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They are unresponsive for me. Does anyone know how to fix this? I actually bought Outlook for Mac just to use that feature. Thank you so much! There are some really annoying things that for some reason are built in and turned on as a default. Hands down the most infuriating thing about MacOS is that it re-enables settings in the background that you have previously disabled. Off means off apple. Take a hint. Then turn off Autocorrect?

Good idea PJ!

Customize Notification Center Icon on Your Mac

It is driving me nuts. My old macbook pro is refusing to start up. How can I shorten the fade-out time of the volume overlay, or make it not appear all together? For some reason, it interferes with animations in Firestorm. The top and bottom bar keep disappearing. What can I do to stop that. I know they re-appear when I move the cursor at the top or the bottom for the screen but I would rater have them stay visible.

I was hoping very much that the latest Mac OS Sierra update, There appears to be no fix for this bug.

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I would very much like to be able to use my My Book drive again for manual backups when I want. I have always kept my list of categorized radio stations in a format much smaller than the size of my Mac computer screen. I kept it at the bottom, nearly tucked away…yet there when I wanted to change stations. Somehow, this afternoon, I pushed something and that same screen suddenly enlarged to exactly the same dimensions as my computer screen…..

I just upgraded all our Macs to Sierra. I found this to be the case on other machines, as well. Upon further inspection, I find that there is now a Show Spelling and Grammar entry. We agreed that this is NOT an improvement. While Finders implementation of merging folders has improved, it is still garbage compared to the Windows behavior. Anyone please help? It is likely you have an errant process running in the background slowing things down. Mac OS has turned into a very inefficient operating system in my opinion, very resource heavy for no obvious reason.

I always have activity monitor running and am killing processes constantly that go haywire, it feels like Windows 98 or something with constant task management fiddling. If it continues to be too glitchy to use, make a full backup of your system Time Machine, bootable clone, or similar , and do a clean install of Sierra. I am not able to use the email on my Mac. I just use gmail. Why is the email set up so difficult? If you do not have a Force Click trackpad you will not have that option in the settings, it is a hardware enabled feature like 3D Touch on iPhone. It is limited to modern MacBook hardware and the latest touchpad maybe magic thingy.

Why is this even an option, such a problem. It does! I find it intuitive and easy to use. This is discussed here:. I appreciated the comment about the swipes on trackpad, but you might also want to include the Mouse preference to turn it off for some mice mouses? LOL at all of these comments. It only goes to show that Apple has to get their crap together — they are killing their own OS by bloating it the heck up with arguably beneficial features whilst crippling useful aspects of the OS. For shame, Tim Cook. I use to like Apple but their OS has become slow, buggy, and they have added many stupid features for both the user and developer.

I now only use OS X The only other version would be I agree. I cannot find a way to fix bugs such an unremediable hover click in this latest update. I always put off updating for the reason that the default is so annoying and requires me to reconfigure everything back to the silent, less complicated space in which I can actually work. Is that possible? They system seems to do everything to make it impossible to stay with an OS that actually works. Is there a way I could minimise an application by clicking on the icon?

Just the way it is done on windows. Finally, if you use an external mouse or external trackpad which has something obstructing the sensor or is touching the surface, causing the cursor to fly around erroneously. Those are the most likely causes of such an issue, check into them and report back if you have better success.

I turned touch pad off in system preferences and turned on external mouse. I tend to drag my palms and wrists due to carpal tunnel problem. Going to mouse and turning off pad worked perfectly. Good luck! Love my MAC!!! I have an odd issue with Mail. It happens in about 1 of 20 messages. Yet, it is still annoying and I have no idea why this happens and how to stop it. Any suggestions? The permanent scroll bars are very useful, but plenty of bugs, for instance: in column view the bottom end of vertical bars where scroll bar shoud be, lacks the horizontal-displacement part, this one with two small vertical bars.

It appears only if it has been previously clicked. Is is a bug since begin of the new scroll bar graphic method and never corrected. Ask a pc user about windows 10 then get back to us. MS completely changes its windows versions and it pisses its users off big time. Apple do it much better.

Is there anyway to get full track pad gestures on my new Mac mouse? I often send photos via the Mail application. Is it possible to make it an attachment, like Microsoft, rather than trying to send a huge email?

One (Gen 2)

Jay V, I too have a jumping cursor, and am not brushing the track pad. Tech support has not helped. If I type abcdef, it sometimes comes out as cdefab. It reads in the ab, then moves the cursor to the left of the text field which is probably programmed , then starts typing cdef in front of the ab.

It happens when I select text from the middle of a sentence to type over it. After typing one letter, the cursor jumps to the end of the paragraph, and from there on, I am typing in the wrong place. It is something that suddenly started a month or so ago — after a mac OSX update. Is there one? Is there a way to copy just the Safari bookmarks on my iMac to my iPad? I have them organized just the way I want them.

Select Safari in iCloud settings in system preferences and as long as your iPad is also logged in to the same iCloud account and safari bookmarks selected, your devices will match each other. Jay VerLinden: I agree. Coloring titles and icons more on those later was far better than it is now. But OK, I can live with the dots and flags —except that I run out of colors in no time!

If we still use that paper folder for an icon, why not give users teh old-school choice of more and combined colors? Is there no visual way to clearly and intuitively discriminate between real, written documents and web addresses?

Use Notifications on your Mac

PDFs are documents and they get their own icon, so…? You can add more than one coloured tag to a file, but agree not being able to edit tag colours is a bit backward. As for webpage aliases, they actually are a document of sorts. I use the reading list in Safari.

No need for messy web docs littering my desktop. And it will let me add my own words. To Cheri on alphabetical Boolmarks: —A little work-around to alphabetize bookmarks and many other items : 1. Happy and sorted? They should hold the order you commanded. My MacBook Pro Sierra Is there a solution to this? Be careful about lazy-typing — if you brush the touchpad, typing will jump to wherever the cursor is. Apple tested and replaced my trackpad, under warrantee, which requires a whole new top with keyboard.

Although this improved it was still jumpy. I then covered my trackpad with poster board which makes it a lot less touchy. Is driving me crazy! I am working hard to keep both hands hovering a! Hence the! It just did it! JV: there may be accumulated crud underneath where the trackpad meets the keyboard top, which has the effect of pushing down on the trackpad. It will take running something like a thin paper towel or a sheet of paper in between some of the parts. If you have an older battery this may be a solution.

I did that some time ago to no avail. It did not fix it. That was not an improvement. While that was not something that was available for bookmarks, it would also be very useful there, too. I agree! The little dots are useless. I SO miss having the entire file show up the color I use. My eyesight is bad enough — searching for colored dots is maddening! I am having to un-colour half that at a time. The coloured dots are simply not noticeable enough, and it was a feature that I found extremely useful. You can have amazing looking folders to really distinguish the look in Finder.

Search google images for some examples. Also available in MAS. There is a free app called SafariSort App which does this for you — including favourites and all your Folders.

How to Restart Notification Center in Mac OS X

The spell checker is not good at all. How to improve it?

Notifications options are configured in the Notifications pane of System Preferences.

Problems: 1 the vocabulary is very limited, 2 it does not accept as Microsoft does my own words in their checker. Other thinks I cannot train. It now capitalizes certain words. As a long time user of Mac, it seems that now it does not have the same appeal as it once did. You can. Re the annoying notifications that appear in the top right corner. Is there a way to change the location to another corner? Particularly the notifications about Security updates, and no option to turn off completely.

I find this very annoying and pushy by Apple! You can switch off notifications by turning on Do Not Disturb in notifications. Nobody is pushing anything onto you. So now I live with the notification to update. Every day I say Reming Me Tomorrow. I take to Apple and they had no answer. I will try the Do Not Disturb idea. In reply to the person who suggests one should know how your OS works. Not true, with my Mac I use a Magic Mouse, and the swiping-issue is there as well.

I however conquer with DCJ, most of the mentioned annoyances can be tweaked. Find the Mail. Edit the Info. Good list, I have some of this turned off on my Mac. My biggest issue with Mac is software quality and how macOS is just buggy and slow now compared to what it used to be.

I also hate the touch bar and want abnormal keyboard again. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Tom says:. August 17, at am. Nosen says:. August 16, at am. David says:.

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July 16, at am. Bobbi says:. June 19, at pm. Marcel says:. May 15, at am. Judi Culbertson says:. April 23, at am. Paul says:. April 23, at pm. You can also choose how many notifications for an app to display and choose whether to also play a sound as part of the alert. Different apps will handle notifications in different ways. Apple has built notifications into several of its apps with Mountain Lion. Of course, iCal uses Notification Center for all event notifications. Messages sends alert notifications when you receive a new message. Reminders sends you reminders. FaceTime warns you about missed calls.

Game Center tells you about friend requests and game invitations. The App Store app tells you if there are updates available. If you add your Twitter account to the system, you can receive notification of Twitter direct messages and mentions. Mail lets you choose how you want to be notified about new messages.

You can set it to display notifications for all messages that appear in your Inbox, for all messages from people in your Contacts, for mail in a specific Smart Mailbox, for mail in all mailboxes, or for messages only from a VIP contact. You also should be able to use Mail Rules to specify exactly which messages merit a notification.

Got a question about Mountain Lion? We dive into the things you need to know about availability, Apple is replacing its iChat instant messaging application with Messages on the Mac. While the With Mountain Lion, Apple is creating a new way for Mac developers to sign their apps and adding a We take a sneak peek at two iOS flavored apps that are making the move to the Mac in this summer's Mountain Lion: Hands on with Mountain Lion: Hands on with Notes and Show More.