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This makes it easier to edit the file name and keeping the file extension untouched. If VoiceOver is enabled, iCab mobile will now play soft ticks while a web page is loading. This makes it easier for blind users to find out when loading a web page has finished especially for slow internet connections The Watch App watchOS 2 and later will now have labels for VoiceOver Bugfix: When creating new bookmarks, the label color was not saved. This did only work when editing existing bookmarks. Bugfix: Exporting data to dropbox could fail, if creating a backup of an existing file on the Dropbox server did fail Bugfix: the URL shortener module does work again with Google's shortener service "goo.

This feature uses the "Google Safe Browsing" service and can be enabled in the "Services" settings. This feature works by regularly loading and updating a database from google's server which contains the information about malware and phishing sites. All the checks for malicious web sites are done on the device itself, so your browsing activity is not exposed to a third party. In the Download Manager it is possible to save multiple pictures at once in the photo album. Use the "Edit" mode to select multiple files. There's a new menu item "Download Rename file " available for the contextual menu of a link, which will prompt the user to enter file name that should be used for the file before it is dowloaded.

This download option ignores the file name that is suggested by the web page and will use the one that is provided by the user. The standard "Download" item is still available and will just use the file name that is suggested by the web page. In the contextual menu for a file of the download manager there's a new item "Information". The hash values do allow to check if the file is valid, in case the web page provides the correct hash values for comparison Adds a module for "LinkLocker" Fixes an issue with the twin browser where it could happen when selecting an entry from the suggestions from the address field that the page would open in the wrong twin browser In private mode the address field will be have a red border to avoid conflicts with the green background for "https" sites Fixes a crash when long-pressing an item in the search history The Translation modul will now support some new destination languages See the module settings Fixes an issue with detecting the correct text encoding an a few sites Fixes an issue where it could happen that sometimes temporary files from background downloads were not deleted Includes several additional small bug fixes and improvements Version 9.

Fixes a bug with the "ePub" module and "https" web sites. The toolbar icons for the normal search using a search engine and the search on the page can be now long-pressed, in which case the "other" search will be performed. This way you can trigger both searches with just one icon. You can now link the reading list with your Instapaper account The "Twin Browser" mode on the iPad is now able to place the two browsers horizontally and vertically. Long-press on the "Twin Browser" icon to pick the orientation. It is possible to transfer the files directly to other Apps and to cloud storages if Apps for these cloud services are installed on the device Links to Google maps can be directly opened in the Google Maps App now.

New Module added which can be used to set another virtual screen size. Support for "Readabilty" and "Kanbox" removed because both services have closed Version 9. Includes a workaround for the new iOS 10 problem where on the iPad the text size could no longer be changed Includes a workaround for the new iOS 10 problem where background downloads could no longer be paused and resumed Fixes smaller layout issues within the user interface under iOS 10 on devices with large displays Several smaller improvements and bugfixes.

You can now give me a tip to additinally support the App developement. You'll get a few new cool features as a reward for the tips. New users will always get all these features for free. Now, bookmarks can also have color labels attached. This can be useful to mark bookmarks in a special way. The bookmarks icon within the bookmarks window will be tinted with the label color.

On an iPad the label color will be shown as underline in the bookmarks toolbar. Smart folders are special folders in which you can not put bookmarks manually like you would do this with normal folders. Instead you define rules based on URL, title, label, date, etc. The smart folders will be automatically updated. One useful example for a smart folder could be one that will always show the newly added bookmarks regardless where they are located , by defining a rule which selects all bookmarks created in the last 2 weeks. The settings also have a search feature. Now, the bookmarks can be also searched from within the Spotlight search of the device.

When holding down the Cmd key on a Bluetooth keyboard, the App will now show the currently available keyboard shortcuts requires iOS 9 or later. In the contextual menu for the tabs toolbar there are two new options available: A Tab can be duplicated and the last closed Tab can be reopened The action to reopen the last closed Tab is also available for multitouch and drawing gestures and can be used as shortcut for bluetooth keyboard Now the iOS ShareSheet can be also called for links from within the contextual menu For the "Open in 'App'" feature iCab does now support the App "ProTube".

When visiting the Youtube page you can open the video in ProTube from within the contextual menu. On the iPhone you can add a "Favorites" icon into the toolbar in addition to the bookmarks icon. New option available for the reload button in the URL field: long pressing the reload button opens a menu where you can alternatively reload the page bypassing all of the URL filters.

Bugfix: On the iPhone it could happen that the login screen vanishes when the device was rotated. Bugfix when searching within the source code display Locally saved SVG images can be opened offline, now In the download settings there're now a few exception rules for web sites which falsely instruct the browser to download the font files "woff", "otf", "ttf" Bugfix in the "Share in iCab Mobile" extension.

Bugfix for iOS 7, where it can happen that a user needs to login twice under certain circumstances if the password protection was enabled. Fixes an issue with creating new Tabs via multitouch gesture. In this case the setting what to load in the new Tab empty page, homepage, quick starter was ignored. These filters do allow to block or accept cookies based on the Cookie domain.

Just like other filters, the order of these cookie filters is important in case multiple filters match: the first matching filter wins. The new cookie filters also allow to prevent that certain importnant cookies will be deleted if one of the features is used which clear all cookies at once.

Which means the new cookie filter also replaces the old cookie white list feature. In addition to the switch in the settings, it is now also possible to enable or disable the Mobilizer via toolbar icon or action menu. Adds a workaround for an issue of the Pocket app with the "Share in iCab Mobile" Extension Fixes an issue with the 3D Touch preview in the download manager Fixes a crash when sending files via email from within the download manager Solves an issue under iOS 9.

Therefore I reverted this feature to the previous status again. So you only need to tap on these links to directly install the provided filter lists. Also for updating the filters, just tap on the links again to update the filters. It can not be easier. The old method of installing the filter via Downoad Manager is still available, in case you get the filters from other sources or you want to edit the filters before installing them.

These filter lists include an extremely large number of filters, which might cause speed and memory issues on these older devices. The CSS-based filters are reorganized. The old ID and class-based filters will be automatically converted into the new CSS selector-based filters. The new CSS filters are also organized in groups like the URL-based filters , which makes it easier to enable or disable only certains ets of filters.

Improved browser for pictures from the download manager. Added new toolbar icons for scrolling page-wise The brightness control will now also have an effect on popup windows and alertboxes. These additional keys will only appear if there's enough space available e. This is all you need to do. This way you can directly see which search engine will be used for the search. Tapping on this icon will also directly show the lost of search engines where you can pick another one for the search. When filling out forms, the keyboard has another button attached which can be used to put the content of the clipboard into the currently selected form field When filling out forms on an iPad under iOS 9 and later, it is now possible to move the buttons that are attached to the keyboard fill form, save form, QR code scanner and paste clipboard to the left or right using a swipe gesture.

So if the buttons overlap certain elements of the web site, these can be moved to the other side. New Module added to call the "CamelCamelCamel" service, which lists the price history of a product on an Amazon product page Added a workaround for misconfigured web servrs which explicitly ask the browser to download JSON files, that should definitely not be downloaded Bugfix: When using the Twin Browser Mode, the fullscreen buttons have to be used twice for the second browser after the fullscreen mode was enabled in the first Added a workaround for the case where network connections time out for no reason Version 9.

This makes it possible to scan bar codes and QR codes and directly fill out web forms with the recognized text. Bugfix: the status bar could not be switched off Bugfix: under iOS 7the twin browser mode is no longer available. So the twin browser mode is only available under iOS 8 and newer. This mode can be activated via "Action" menu or via icon from the toolbar.

When active it splits the screen in two parts and in each part you get a seperate browser instance "Action" menu and Toolbar icons can be configured in the "User Interface" settings. In "Twin Browser" mode you can display two web sites side by side, which is especially useful on the large iPad Pro screen. Using the contextual menu you have the choice to open links in the current or the other browser.

Using the Action menu or by long-pressing the toolbar icon, you can swap the browser instances. And from within the listview of the tabs menu, you can also access the tabs of the other browser. The "Twin Browser" mode is available when there's at least as much room left for each browser instance as an iPhone screen.

As soon the screen space goes below that limit, the second browser instance will be hidden again which will happen only in portrait orientation when the Split-Screen mode of the iOS is activated in addition The hardware keyboard for the new iPad Pro from Apple does not have an ESC key. The "search on current page" is now also available as icon for the toolbar. A new "Sharing" extension does allow to add a web site from within other Apps in the bookmarks or reading list of iCab Mobile or open these as Tab.

Bugfix: Deleting site-specific font size settings could crash the App Bugfix: "x-callback-url" calls with a URL as only parameter did not work correctly Version 9.

10Bet - Online-Sportwetten: Die besten Live-Quoten, Angebote und Tipps

In the "Web sites" settings you can also modify the font sizes. In the filter settings there's a new option to enable logging of third-party content. When activated, iCab Mobile will collect the URLs of all resources that are loaded by a web site which are coming from a thrid-party from another domain. Within the list of these resources you can tap on an address to create a filter. This new feature will make it much easier to create filters for ads and other unwanted resources. The "i" button within this list will open a preview of the resource. Much better support of the "split screen" mode of iOS 9 on the iPad.

Takes the new security and privacy features of iOS 9 into account Solves an issue when automatically filling out forms which expect to see "keyboard events" If all accounts but the Admin account are switched off, the window to select an account will be skipped when possible. Removed the individual icons and menu items for the external password managers 1Password and Dashlane. A general "Password manager" icon and menu item will be used instead, which covers all available external password managers.

In addition to the QR-Codes scanner via camera, the QR-Code scanner is now also available for pictures on web sites via contextual menu. The Bookmarks icon will now include a "star" if the currently loaded web site is already bookmarked. There's a new search feature within the bookmarks scroll to the very top of the bookmarks window to reveal the search field , which searches for bookmarks within the current bookmarks folder and all its sub-folders Solves an issue when scrolling with a bluetooth keyboard.

A few web sites which load page elements only when these are scrolled into view did not recognize the scrolling via physical keyboard. Fixes an issue with the built-in "Proxy" settings Added new icons for the toolbars to switch to the next and previous Tabs. Configuring the toolbar icons and the action and contextual menus is more comfortable now. Additional buttons do allow to directly move icons from one section to another. Fixes issues with the "classic" design under iOS 9 Fixes an issue with the "pasteboard" under iOS 9 if iCab is configured to automatically scan the pasteboard for URLs to open them Version 8.

Only a few firefox sync accounts were affected, but using Firefox Sync with these accounts could cause a crash or the bookmarks were not retrieved correctly. These issues should no longer occur. Version 8. The old Firefox Sync 1. Support for the "Fillr" App added to help filling out forms. You can call "Fillr" from within the "Fill out forms" feature where there's now a new option for "Fillr", in case the Fillr App is installed. Hast nicht zuviel getrunken der Artikel ist falsch verlinkt! Wen interessiert was du machst? Nur um sicherzugehen: Das soll kein Angriff auf dich, oder den Inhalt deines Kommentars sein!

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Hoffe auf beta7 oder eine korrigierte GM. Evt hilft ja auch ein Restore ohne backup einspielung. Ist das nur bei mir so? Alldings schliesse ich vor dem Update auch immer alle Apps. Die einzigen Fehler die geblieben sind, sind die falsch angezeigten Geburtstage und das ich die Kontakte nicht bearbeiten kann. Ich finde es einfach schlimm wie viele durch ihren inneren fanboy geblendet werden und nicht mal mehr sarkasmus erkennen. Installiert seit 24h. Bisher keine Probleme festgestellt. Alle installierten apps bis auf eine kleine Wetterapp laufen stabil.

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Reopen Safari Tabs on Mac

Bridgeman Man sagt hier besser nichts gegen Apple. Sonst werden die Fanboys sickig. Carsten Nick Ben C-Pha2er Ice-Z Einige tolle Tools haben sie ja :- Antworten. Geht doch jetzt schon. Blue Aziz Sparkasse app , iout Bank usw Antworten. Gerd PeterO Hotte Ck85 Jetzt geben die aber Vollgas : Antworten.

Seb Ist alles oben im Text verlinkt… Antworten. Snipa Dann ma laden… Antworten. SID Welches Popup? Beispielsweise bei Goodreader. Oder auchbei der EyeTV-App. Das liegt sich an den Apps und nicht an iOS 7! Robert So krampf Antworten. Das ist kein iOS 7 Problem. KaroX Komacrew ManAtWeb Pieschty Sascha Das Problem habe ich auch Antworten. Angelo In den release notes, unter know issues. Aleski Meine ladet auch! Rest Airbag1 Maik Dinos Ohne dev Account — geht! Einfach geupdatef! Gro Findet bei mir kein Update Antworten. Probleme scheint es nur zu geben, wenn ihr eine Beta ausgelassen habt.

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ID's updaten. Thin Client X Start dauert lange. Update auf 2. Firefox aktualisieren. Apache unter UCS 2. LTSP-Mounts funktionieren mit 2. Recommend nicht per Default ins Thin Client System. Aktualisieren des Flash-Vorgangs benutzerfreundlicher machen. Dependencyproblem beim Update von 2.

Mehrfacher nscd Start. Security-Fixes 2. Java Lizenz fehlt. Update wine. Samba 3. Fehler mit Zertifikatvergabe bei UCS 2. Dateikonflikt zwischen univention-pam und univention-thinclient-ssh-config. UCR-Traceback in univention-mail-cyrus-kolab2. Nachinstallation der Thin-Client Komponente funktioniert nicht. Fehler bei Update von univention-printserver. Thin Client Kernel Parameter. Konatct aktualisieren. Debian Lenny Import - Paketbau. UCS Net.

macOS Mojave: How to turn off or turn on recent apps in the Dock

Gnome bereitstellen. Mobileclient Update von 2. Unknown distribution: Univention. Missing Symbols in samba-vfs-modules. Debian Lenny Import - amd DC Backup slapd Update Fehler. UMC - Co. Apache startet erst wenn das Zertifikat vorhanden ist. Diverse Probleme beim Installieren mit mehreren Netzwerkkarten und dhcp. Default-Repository-Server wieder auf apt.

Cyrus IMAP idled. Software-Raid: Fehlende Bindestriche vor Parametern. Icons in Suchergebnisliste abschaltbar machen. Connector auch ohne SSL verwendbar machen. Mail ser. Private Ham-Folder. Installation von UCS-Instanzen. Zwei kleine Fehler im Kapitel desktop-systeme. Screenshots auf 2. Anpassung des Designs. Kleiner Fehler im Kapitel softwareverteilung. Autor "Univention Feedback". Erweiterte Konfiguration von Squid und Dansguardian.

OpenLDAP 2. Aktualisierung der englisch-sprachigen Dokumentation des AD Connectors. Print se. Anpassen der Dokumentation bzgl. Dansguardian kann nur mit clamav verwendet werden. Firewall auf Basissystem. Benutzer-Quota etwas konkreter beschreiben. UDM 2.


Xen 3. Updates werden trotzdem --updateto eingespielt. Benutzer-Report wertet Filter nicht aus. Paket univention-scalix referenziert obsoletes Paket univention-admin-scalix. Bugzilla not in categories yet. AD Connector und idletimeout. Traceback im Listener beim Anlegen eines Groupware Accounts. Horde Version aus Kolab bereitstellen. HWRaid Tools. Aktuelle KVM Pakete. Scalix auf ucs 2. Traceback vom univention-ltsp-mountd beim anstecken eines USB-Sticks.

KDE 4 Default Profil. Datenbank wird nicht angelegt. Traceback in Horde-Prefs Listener Modul. Repository-Update-Cronjob wird nicht automatisch entfernt. UMC - Un. Anmeldung an Horde funktioniert mit UCS 2. AD Connector Modul Design. Traceback bei Init von Listener-Modul ldap-addressbook-sync. Falscher Tooltip auf Mitgliederreiter an Gruppenobjekten. Typo reposiory. Traceback: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower'. Fehlermeldung bei ad-connector-Installation. Aktivierung des Repositorys und Repo-Server-Richtlinie. Mehrere dhclient-Instanzen bei der Verwendung von ifplugd.

Thin-Client-Umgebung: rdesktop fehlt. Typo in Software-Auswahl. Winbind auf UCS Memberserver deaktivierbar machen. Typo in der Beschreibung der Objectclass univentionMail. Software Monitor Design. Virenbenachrichtigung wird nicht verschickt. Typos in univention-pkgdb-scan. Copyright Rechtschreibfehler: nicht eie bestimmte. Heimatverzeichnis auf managed-Client nicht gemounted. Bericht bezieht sich immer auf alle Objekte.