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  1. Set the version of jdk to use
  2. How to Install JDK 11 (on Windows, Mac OS & Ubuntu) and Get Started with Java Programming
  3. Using SDKMAN To Manage Java Versions - By Harrison Brock
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Set the version of jdk to use

On Sunday, August 26, security vendor FireEye published information about a new Java attack that used a previously unknown Java vulnerability. The attack, which originated from China, affected the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment Java 7, version 1.

The attack comes through your Web browser when you browse to a malicious site and allows an attacker to silently take complete control over your computer. Further research by security vendor Immunity Inc. The exploit for the first vulnerability was quickly added to the BlackHole exploitation kit —one of the most widely used malicious hacking tools.

The exploit is also now available as an attack in the Metasploit penetration-testing framework , which is freely available and favored by script kiddies and security professionals myself included throughout the world.

How to Install JDK 11 (on Windows, Mac OS & Ubuntu) and Get Started with Java Programming

At this time, Oracle—which inherited Java when it acquired Sun Microsystems—has not commented on the exploits, although we now know that the company knew about the vulnerabilities since April and was planning to release a patch in its October update. Only time will tell if the company will break its quarterly patch cycle and release an emergency update sooner. My money is on early release. In summary, we have at least two exploitable vulnerabilities affecting anything running the latest version of Java, both are being used in active attacks, and one is bundled with one of the most popular bad-guy toolkits on the market BlackHole and a very popular and free security testing tool.

All that said, there are two reasons why Macs are less at-risk than people on other platforms, despite being easy to exploit if the right conditions are in place. The first, and most important, reason is that relatively few Macs are running the vulnerable version of Java.

Using SDKMAN To Manage Java Versions - By Harrison Brock

Any operating system running JRE 1. That last one is the version that Mac users have installed assuming they use Java at all. The only way to update from Java 6 1. Starting with OS X Many users do install Java for websites or applications like Crashplan that require it.

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On the General tab it shows the version of Java you have installed. You can also check your version by opening Terminal and typing java -version. This time you want to make sure the response isn't 1. Using the Java Preferences application is more reliable than disabling Java in your browser since it blocks it from all browsers at once. This allows you to still use Java on your Mac, but without the risk of being infected through your web browser.

Find Java on Your Mac

If, like me, you still need to use Java in your web browser, I recommend the following steps. Hope I'm in not too late, but I fixed it by uninstalling that " In this case, Im currently have java 10 installed with brew cask and I just remove java 10 and downgrade into java8 using command below.

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Get Java for your Mac

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New issue. Could not determine java version from ' Copy link Quote reply. Current Behavior While I was compiling jd-gui , it returned a error messege: Could not determine java version from ' IllegalArgumentException: Could not determine java version from ' This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Btw using sudo doesn't sound like a great idea, are you sure you need this?

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  8. Jeansen referenced this issue Aug 26, Open does not work with java 10 Uninstall java 10 that installed by brew cask. I think you can close this issue cause we can solved by just install Java 8 sdk. Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub.