eyes open for good deals for them and for me too , and this page is a good place for me to store the results of my research.

I want to help the displaced users of no-lon ger-free mail services to find a new reasonably-priced or free mail service. The directory in the diagram is represented as a dotted box because a mailbox is not necessarily in a directory. Details about these and other terms are below. It does not necessarily reflect the actual data structure that is used on an IMAP server. Important: A user is not the same as an email address because on many systems it is possible for a single user to have multiple email addresses see the definitions of email alias and subaddress below.

Note: The word account is ambiguous because it is sometimes used to mean multi-user account defined in previous item. Some systems have very restrictive limits on what a username can be, but a user can often get her desired email address by creating an email alias. Sometimes the login ID is a user's username, sometimes it is a user's primary email address on the system, and sometimes it is something else.

Some IMAP servers, for example imap. Contrast this with a remote, aka IMAP-accessible, mailbox. Note: A local mailbox is often in a location or in a possibly proprietary format that is readable only by the mail client that created it. Note: The word folder is ambiguous because it is sometimes used to mean mailbox defined in the previous three items. For example, in SeaMonkey Suite and Thunderbird, a user needs to check or uncheck the checkbox labeled Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages.

In Pine, if you access an IMAP server that supports dual-use names, it is useful to set separate-folder-and-directory-entries or quell-empty-directories. Mulberry uses the word cabinet and Pine uses the phrase pseudo collection and the word view for this. A virtual mailbox allows you to zoom in on the messages you are interested in. To see a diagram of a personal mailstore and its relation to a mail user agent MUA , see the May message I posted to comp.

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For example, files that a user sends or receives as email attachments when using a provider's web-based IMAP client. An IMAP path is used when specifying a directory or hierarchy defined above. Here are some examples. To be able to filter incoming email based on which alias was the recipient, choose a mail hosting provider that injects a mail header line that records the original envelope recipient address. Also see the definition of subaddress in the next item. If a user's address is user example. If the target mailbox does not exist, some — but not all — systems will deliver the message to the user's INBOX.

Subaddresses are especially useful for signing up for mailing lists, transactional services banking, shopping, etc. There is more information about subaddressing below. MX hosting or domain hosting or virtual domain hosting or vanity domain hosting The option to point the DNS MX record of your domain or subdomain at your email service provider's incoming mail exchange MX server.

MX hosting is essential if you want 1 to have robust SMTP-level spam filtering for your domain's incoming email and 2 to avoid the problems with forwarding. Because of spam , I recommend that you turn off the catchall alias for your domain s. Reject addresses are useful if you use a catchall address, subaddresses, disposable email addresses , or if you want to be able to send one-way outgoing-only announcements and use a no-reply From: header for example, From: no-reply your. Details about the problems with fake bounces are in this section of the Procmail Quick Start.

Also see SMTP at. Otherwise your outgoing mail will be considered spammy. Each computer on this path is usually recorded in a Received header line in the message. For example, the originating computer is often a simple desktop computer and not an SMTP server. Note 3: It is easy to forge a Received header line and spammers and other bad guys often do. Also see this July article at NewScientist.

It can also be run remotely in an ssh window. The upcoming Pine 5. Add your mailstore specification at the service provider to your Pine folder-collections list. Make sure that enable-incoming-folders is listed in your feature-list. The values are separated by a comma followed by newline followed by whitespace spaces or tabs. You can use inbox-path to set your primary Pine incoming folder. An example of these settings is at FastMail. FM in their pinerc-sample. More than 14 million users.

Also see their mail2wap. Question : Does anyone know if mail2web encrypts both the connection from your web browser to mail2web and the connection from mail2web to your IMAP server? I don't think they support secure access, but please let me know if they do or don't. More web-based IMAP clients are listed and discussed at the links in the next section. Also, a tool to permit offline reading of mail. Provides full bi-directional synchronization of mail repositories. Provides a fault-tolerant synchronization protocol with full consideration of IMAP protocol.

There are five available user interface modules, including scripted execution, an interactive terminal interface, and GUI interfaces. David Harris's Mercury Mail Transport System is a comprehensive mail server for Windows and NetWare networks that includes an IMAP server, a powerful content control management system for handling unwanted mail, support for external tasks such as virus scanning and archiving, fully-programmable automatic reply logic and much more.

This information store can hold any Outlook item and is not just limited to messages. You will now be able to share calendar information, individual folders and contacts with supported IMAP4 servers. Most of the IMAP4 servers are open source and runs on a variety of operating systems including Linux. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership to the company. For more info, see the FAQ. Search Freshmeat. Service Providers Reasonably-Priced and Free IMAP Service Providers What's in The Table Some providers in the table provide a full range Internet services, including mail hosting, web hosting, Usenet news access, dial-in access, shell access, and more; some provide only mail hosting; most provide POP as well as IMAP access to messages; some provide a web-based mail client; some provide web-based tools for collecting messages from external accounts; some let users write their own Procmail or Sieve recipes.

Site is available in Czech, Slovak, and English. Warnings : As announced in the FastMail. FM Status blog , some FastMail. FM were unable to access their email for multiple days starting August As announced in the FastMail. FM Status blog , users of FastMail. FM's server4 had up to 55 hours of downtime starting November FM had a number of outages in July and August but as of August 15 they "now have an updated version of the Linux kernel in place which has a fix for the problem that has caused some outages over the last few weeks.

MB free 0 email. Sign-up page is in Slovenian. Webmail is available in 25 languages. Some tips for signing up are in the thread Best international email provider Site is in Swedish. No longer offering IMAP access. IMAP Server personal message boards are these shared mailboxes??? See also How do I set up email on my computer? I continually research possible hosts, but I will be renewing with Dreamhost.

I'm grouchy and picky. Everything should be resolved shortly. I use and recommend DreamHost for web hosting, but I do not recommend them -- or any web-hosting provider -- for email hosting. Or Hosting Matters? Basically, I think their [DreamHost's] heart is in the right place. The service works well most of the time. And when it works well, it's a good value. But it also kind of has the feeling of something that a bunch of high school kids put together without bringing in anyone who has experience running production servers and networks.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first few times -- bad things happen to even the most prepared admins. But bad things have happened enough times, and taken so long to fix, that I really can only conclude that they're in over their heads. This means that those emails are permanently gone from the system. Note: This section needs to be updated. Affiliated with MailSnare. Net see below. Site is in Chinese Traditional.

Also see EMD: Oddpost losing mail? Registration page is here. If you see problems, we welcome your feedback to support mailblocks.

Provider & Online-Dienste

If you sign up with MailShell and want to help Infinite Ink, please use one of these links: Consumer service: ii. Also see the aim. You're right. NET ; discussion forums ; no ssh??? I would not want to be prohibited from running an email server from home. Also see Jessamyn West 's why eskimo. I have recommended Eskimo. Net internetconnection. MB for Corporate accounts lunarpages.

I think pobox. Also see my TextDrive-related bookmarks at del. NET webintellects. BlueDomino thread ChooseYourMail. Net frii. Supports DomainKeys. Mail Plus and Yahoo! And I also agree. This is an egregious invasion of privacy! Note that I think that it is acceptable for a provider to munge a message in order to defang or remove a virus. These are clues that the provider does not understand the organic nature of spam, viruses, and of the Net in general. Examples of providers who use these phrases are: SpamArrest. For more about this, see Declan McCullagh's Politech politechbot. For more about this, see Why bandwidth matters at FastMail.

FM New Cornell U. Note that extremely well funded providers such as Google and Microsoft can probably successfully offer services with very high bandwidth or space limits. Sometimes this means that the people running the system are not very technically savvy. Either of these are a clue that the provider does not care about protecting their users and their system from password sniffers and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The words mailbox and mailstore are defined in the Terminology section above. I think that this is the reason that Eskimo. An example of such a provider is enom. Note that this is only relevant if you use the provider's SMTP server for sending, auto-replying, re-routing or forwarding mail.

Meta Notes

If you might ever want to use a mailbox format that requires locking, for example traditional Unix mbox format or c-client MBX format, make sure you get a provider that does not use NFS. For more about this, see my June message in comp. This means that they are vulnerable to being sued by Hormel Foods , which is what happened to SpamArrest. This could also be a clue that the provider is not in the email business for the long haul and instead is trying to cash in on the current spam problem. For an example of a provider that had the string spam in their domain name and no longer exists, see the history of spamfree.

Also see the previous item What to Look For in an IMAP Service Provider In addition to looking out for the 17 things listed in the previous section, I suggest that you look for the 54 things listed in this section. This is not what most ISPs are used to. To find out why I think it's important that everyone demands these features, see Want privacy? For more about this growing problem, see: Melvyn Hiscock 's July message to uk. To my surprise, after several days it just disappeared! If I didn't hate AOL then - that's what broke the camel's back.

Edward W. Daily or more backups, long archival of backups, and willingness to do restores for a reasonable fee when a restore is needed because of user error. Because Pair. Contrast this with: viaVerio. FM discussed above : How can I get a folder restored from the server backup? For more about this, see: HawkWings. This makes me wonder if every cPanel system has a vulnerable backup system. CNET News. This is another reason to do your own backups! You can find out about this by sending an email message to the contact address for the provider and ask if the person who reads your message uses IMAP.

I think that the main reason that Fastmail. For example, each user at pair. For details about the pair.

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  • FM uses your address book as your greenlist create a Subject string or a recipient address string that will be automatically greenlisted FastMail. FM lets users do this by setting a secret word Bluebottle in table , FastMail. If you choose to have messages tagged with a spam score, one of the keys to dealing with them is to be able to sort order the messages in your 'MaybeSpam' mailbox by spam score.

    This way the non-spam messages -- which should have low or no spam scores -- will bubble to the top of the sorted-by-spam-score mailbox. One way to do this is to have the spam score injected into the beginning of the Subject of each message and then use your mail client to sort the mailbox by Subject. FM in Table and Tuffmail. User-configurable server-side processing of messages, using, for example, the standards-track Sieve see RFC and bis or Procmail. Then users have the option to build their own greenlist and other reverse spam filters. FM in Table , TuffMail. I am collecting Sieve-related links at del.

    It is best if the server is set up so that plaintext password authentication is not allowed. This way you can't accidentally send your password in the clear. If your provider does not support secure IMAP, complain. And be assured that it will not be the first time they hear this complaint. Note that the old protocols for accessing a Unix shell — rlogin, telnet, and rsh — are dead and you can visit their graves here. Lots of disk space and low one-time fees for additonal disk space. FM discussed above and Mailsnare discussed above are examples of providers who charge a one-time fee for extra disk space.

    Redundant servers so that hardware or software upgrades can be done with minimal down time. Support of subaddresses that can be used to have incoming messages delivered directly to specific mailbox based on the subaddress. FM discussed above and Tuffmail. Also see the thread titled plus-addressing at EMD. If you want to use a lot of plus addresses, choose a system that will automatically deliver a plus-addressed message to the subaddress mailbox if the subaddress mailbox already exists.

    On some systems you need to create a filter and a target mailbox for each plus address, which can be quite a chore if you use a lot of plus addresses. FM and TuffMail. In my Procmail Quick Start , I have a tip about using Procmail to route solicited bulk email mailing-list messages to appropriate plus addresses on a remote system. If you can't get subaddressing previous item , the next best thing is a personal subdomain so that you can use infinitely many addresses your.

    Depending on the provider, you may be able to use these addresses as disposable addresses. For example, FastMail. If you can't get subaddressing or your own subdomain see previous two items , the next best thing is an old-fashioned alias. Depending on the provider, you may be able to use an alias address as a disposable address. DreamHost and Panix. They are especially useful if a provider lets you use either subaddressing, a personal subdomain, or aliases see previous three items and you want to sort your messages based on which incarnation of your address a message was sent to.

    For more information about these envelope headers, see the virtual domain section of my Procmail Quick Start. User-configurable server-side filters that can filter on the original envelope addresses see previous item. IMAP servers that do not support keywords include Courier before version 2. IMAP clients that support keywords include Mulberry 3. If you would like to be able to use more than five labels in Mozilla or Thunderbird, please go to bugzilla. I am collecting keyword-related links at del.

    Server-side filter or delivery agent that is user-configurable and can set and detect system-level flags and user-defined flags keywords. For example: Sieve supports this via the imapflags extension. IMAP server that can do server-side threading and sorting ordering of messages in a mailboxes and advertises these capabilities.

    Crispin and K. Uncensored -- except for spam -- web or NNTP discussion groups where users can share tips, ask questions, etc. It's best if these are publicly accessible so people who are considering using the system can get a sense of both the system and the user community. Web-based or ssh-based mail client that you can use from anywhere. For a web-based client, find out if it requires cookies, JavaScript, java, or a particular web browser. These type of requirements can be a problem when you're on the road and using someone else's machine.

    Ability to set your From: header and Reply-To: header to any valid email address when using their outgoing SMTP server or their web- or ssh-based mail client. These different From: headers are sometimes called identities , personalities , profiles , or roles. For more about this, see the EMD threads Mail services where "From address" can be specified and change from address.

    FM discussed above are examples of providers that let you use any valid address in your From: header. This is discussed in this thread at EMD. Starting May 8, FastMail. Saved Global Search. Webmail that supports saved searches aka smart folders , which can search some or all of your mailboxes and present the search result as a virtual mailbox. The FastMail. FM discussed above webmail client and some other mail clients supports saved search across a single mailbox, but this is not very useful if you have more than a gigabyte of messages spread across many mailboxes.

    Global Search.

    Mail add an account error - account already exists

    If you can't get saved searches across multiple mailboxes previous item , the next best thing is webmail that can search across multiple mailboxes but without saving the search conditions. Some versions of SquirrelMail support this. This will allow you to, for example, update a remote blue or green list via Procmail.

    Pine , which can be run in an ssh window, can do this if the feature enable-bounce-cmd is set. Support for shared IMAP-accessible mailboxes so that some mailboxes can be shared with specified other users. Shared mailboxes can be used for announcements, discussion groups, blogging , shared bookmarks, syndication similar to what RSS provides , spam reporting, Help Desk tracking, and lots more. FM Enhanced accounts in table , Imap-Partners. Support for public aka anonymous IMAP-accessible mailboxes so that some mailboxes can be shared with the public. Public mailboxes can be used for the same things as shared mailboxes previous item , but they are readable by anyone.

    As discussed in this DH Knowledge Base article , DreamHost described above is an example of a provider that has compiled Pine with these options. Ability to securely encrypt and decrypt messages when using their web- or ssh-based client. Ability to view. Alternative outgoing SMTP submission port or ports that you can use in case your Internet access provider hijacks or blocks outbound port 25 connections.

    Port is often used for this. Earthlink is an example of an Internet access provider who blocks outbound port 25 connections. Thanks to David W. Tamkin for suggesting this item. Optional use of message authentication using DomainKeys DK.

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    • You can learn about DomainKeys here , here , and here. I am collecting DK-related links at del. Optional use of SPF. I am collecting SPF-related links at del. No taglines or ads inserted in messages that you send via their SMTP server or via their web- or ssh-based mail client. Ads make it more likely that your message will be tagged as spam or "probably spam" by the recipient's mail server and that your intended recipient will never receive your message.

      As discussed in this thread at EmailDiscussions. FM, Hushmail. In order for this to be useful, you need to also use an email client that does not put your IP address into a header. For example if you use Pine, you need to use version 4.