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Created a new Audio Track. Checked to be sure it is routed to the Stereo Out. Assured that both the input I and the record R are selected on the track. They are. Searched the Forum. Searched the internet. Changed cables. I have an old Griffin iMic, and I am able to get the bass to be recognized using it, but for some reason the Fast Track just won't.

I read on the net that the Fast Track has USB 2 to 3 compatibility problems, but if the device is being recognized, I can't see this being the problem. I'm hoping that this is a newbie idiot moment, but would appreciate any help. Logic Pro I have also tried all the line input configurations that are suggested in the Fast Track manual, and checked for Mutes.

Eric Cardenas Moderator. Seems to be version 1. Logic Pro X Manual Logic Pro 9 Manual? This guide walks through the installation and basic setup of the M-Audio low-latency driver. Below you will find a number of links to more in-depth DAW-specific guides to assist with your personal setup. Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

Support Knowledge Base. Choose the operating system specific to your computer in the third choice box. Then click on the link that appears in the Results window to be brought to the download page.

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Scroll down to the highlighted section and click on the M-Track Series zip file driver download to begin the download. Nov 13, AM in response to alessandro marcellina In response to alessandro marcellina. It works for me. You might need to restart after that.

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It works everywhere except with Guitar rig in this case the m-audio card shows but the sound does not come. The part that baffles me is how it starts to work after removing all the related files. If there aren't any drivers or related software installed I deleted all the files, and the FTP was essentially nonexistent to my machine.

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Am I missing something? I'm glad you're hearing music but really disappointed that El Capitan has rendered my sound card useless.

New to reason 9 trying to connect my guitar.

I appreciate your responses very much! Really great comments. May I ask which version, if any, of the Fast Track Pro driver you have installed? I am going to start following your suggestions later today. Thank you!

Can't choose an input in Guitar Rig 5 (Standalone) [en-us]

It worked for me! Just don't install a driver and plug it in. Now I can input and output from the fast track pro. Nov 13, PM.

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A class compliant device uses drivers that are written by Microsoft or Apple, and come pre-installed on the computer. Nov 14, PM. Just to give an update I've made progress - and I haven't made progress!

GarageBand with an Audio Interface (Play guitar on Mac)

Thanks to the suggestions in this post the Fast Track Pro does appear as an output source. However, because I use the digital output, I think I've hit another wall. All I hear is "white noise". I hate to take a step back, but for now, that may be the only way to hear actual audio. Thanks again for the great insights! Nov 18, PM.