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I went back to Ohio But my family was gone I stood on the back porch There was nobody home I was stunned and amazed My childhood memories Sort of swirled past Like the wind through the trees. I went back to Ohio But my pretty countryside Had been paved down the middle By a government that had no pride The farms of Ohio Had been replaced by shopping malls And muzak filled the air From Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls.

Did you eat yet? In these frozen and silent nights Sometimes in a dream you appear Outside under the purple sky Diamonds in the snow ,sparkle Our hearts were singing It felt like Christmas time. Can this really happen in this day and age? Suddenly — turn the page Like walking on stage My baby Hey. Everybody wants place in the sun, I believe Everybody wants to be in love with someone Everybody makes mistakes Everybody cuts his thumb Everybody wonders What the moon is made of.

When I change my life And the idiot me Leaves this town forever Leaves us to be Together for the rest of our lives Happily forever and ever When I change my life. Colour the wind And search deep within And by the light of the moon Light of the moon Light of the moon We begin again. I remember the first time we met I may be a sentimental fool Forever in your debt For something I cannea forget I remember you. How do we change so easily? I remember the first time we slept What a surprise to wake up to Someone I hardly knew From asleep to a dream come true I remember you.

Hey baby, I wanna know How much did you get for your soul? You had the gospel when you were shackled to a tree Now you got your freedom, you sing for the money Soul, soul, soul, soul How much did you How much did you How much did you get? Hey baby, well tell me please How much did you get that sleaze? Resignation in her sighs is a sorry indication of how time can brutalise take away the hope and the will, will follow take away the faith and goodbye tomorrow.

She had her dreams too but how can she pursue her ambitions be they great or small. And she will always carry on Something is lost, but something is found They will keep on speaking her name Some things change, some stay the same. Where has everybody gone? In this faceless crowd, where can I belong?

With great pleasure I sing your national song Because your beautiful land will soon be long gone And the ashes of your memoirs will be strewn across the lawn. Happy endings never find me I put all my fantasies and hopes of love behind me all my chances all fell through but If there was a man out there for me I wish it would be Someone who could love me too If someone was you.

Empty me Like a dustman rids a rubbish bin Fill me up with glimpses of you And let the music begin Oh oh oh Take me to the altar. Alter me The change could only do me good Others have tried to and failed I wish that somebody could Oh oh oh Do what no one can do. Cover me in dirt And leave me to the wind and the rain If I should ever hurt the one who made me human again Oh oh oh Take me to the altar. Waterfall Nothing can harm me at all My worries seem so very small With my waterfall. Some people say Daydreams are for all the lazy-minded fools With nothing else to do So let them laugh Laugh at me So just as long as I have you To see me through I have nothing to lose Long as I have you.

No guarantee When we kiss Your lips are tempting Well baby, listen to this I gotta have some action Yeah — yeah — yeah You know I got to be free Contracts are binding Oh oh oh whoa whoa whoa whoa No guarantee. When will I see you? Summertime would be perfect When will I see you? Endless nights of love could be ours When will I see you? Summertime would be just perfect When will I see you?

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Could be a long summertime When will I see you? Everybody chokes when they see someone cut down in their prime take this plea to your heart and lift me in mine. Get to the heart baby, the heart of the city meet me in a fire fight of lusty boys and candlelight. Move to the heart baby the heart of the city veins pop and cry for more lick it off the killing floor. How do I miss you? You silly Welsh git You were sold down the river Like a slave changing hands From master to master The leaves will turn brown And fall to the ground And another summer is gone Gone is the summer of you.

My heart is breaking in two Oh. Bring on the ecstasy! Oh oh oh oh oh oh. Your body is trouble , rarely at rest Running and wandering in sleeplessness The stars are majestic, peaceful and all But where in this room will a little light fall? We all have to mourn and we all have to die But can you fall down on your knees to the spirit of life? Mothers and fathers, lovers and friends Parties and tantrums all come to an end Memories washed out like cans to the sea Lost in the joys of eternity.

We all have to mourn and we all have to die But can you fall on your knees To the spirit Of Life. I went out on the balcony And looked across the way Some guy was shadow boxing, he looked like Sugar Ray I was feeling dizzy, began to swoon Was it his punch or was it just your Hollywood perfume? I feel like a fugitive escaped from my life Seeking refuge in the sensual heat These paper thin walls make me party to calls Of love wafting through the room The night jasmine bloom Of your Hollywood perfume. I went out on the balcony to clear my head I was burning up in my queen-sized bed Down on the strip beneath the billboard moon Teenage girls look for love in the Neon, sex and doom Of your Hollywood perfume.

I see him standing silhouetted in the lamplight I cross the street and I quicken my pace He cups his hands and he lights a cigarette I find myself in the bones of his face. Every time I end up waking up in some hotel without my set of keys coming to, remembering the way you turned me out when I was on my knees. When I saw my baby cry i knew that he loved me That was some great victory he cried because of me he hit me with his belt but his tears were all i felt When I saw my baby cry I knew He loved me.

When I saw my baby cry i knew that he loved me That was some great victory he cried because of me he hit me with his belt but his tears were all I felt When I saw my baby cry I knew he loved me. When we watch the children play Remember — when it was me and you Those were the days, The things we got up to! For every freedom fighter I wanna hold on tighter To the hope and will you gave You were the brave, you were the brave. All my dreams Recollect you And so darling in a way Our love remains new Funny little things You touch my fingers and fondle my rings Then tenderly without violence We make love in perfect silence.

Come, come into my room again Come, come again Oh come, come into my gloom again End this solitude again. Disappear on me like that? Oh, baby please, come back where I can touch you Right here where I can see you. Come, come into my room again Come, come again Oh baby come, come into my gloom again Break, break this solitude again. All of my dreams Of your affection Never have I known Such sweet perfection No drug induced bliss Could ever reach the heights of this Eternal and so pure Help me to endure To endure all my dreams.

Oh, why you look so sad? We had our time But the bells finally tolled And my Ohio winter Was finally too cold. I was born with my hand in a fist And my eyes shut tight Any wonder that I cannae resist Punching blindly, in a fight First time I saw swans flying to the sun I wanted to be one. I was raised within a cause With a purpose to fulfil I was taught to defend what was mine And instructed not to kill My small mortal eyes can see eternity In the clouds that dissolve and then regroup endlessly.

May God bless and keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others And let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every rung And may you stay Forever young. May you grow up to be righteous May you grow up to be true May you always know the truth And see the lights surrounding you. May you always be courageous Stand upright and be strong May you stay Forever young. May your hands always be busy May your feet always be swift May you have a strong foundation When the winds of changes shift.

May your heart always be joyful May your song always be sung May you stay Forever young. We satisfy each other But the hunger still remains You sink into my flesh like a knife When day comes to an end We take off all our clothes And stand naked face to face With real life. If this is public transportation What are you doing here? Royalty and people like thee Should queue up in the rear. My patience has worn thin My tyres are gonna explode Yeah, yeah Every time I try to get close to you You throw nails in the road.

This is a clean-up job Everybody grab a mop You wanna further your position Well look what floats on top, on top. Maybe, can you vibrate and clarify So that even lowly I can find the road That leads to you. One more little heartache One more little heartache One more little earthquake Wash me down Wash me down.

Ghostly memory come back to me Fill me and then take me to your grave I promise to behave And let me in the whole of you. It must be so wonderful Being you every day Oh it must be so wonderful Always getting your way. Why did you send me roses? You believed in me When you had nothing to gain You stood by me You walked out in the falling rain To find me Waiting in the shadows behind me. Oh, baby doll Can you tell that I like that?

When you came into my room last night And took off all your clothes Did you think I would resist Letting you inside? Did you think I could resist you? My favourite Samurai. When I stood beside your tomb last night Recalling how you rose Did you think I would persist Refusing to die? Si me dijeran pide un deseo Preferiria un rabo de nube Que se llevara lo feo Y nos dejara el querube.

Un barredor de tristezas Un aguacero en venganza Que cuando escampe parezca nuestra esperanza. If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again…. If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you lie to me again… If you….

They die, they must die They die, they must die Everybody gather round Watch them falling to The ground. They die, they must die They die, they must die Everybody gather round Watch them stumble to The ground. They die they must die They die they must die Everybody gather round Watch them falling to the ground. You came to me, I was alone, Tried to drag me in to your danger zone. Everything about us looks wrong but I swear it feels right.

If we had an argument about something that was musical, it was always civil and we worked through it. Just talk to somebody about it. I went in to see this psychiatrist, who was the guy of the moment. I think that this man is the one man in the entire world who I can honestly say I hate. He put me on this stupid pill that yes, indeed, calmed me down, but all my crazy Stevie Nicksness just dwindled and fell away. I just stopped doing everything. Klonopin was a disaster.

What were the benefits for you? Why did you keep taking it? There was no benefit, but you see it kicked in slowly. I just stayed home. I went in for 47 days. It was hard. I almost died. My brain left me. I left everybody. And it was because of the Klonopin. The second that was out of my body I was back. And now the classic five are back together. Chris seems delighted by it all. She is. I missed her so much. She was here last night, I had to kick her out! We have such a bond that I probably only had with my friend Robin who died of leukaemia.

She is that dear to me. I think that we are a better band on-stage now than we were 25 years ago. We never really stopped playing together. Even in those breaks, in our heads, nobody ever felt like we had stopped. Nobody ever felt that Fleetwood Mac broke up. On: Rumours On: Tusk A fine Christine McVie composition, hidden away on side three of Tusk and all but forgotten.

Its wonky fusion of tribal rhythms and honking brass is as off-piste and inspired now as in Lindsey Buckingham has a cold. In a few hours time he will be on stage. And he will stay there for a few hours. While the others take breaks during solos and acoustic slots, Lindsey is never off, either playing guitar at breakneck speed, charging around the stage or singing at full pelt. In conversation, he is eloquent and measured, carefully considering his answers. This is probably welcomed. One senses that he prefers to operate below the radar.

You were born in Palo Alto, famous now as the heart of Silicon Valley. What was it like then? I was born in Palo Alto and raised in Atherton, an upper-middle-class town, where most of the wealthy Silicon Valley types live now. Back then it was lower-key, businessmen, a very Republican environment.

Key points:

Most of what existed down Highway was strawberry fields and open space backing up to the bay. It was very quiet. Your brother Greg was an Olympic swimmer and you were involved in sports for awhile. Was music a reaction against that kind of life? It was never again anything. I was lucky to be part of such a functional family that spent so much time together. I had two older brothers, great parents. Of course I followed, to some degree, what was expected of me. I swam and played water polo in high school, as my brother had. I never took lessons, I had a chord book and was very song-orientated.

My brother was buying all the great45s of the time. I would sit in his room and learn these songs. That was my inner life, but I never really felt like it was at odds with my friends or family life and it was really only upon graduating from high school that I started to deprogram a little bit. I got in a band and we all started to grow out hair out. My brother thought I was mad. I was talking to Stevie about your time in Fritz.

She exaggerates that a little. That was good experience on a certain level. We had this guy Javier who did all the writing. Stevie and I were cogs in the machine. This is the odd thing, I was never particularly goal orientated towards music. It was a fun thing to do. Stevie was way more ambitious than I was. Her dad was ambitious and willing to uproot his family over and over in order to keep moving up the corporate ladder. I think that affected her on some level — it taught her to make a splash! I think she was looking for something that needed to be fixed a bit more than I was. How much did you hesitate when you received the offer to join Fleetwood Mac?

Fleetwood Mac has become a cool name to drop in the last decade. We were a pariah for a while. We were the bad guys during new wave and the stuff that came after that. Though that was quite a while ago! What was driving you to make such a stylistic shift? Many things. Some of it was where the music had gone. There were so any new artists then that fuelled that impulse, reinforced the idea to go outside what we had done. What happens with a lot of bands in that moment is you become a parody of yourself. Tusk was a reaction to what was going on in our personal lives, and we wanted to free up the recording process and make it a little less efficient, if you will.

You have to make decisions based on what you think is interesting and important and going to move you forward as artists, even if it confounds the label or the listening public, which Tusk did. How about you? We really were doing fine as a four-piece. One thing that was really key was that she had some rough ideas for new songs, and was ver interested in me hearing them and taking them to a more recordable level.

And I had a bunch of stuff that was just tracks with suggested melodies and we exchanged ideas and the synergy was immediate — and transcendent, in my opinion,. I think the return of Christine is timely. It all hangs together as a circular moment for us. If you want to see it as the final act of a five act play or whatever, it just makes sense to everyone. Would Fleetwood Mac have worked without the tensions? Was the trauma important to the creative drive? Very good question. I have to assume it was. It has a lot to do with her life in general and trying to figure out what means something to her.

I hope she does.

Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks ~ Stand Back 2004

If you would trust me to do that for you it would make me very happy. Talking to Chris and Stevie about their times out of the band, I wonder if these hiatuses are an inevitable reaction to the success and craziness, a period of rebounding…. What we had to do during the making of Rumours was live in denial. We had to take all these emotions and conceal them all and get on with what needed to be done. There was no closure. Speaking of Stevie and me specifically: Did I want to go in and do the right thing for her every day like I did, most of the time?

No, but I did it anyway. The only way I could do that was by living in denial, to compartmentalise my emotions. The flipside of having gotten through that any way we could. Why do you think you all managed to stay alive and come back together? You also have to look at Mick, for years, before we even joined, it seems to have been his mission in life to keep this band together no matter what, whatever the cost. It ties generations together. It ties personal lives together. It reinforces this sense of prevailing. Mirage and after sifted for truffles by Mark Blake. On: Mirage Perversely, the pair were barely speaking when they cut this.

On: Tango In The Night The closing guitar solo is like a welcome release — for Lindsey and the listener. The reality is a fine pop song with a lilting melody that confirms Tango … as a natural companion to Rumours. On: The Dance The Christine-less Say You Will is better than history remembers.


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Exhibit A: this broody Lindsey rocker about modern-day media overload, which aspires to Chain-like levels of intensity in its guitar fadeout. On: Say You Will They can do this sort of thing in their sleep. Fleetwood Mac, prods. Following the Jan. Add comment. This would be true. Oh huge. Huge immediately. On: Fleetwood Mac 2.

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On: Fleetwood Mac 3. On: Greatest Hits 7. On: Greatest Hits 8. On: Then Play On 9. How did music first grab you? Was that uncharacteristic bravado for Peter? Anything else swaying your decision? You were a bit of a purist at that point? Yeah, he used t have him wobbling around. Not that I know of! Same, same. You can say that again. What kind of sculpture were you doing? What attracted you to the blues? Was that required?

Why did you leave in ? I got an Ivor Novello award last year! In that period. Why did your marriage fail, exactly? Which of your songs means the most to you? As you do, first thing in the morning! How long can you keep doing this for? As long as it takes! Woman of Years Recorded while the Mac were living communally in a Hampshire mansion, smoking themselves silly. On: Future Games 3. On: Future Games 4. The Ghost The essence of Welch-era Mac fuses blokey blues-rock guitar with a wonderfully melodic chorus.

On: Bare Trees 5. On: Bare Trees 6. Sentimental Lady Bob Welch re-recorded this track to help start his solo career in On: Bare Trees 7. On: Mystery To Me 8. On: Mystery To Me 9.

We Want To Be Together

Why Christine McVie said she never felt confident about her songwriting until Buckingham and Nicks joined. My Brain Left Me. We went straight into recording. No idea. That must have been a revelation for them. You knew how to work that format then. How did you begin taking it? On: Fleetwood Mac 4. On: Rumours 5. On: Rumours 6. On: Rumours 7. On: Rumours 8. On: Tusk 9. Are you all relishing making a new record? Talking to Chris and Stevie about their times out of the band, I wonder if these hiatuses are an inevitable reaction to the success and craziness, a period of rebounding… What we had to do during the making of Rumours was live in denial.

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Photo: Buckingham said it was unlikely he would be rejoining the band. Reuters: Mike Segar. Key points: Buckingham said he was "entirely cut off" by the band in January He was replaced on tour by Mike Campbell and Neil Finn The guitarist said an agreement was made, but he did not elaborate on the terms. Photo: Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album documented the fraught relationships within the band.

Flickr: steve. Photo: Nicks and Buckingham performing together in January, What could go wrong?