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You can walk around a virtual tour and go from one panorama to the other with the help of hotspots. Moving hotspots Select a hotspot by clicking on it and drag it to a new location. Changing the shape of hotspots To change the shape of a hotspot, do one of the following: Select a vertex or vertices of the hotspot and drag it or them to a new location. Click the Show Controller checkbox to select the option and show the controller bar at the bottom of the QuickTime plug-in area.

Page Chapter 3 User Guide For a cubical render, all faces are rendered by default, but by clicking each of the faces, you choose which ones you want to render. If you do not select any faces, all faces are rendered. Page Rendering Your Project Stitcher User Guide Rendering Your Project After you have finished stitching your images, you can render the project to create a high-resolution panorama. Using Stitcher you can render directly to different projection types. Page Choosing Projection Types Stitcher User Guide Choosing projection types The type of projection you choose depends on the purpose for which you are creating your panorama for the Web, film production, or product packaging, for example and whether or not you need to edit the stitched images in an external graphics application.

Use the following descriptions of projection types available in Stitcher to determine which projection and file format to use. Page Chapter 3 User Guide snapshot cylindrical spherical cubical The images are superimposed as follows: front, right, back, left, top, bottom. Understanding the naming of cubical images The of the six images determines which image will appear on which cube surface. Page Cylindrical Projection Chapter 3 User Guide Cylindrical projection Cylindrical projection creates a cylinder that accurately shows a row panorama without distorting the top and bottom from the original image.

Page Setting Qtvr Output Options Stitcher User Guide If you need to edit the images, you may instead export your stitched images with the basic cubical, spherical, or cylindrical projection type. Page Hdr And Tone Mapping Chapter 3 User Guide HDR and Tone Mapping To render HDR images bit images or tone-mapped images from a bracketed set of images a stack of exposures , Stitcher must be able to calibrate a camera response curve over the largest stack the stack being used for calibration must contain at least 3 images. Click The Render Setup dialog opens. Click the box beside the Filename field, and select a destination directory and name for your files and click OK Windows or Choose Mac.

From the Type drop-down list, select a projection type. Page Stitcher User Guide External: Launches an external software defined the Preferences dialog to blend the images. The default sharpening filter is set to Normal. To change the filter, select either More, or Maximum from the Sharpen drop-down box. Page Chapter 3 User Guide Modify the default Image Options by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top of the window or leave the default settings. If you choose a TIF file format, you can select the Use Strip option to decrease the amount of memory used at the expense of a longer rendering time.

Page Stitcher User Guide When you are satisfied with your parameters, do one of the following: To preview your rendered panorama, click Preview. The Render Preview window opens. Navigate using the same controls you use to navigate the Stitching Window. To render the current project, click Render. Follow the rendering procedure, with the following in mind: You must render your stitched images with cubical, spherical, or cylindrical projection so that you can open the file in the external graphics application.

If you choose a lossy file format, your image will be degraded by the time you finish your panorama because of multiple compression. Page Chapter 3 User Guide scale an image, Stitcher estimates the pixel values in the final image by interpolating the values from the original image. You can set the interpolation type in the Preferences dialog: The different algorithms that Stitcher uses are described as follows: Nearest: The value of the new pixel is the same as that of the closest existing pixel.

These methods produce slightly more accurate results than the bicubic method, but takes a little longer to compute. Codec: Choose the type of compression you want to use. Photo-JPEG is the most suitable for panoramas.


It should be installed by default with QuickTime. Options: Depending on the type of compression you choose, set additional options, such as streaming optimization. Generate Preview: Check to generate a preview image from your panorama. Set the width of each cube face in the Width field. If you want the preview to appear gray, check the Gray box.

Page Authoring Tool Chapter 3 User Guide Authoring Tool Stitcher has a real-time authoring tool that you can use to define constraints interactively in the Stitcher window. NOTE You can only make manual changes to the width and height settings. Window: Type the dimensions of the window in pixels. Pan: Set how far your user can pan back and forth in the movie. As soon as you have at least one image in the Stitching Window, Stitcher allows you to make a movie of your panorama. The basic workflow when defining a camera path is to set a viewpoint, then place a key, change the viewpoint, set a key, etc.

You can zoom, rotate, and move the scene as you require to find the camera viewpoint that you require for the animation. Page Checking The Animation Stitcher User Guide Right-click to open the contextual menu and select Add Key Stitcher adds a key at the start of the Movie Navigation Bar and the Time Pointer moves to the end: Zoom, rotate, and move the panorama as you require to reposition it and right-click again to open the contextual menu and select Add Key. Page Chapter 3 User Guide To add a keyframe between existing keys, place the Time Pointer on the Movie Navigation Bar between keys K1 and K2, change the viewpoint slightly, and select Insert Key from the contextual menu to add a new key frame between K1 and K2: To replace a key, place the Time Pointer on a key in the Movie Navigation Bar, change the viewpoint slightly, and select Insert Key from the contextual menu to replace key K with the new viewpoint.

Page Enter a project Description. Click Change Description to enter a new description. The template are found by default in the Stitcher installation directory. Enter a Title for the project. Enter a project Description. Use the Change Description button to enter a new description. Enter the URL corresponding to where you can download the final panorama. Choose this format Page Panorama Conversion Chapter 3 User Guide Panorama conversion Typically, after you have stitched your images, you render it to produce a panorama, but in some cases you will need to edit your panorama in an external image editor and therefore change the file format.

The Panorama Conversion is used to: Convert a panorama into another format. NOTE For a cubic panorama, you only need to choose a single face. Import Spherical Cubical Cylind. Spherical Cubical Cylind. Page Aligning The Panorama Stitcher User Guide Aligning the panorama You can change the viewpoint to determine what you see in the final panorama. Page Creating Hotspots During A Conversion Chapter 3 User Guide Creating hotspots during a conversion Hotspots can be drawn directly in panoramas to open a URL or link your project to another panorama to create a virtual tour through several panoramas.

For example, you can create hotspots in panoramas that were made in another application, such as 3ds Max or you can import old QTVR movies to re-edit them and add hotspots.

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The hotspot s is saved and you can load it as described below. Page Templates Chapter 3 User Guide Templates Templates significantly decrease the amount of time and effort you spend stitching images if you consistently shoot panoramas with identical shot parameters and the same number of rows and with a tripod. Templates let you reuse identical shot parameters and row setups from one project to create another project with perfectly stitched images instantly. The Save As Template dialog appears.

In the File name filed, type the name of the template. From the Save In drop-down list, browse to where you want to save the template file. The Template dialog appears: Click Page Chapter 3 User Guide 4. The project file or path contains non-standard or special characters. Also avoid accented letters and spaces.

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Problem: In the Render window, there is only the Screen render available. Here is a workaround: Run Stitcher preferences press the P key in Stitcher and choose the External links tab. Choose a folder where you will put your temporary files third link. Make a basic PSD render. Problem: Images are blurred SOLUTION When you have images that have not been exactly shot from the same location, Stitching Window thus introducing image parallax, you may have blurred images in the This blur will be minimized in the rendered images using smart blend as the blending Page Glossary Chapter 3 User Guide Glossary Blending — Combination of two or more images by adding them on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Cubic — Projection that produces six images corresponding to the front, back, right, left, top, and bottom of the cube. Cylindrical — PPM — Portable Pixelmap image file format. Projection — Process of reducing three dimensions to two dimensions for display. It is the mapping of the visible part of a three-dimensional object onto a two-dimensional screen.

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Page Chapter 3 User Guide Page Stitcher User Guide Index blurred images, during equalization Page Index the texture size Page Index film back loading Page Index panorama conversion hotspots Page Index clearing the Undo Buffer Page Index images in the Stitching Window Page Index Stitch This manual is also suitable for: Stitcher unlimited Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up!

Flickr: Discussing Audodesk Unlimited Stitcher ? in panoramas

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Simple cracks that i have come accross for making windows xp genuine, I followed it to the tee on windows xp pro sp3 and it hasnt worked. I logged on using Safe mode. Edit now have it fully working off usb, not safe mode, I used NT6 fast. Each time I try to finish a project by clicking on render, stitcher fails and crashes. I hav. Just downloaded and attempted to run the demo. It bounces in the dock for a while and then vanishes. Does anybody have it running? Any ideas what m. HDR black artifacts in superbrights. Hey all, I keep getting these strange superblack artifacts when rendering HDR's out of stitcher.

buy Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited 2009 MAC online

These only seem to occur in areas where the origi. Point post The images are already in HDR bit for. Rendering problem - internal error. I'm using Stitcher 5. Saving curr. Good afternoon, I need help with the program. For example, I s. Is it possible to transport the license between two different computers with stitcher like you can with max?

Trial Version not working. Hello all, I have just downloaded the Stitcher trial version, but although the program runs, everything is greyed out and I cannot use it. I might. Strange Aliasing on Export -- Help. DoctorMarimbas post I'm trying to create a simple, two-frame panorama and keep running into a problem. Everything works well until I go to render the image. Nothing to say but no posts on here since 15 Janeveryone on holiday or is the software now working perfectly!.

The Crofter post Stitcher Render problems. Anybody know a fix for this? I own an older version, playing with the newest demo, wondering if it's worth upgrading or jumping ship. Running int. New motherboard activation problem. Hi, i have a problem whith an activation I am working with Stitcher Unlimited of Realviz on a MacBook Pro and after a problem with the. Dear All I purchased the stitcher on August I found the programme almost unusable when rendering file at PSD option program clash durin. I want to use Stitcher Unlimited on my new computer running running Windows 7 - 64 bit.

This is to exploit the ability to work with RAM larger tha. What is going with Support and bashing that seems to be present in almost every discussion?