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Total War: NAPOLEON - Definitive Edition on Steam

If someone could help me figure out why this is happening right now, could you pleaase tell me. Thanks, by the way I have a 5 star rating on this game because the gameplay is just amazing. But I just would like to know why this is happening. Thank you very much.

Napoleon: Total War review: explore the complexities of the battlefield

Again, it is an incredible game. We are sorry that you are experiencing a problem with the game. Please contact us directly via support feralinteractive. Please include ""App Store Review"" in the subject of your email. This is an amazingly immersive game. I have some underwhelming graphics, but this game still runs very well on medium to high settings.

If you could expand the compatibility with mods, that would make this game even more amazing! But, never the less, Overall, this game is amazing!

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Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Your armies will lose men due to extreme heat or cold. The monotony of the political side of the game can be broken up by entering into a battle and this is where Napoleon: Total War excels.

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As you might expect this occurs when your army meets an enemy on the map. Once you clash you will be able to choose a few different actions, you could choose to automatically resolve the battle, this involves the computer running a simulation to determine who would win, there is no player involvement here and from my own experience this option will cause much greater losses to yourself than if you were to fight the battle manually.


If you did choose to fight the battle manually, you enter into the the real-time strategy element of the game, you can see your troops in their units on the battlefield, you position them and control their aiming and stance. You outmaneuver the enemy and attack using any tactical advantage you see fit. These real time battles are where we see the majority of the improvements that Napoleon: Total War brings to the table.

The physics engine has been updated to allow cannon balls to leave impact craters when they hit the ground, gunpowder smoke from your cannons or musket fire remains on the battlefield subsequently reducing visibility. Various environmental conditions will have an effect on your battle, if it rains your gunpowder may backfire and the elevation of your units will affect the range of their munitions.

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As mentioned earlier, all of the above is very much common knowledge to fans of the Total War franchise and the changes are so minor that only the most dedicated of those fans will notice the difference, to anyone else they might as well be playing Empire: Total War. If you invest enough time you will notice how those small improvements affect your game and you will appreciate them more. The port is not perfect and I encountered a few problems.

Secondly, I experienced a frame-rate drop multiple times when moving troops on land or sea. The game itself looks great and is similar to other strategy games released around the same time. The audio quality is also very good and there were no problems with audio playback.