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It only takes a minute to sign up. This question is directly related to another question I asked here. Are there similar utilities for Macs and Linux? I don't know what dos2unix and unix2dos do exactly, but my guess is that it changes text file line endings from dos format to Unix format and back.

CR line endings were mainly used in Mac OS 9 and earlier. If you need to convert Windows files to the format used by OS X, you can use dos2unix. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is there a mac2unix utility? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. But, your answer certainly meets the requirements! I don't know what your workflows are, but you could do something like use an AppleScript to get and convert the files you are going to use, or just add statements to your existing perl scripts to do the conversion before proceeding with the rest of the script.

The Automator application shown here, will prompt the user to choose one or multiple using command key text files, and will then use Perl to process each file in-place, replacing the carriage return-line feed pairs with just a line feed. I tested this on a folder of text files where each file had more than 1 CRLF pair. Afterwards, there were only LF. The last thing this application does is slide out an OS X notification with processing status and number of files affected. I borrowed, and adapted the Perl block from Stack Overflow. Good to know. Maybe I'll incorporate this, but for now I'm trying to minimize the number of packages that the user has to download.

Feb 23, AM. I was about to post the same sentiments as etresoft. Feb 23, PM. Question: Q: converting dos line endings to unix More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

Shell Scripts From Hackster on Raspberry Pi

Any developer having to do a change of an ini file or script on a locked down machine where no user software can be installed, such as a machine in a production environment or factory. And any developer who has to guide a user in such a change over the phone or a remote connection. Making Notepad actually useful is a huge step in reducing the pain of maintaining Windows based automation and enterprise solutions.

WordPad works on Mac OS files just fine.

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Is that edit. Go figger. I have to disagree somewhat. I would have to say it was just sheer hamfisted bluster and pride, moreso than a desire to put the hurt on the then microscopic userbase of people like you and me. But, really, barring an internal document showing this, it doesn't really matter what we think the reason was. Wake me up when windows can read EXT4 filesystems, I mean it has only been around for 15 years, is an open standard which could easily have been coded for, and it would be just common sense to do so.

Being able to handle large files by NOT trying to load a huge file into ram and only noticing after two minutes or 10 that it fails will probably take another 40 years. Ubuntu Server, yes. Anything that relies on the presence of an X server, not quite yet. It is just odd that they would leave this out forever on purpose and then suddenly fix it. It has been literal decades, and the absence was obviously malicious. Cloud is king and the writing is on the wall. You don't take you lead architects of core products unless your business strategy is changing.

This is just another sign of the inevitable. Yes this is probably yet another advantage due to the Linux subsystem and therefore indirectly Linux. Millions upon millions of MS Windows admins 'stuck' with Linux systems? It's actually kind of funny to watch them work, they are so used to point-n-click snap-in GUI interfaces that most of them don't even know how to write a script.

[gradsusr] script similar to batch in Mac OS X

Recognise a Windows admin worth having a conversation with by the fact that he scripts most of his work using VB or C rather than sitting there for hours pounding a mouse button working a GUI management tool to do stuff a script can do in 10 minutes. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Sublime Text [sublimetext. MS made it harder when they killed off support for the.

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I call bullshit. How often do you really script something robust in 10 minutes? Do you have proper error handling, have you considered the edge cases, what about notifications of failure and logging output? It can take hours. For one-off jobs a shitty little brittle 10 minute script is fine, but for something of high importance 10 minutes is usually not enough.

Personally, I don't see speed as the primary benefit I can spend 10 minutes doing a daily task It's not called 'stuck' when you are too stupid to learn how to do your job which includes managing Windows, Linux, BSD, various router and switching platforms, etc The word you're looking for is 'incompetence'. Net libraries so you dont have to develop in c to get something that powershell doesnt have as a native cmdlet.

VB still has i. I'm not going to suddenly start editing text in Windoze. I mean, I'm not going to complain that they started actually ending lines properly, it only took forty-ish years, but they finally figured out how to do it. The Macintosh user interface evolved through many generations. And now, finally, in , MicroShit figures out how to do what they should have been able to do in CR: return to first character of the line. LF: jump to the next line. Perhaps you should read those articles I've only verified the relevant parts so normal Wikipedia cautions apply , understand where the control characters came from, what they were used for and why there are different line endings out there?

No "properly" about this. That it have taken this long for MS to change something this trivial is strange though. Guess they always assumed nobody use notepad? If it's good enough for RFC [ietf. Look, if you want to emulate ancient technology, you'd also better make sure that if you only send carriage-return, your emulation should smear the next character across the paper about 40 positions to the left of the prior character, and that every character past 72 should overwrite that 72nd position, getting darker and darker until the ink starts to spread.

Let's be fair here. It is the format you need to send a printer to print the text.

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  8. A single CR would just print all the text on a single line overwriting itself over and over, and a LF would make the text look like a staircase until it ran off the side of the page. Linux got it wrong because it copied it from Unix.

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    Unix got it wrong because it got copied from Multics some of the original devs working on Unix were also devs on Multics. Multics most likely got it wrong because it was a bad performance hack using a single byte to end lines is easier. All they have to do now is replace the rest of their OS. And also get notepad to not output CRLF, because we don't need that in the world. I mean if they want their OS to just be for games great, but anyone that can make a choice is selecting anything else. It's a horrible environment to get real work done on. I got frustrated with linux a long time ago and have never looked back--to each his own, right?

    Good thing you can just read TFA and learn there's an option to retain the old behavior. I'm just gunna fire up RS5 and play around with it instead :. Yep, that was the original idea of ASCII control codes to control teletypes and teleprinters over serial communication links. There may be more comments in this discussion.

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    Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Microsoft's text editing app, Notepad, which has been shipping with Windows since version 1. Opening a file written on macOS, Mac OS, Linux, or Unix-flavored computers in Windows Notepad therefore looked like a long wall of text with no separation between paragraphs and lines.

    Relief arrives in the current Windows 10 Insider Build. It's not changing its stripes entirely.

    Fix the pesky "^M" carriage return control character using tr

    But it will retain the formatting of the files it opens so users will be able to view, edit and print text files with non-Windows line ends. Microsoft has thoughtfully provided an out for Windows users counting on the app's past inflexibility: the new behavior can be undone with a registry key change. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Score: 5 , Interesting. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re: Score: 2. And yet this is a godsend. That's worse than nothing in my opinion.