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It depends on the device, model, manufacturer, and condition. Keep in mind that we need to receive your trade-in on time and the condition needs to match what you told us. If the condition of the device is different from what you described, we will send you a revised value via email. You can either accept or reject it.

Sell Your Apple Device Now!

Apple Trade In lets you recycle any Apple device including devices from Apple-owned brands at any Apple Store and on apple. That includes your batteries and old electronic products as well as free, on-demand packaging recycling for our commercial, education, and institutional customers. When we receive your device it will be thoroughly inspected to determine if components can be recycled or reused. Whether recycled or reused all activities relating to the processing of your device will be managed in an environmentally responsible way.

You can trade in Apple and third-party devices. And all Apple devices are eligible for recycling. Either way, hand us your used devices and we will handle them responsibly. If your trade-in will be applied as a refund toward an online purchase, you can track it from your Apple Store account. You can follow your Mac or other computer trade-in here. If you receive a revised trade-in value after the inspection of your device, you can then choose to reject it. In some cases, your final trade-in value can vary depending on if you send in your power adapter or not.

Follow the instructions included in your trade-in kit. It explains how to prepare, pack, and ship your device. Keep in mind that the estimated trade-in value is valid for 14 days, and we encourage you to send the device to us within this time frame to ensure that you get this value. Devices that contain batteries should be packed in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry best practices, which typically include the guidelines below:.

To find your serial number, follow this guide.

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This ensures that all your personal information is completely removed from your device before you trade it in or recycle it. To turn off via iCloud if you do not have your physical device : follow this guide. You will, however, be able to continue your transaction and pay in full for the remaining amount due. We offer recycling of Apple products throughout the United States. Please click here to get started.

For more information about recycling programs in the following states, click the links below:. Independent recycling professionals can obtain removal instructions for the battery and other components that require selective treatment by calling Apple Support. A better way to part with your favorite device.

Your data stays safe. It goes on to help the planet. Just mail it out, or bring it in. Find an Apple Store near you Please note: computer trade-in is currently only available online. Frequently Asked Questions. What is Apple Trade In? How does it work? It depends on where and when you make a purchase. How long does the online trade-in process take? If I buy a new device online and add a trade-in, what kind of refund will I get?

It depends on what you buy and how you pay for it. Can I see what my device is worth online, then bring it with me when I buy a new device in the store? How much will I get for my trade-in?

Get money for your Mac faster than ever!

Does Apple offer recycling? What devices are eligible for trade in with Apple Trade In? Is there a way to track my trade-in status? Can I cancel a trade-in? Do I have to include accessories like chargers, cables, etc? How do I pack my device for trade-in and how quickly should I send it to you? How do I pack my device for recycling?

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  • Do not ship electronics that are disassembled into parts. Do not ship electronics with swollen or damaged batteries. Top of the content. How to recycle your old computer Time to upgrade your computer, phone or other gadgets? By Peter Zaluzny peterzmedia. Where computers go to die. Last updated: 13 August Need a new computer?

    See our desktop computer reviews and laptop reviews for our latest test results. Greenpeace has been producing the Guide to Greener Electronics since and has been tracking how the largest consumer electronics companies are managing their environmental impact. The latest report ranks 17 companies on three critical measures — energy, resource consumption and chemicals. Energy rates the reduction of greenhouse gases though efficiency and renewable energy. Resource consumption focuses on sustainable design and the use of recycled materials.

    Chemicals rates the elimination of hazardous chemicals in the products and in manufacturing. Supply chains lack transparency. Dell and Fairphone provide supplier details on their websites. Huawei has nothing about supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. Little reporting on what is collected in e-waste programs or where it goes upon collection. Samsung lagging on renewable energy.

    Amazon remains one of the least transparent. Only Apple and Google products are free of potentially hazardous chemicals such as brominated flame retardants BFR and PVC or vinyl across their product lines. Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung not embracing sustainable design.

    National Services - Apple

    HP, Dell, and Fairphone producing a growing number of repairable and upgradable products. Privacy fears and the fear of recycling In its simplest way, recycling is just a matter of dropping your old mobile phone or batteries off at your nearest library, or perhaps checking with your local council about its e-waste collection.

    This does mean finding the time to go out and recycle your device, or just doing a bit of research to find the drop-off point — both of which may be impediments to recycling. However, many of us have more serious reservations about recycling — and it's got to do with the sophistication of these devices and the concern over the amount of our information they may contain.

    How do you wipe your devices? Smartphone and tablets can be reset to factory settings with a few simple steps. Enter Apple ID, if needed. Enter password, if needed. Latest Electronics and technology. Best NBN plans.

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