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  1. Extract the audio tracks from YouTube or Vimeo videos
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The whole process is quick and easy. Any Video Converter's interface may not be to everyone's liking, but that's really nitpicking; this is a fantastic free YouTube downloader all other respects. Watch out for the bundled ByteFence and Yahoo software during installation, and you're good to go.

Extract the audio tracks from YouTube or Vimeo videos

There are no prizes for guessing what Free YouTube Download does. This is a very simple, tightly focused free YouTube downloader that does away with distractions to get the job done well. Paste in a URL from YouTube and you can download the video in just a couple of clicks — or no clicks at all if you enable the Auto Download option. You can download several videos at once if you need to, and you can convert to several different formats on the fly. There's only one real drawback, but it's a biggie — you can only use Free YouTube Download to grab clips that are less than three minutes long.

That rules out most music videos for a start, and is a real shame.

YouTube MP3 Downloader for Mac

Although the name suggests that this is just a YouTube downloader, aTube Catcher can actually save videos from most of the big video hosting sites. First, however, a word of warning: sneaky adware abounds during the installation. When you're offered the first app, make sure to hit Cancel, and for the second one click Decline — then you'll be free to enjoy aTube Catcher without any unwanted surprises.

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Downloaded videos can be converted automatically to a number of popular formats, so you can tailor them for their intended use, or whatever device you intend to watch them on. If you're looking to download a large number of videos, you can download them all at once, maxing out your bandwidth — something not available in all free YouTube downloaders.

The program will start detecting and analyzing the details of the YouTube video.

YouTube to MP3 Converter

In addition to Mac, a Windows version of the program is also available. The simple interface of the software allows stripping the audio from YouTube videos in a quick manner. Additional features include fast conversion speed, multithread downloading, playlist and channel download, support to all types of links, and others. In addition to professional and free software, there are a number of online tools available as well that helps in YouTube to MP3 conversion. These online programs need no download or installation and majority of them are free to use.

You can simply open the online tools from your browser and extract MP3 files from your YouTube and other videos. Working and conversion speed of these programs are entirely dependent on the availability and speed of internet connection. This YouTube to MP3 Converter is a popularly used online tool that is free, simple to use and is fast.

Main Features:

The program need no registrations, signup or any type of installation and has no restrictions to the number of downloads. All latest browsers are supported. Once the process is complete, a link for downloading MP3 audio file will be available on the program interface. This is another convenient to use tool for extracting MP3 audio files from YouTube videos. Using the program, you simply need to copy and paste the YouTube video link and start the process.

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The link for downloading the MP3 file will be available on the program interface itself. ListenToYouTube is a free to use program that needs no signup or installation. If needed, you can also download the videos from other sites beside YouTube like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and others.

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The tool is available in multiple languages, and is simple to use. Once the video is extracted in MP3 format, the download link will be available at the interface. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we'd love to hear from you! Head over to our Contact page and let us know. Cisdem VideoConverter for Mac provides you with an all-in-one solution for video entertainment. TunesKit Audible Converter for Mac is the most advanced all-in-one audiobook converter to help you.

Airy for Mac is a useful application which allows you to download and keep all your best YouTube vid. Apple's offering onto the music services has been hit and miss over the years, but more often that n. Download Latest Version Can you help?