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It is an instrumental that allows the listener to form his or her own lyrical images in their minds. The title track arrived with images intact and matches well with the sparse album cover.

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He would release four solo albums between but his worsening mental health would finally force him out of the music industry. He has not released any new material in 30 years. Bob Welch would contribute two songs.

Speaking of Danny, he does some really tasty guitar playing starting at , using great use of economy in his playing before tearing it up and creating suspension. This isn't my favorite song on the album, but it still is a great song and strong opener to the album. Zoot Marimba , Jun 10, Greg Gee , Bevok , Jonny W and 17 others like this.

Unused cover art for Fleetwood Mac's album Bare Trees

Location: baltimore maryland. I miss you again. I got the sunlight in my eyes. I won't cry. Location: Europe. I love Child Of Mine. Great rollicking groove, great lead guitar parts by Danny, sweet vocals. Some heavy lyrical content there; Danny promising to not abandon his child, like his father abandoned him. DTK , Jun 10, The MEZ , perplexed , lennonfan1 and 2 others like this.

Album details

I forgot to talk about my history with Fleetwood Mac and this album! I was at least aware of Fleetwood Mac since about , since my stepsister had Rumors on vinyl, but it wasn't until that I started to explore the catologue and in particular the Peter Green era, my favorite period of the band. I had already heard all the Peter Green stuff and the early Buckingham-Nicks stuff by the time I first heard Bare Trees , which was my introduction to that middle period, and I dug it. Location: Isle of Man. A classic opening track to a classic album.

It's also a strong statement of intent: whereas "Woman Of Years" was the perfect opener to the dreamy, tripped-out Future Games , "Child Of Mine" signposts that Bare Trees is going to be tauter and harder-rocking. It was also a wonderful song live:. Location: Tacoma. BDC , Jun 10, Greg Gee , Bevok , Jonny W and 2 others like this. Location: Lancaster UK. AlmostHeavenWV , Jun 10, DTK likes this. Child of Mine to me is a good tune, a little like "Sour milk sea" or other George Harrison work.

The passage with "I miss you again. I won't cry" reminds me of John Lennon. The song could also be a better than average Grateful dead tune..

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Beatles influence far reaching Zoot Marimba likes this. Location: Hertfordshire, England. Behind on many threads including Maiden, but for Bare Trees I need to dig out my vinyl.

Bare Trees (album) | Fleetwood Mac Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Great idea for a thread. Almost Simon , Jun 10, Location: Eastern United States.

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I'm not too familiar with Fleetwood Mac. I know Rumours and a lot of the other obvious hits, but beyond that I don't remember much. I have their "Original Albums Series Collection," which contains most of their middle period albums, but I rarely listen to them.

It's pretty good instrumentally, but doesn't grab me vocally and isn't all that memorable IMO. Maybe it just needs some time to grow on me; Like I said, I'm not all that familiar with this album.

Bare Trees (album)

SurrealCereal , Jun 10, Great song. Great guitar work and tones. RIP Danny Kirwan. The MEZ likes this. Location: Eastern Iowa.