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Dynomation-5 Engine Simulation

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Binary, all OSs sha1 hashes. This is the most accurate, capable, and complete engine simulation software package ever offered to the professional engine builder or avid enthusiast. Unique Motion Software Features: In addition to our advanced simulation technology, here are some additional features in Dynomation-5 that were designed and developed by Motion Software, Inc. You can download a copy of the Users Manual to review the capabilities of this software before you buy! Availability: Dynomation-5 is shipping NOW! See Order Form , for pricing, special discounts and more. Tune These Key Engine Components:.

And Much More! What's New In Dynomation What Makes Dynomation-5 Unique:. System Requirements:. Technical Specifications:. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without the explicit written permission of Motion Software, Inc. Can you afford to use outdated software? That's never an issue with Dyomation Run hundreds, thousands, or even millions of tests! We picked up a tenth and ten mph from changes we found in Dynomation.

Jim McClure , Top-Fuel racer, record holder.

Producing Quality Computer Tools for Racers and Engine Builders since 1986

First naturally aspirated mph Harley-Davidson. I have worked with many good race teams, but rarely do you find one that grasps the concepts of pressure waves and taper. Dynomation-5 gives you the ability to understand what is happening in the engine. You should never underestimate what that will teach you. The most revealing and thought provoking engine simulation that I have ever used!

The best of its kind on the market! Easy to use and it produces accurate results.

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David Vizard, professional race car driver and engine builder, member of SAE, author of countless magazine articles and almost books on automotive performance. Remarkably accurate! What's New In Dynomation Improved accuracy through more robust modeling.

Simulink Based Engine Simulation Model for FSAE, BAJA, Formula Student, SUPRA student teams

Ignition Timing and Advance-Curve analysis. Environmental modeling, including ambient temperature, humidity, altitude.

Simulation Software

Improved Induction modeling. Combustion analysis. Nine chamber designs. Improved Pro-Print features. Comprehensive "presentation quality" reports. Graphs now in "printer friendly" colors, regardless of user color scheme. One-Click "Optimize" function for all graphs reduces data set-up time to a single mouse click.

Includes Motion Software Automatic Updater! Cam data includes cams from most of the World's major manufacturers.

Plus hundreds of other "small" improvements to speed, accuracy, and ease of use. In a nutshell, Dynomation-5 is the most significant new release of Dynomation, ever! What Makes Dynomation-5 Unique: Dynomation-5 is a highly-refined engine simulation that considerably reduces the cost and time of engine development and testing.

A nalyzes induction runner lengths, taper angles, port areas, and cylinder-head flow variations. Investigates exhaust system primary and collector lengths and tubing diameters of both straight, stepped and tapered configurations. Performs exceptional analysis of camshaft lift, duration, centerline, and lobe-separation angles.

View and analyze intake and exhaust flow! Dynomation-5 has a built-in menu library of nearly shortblocks!