Utiliser ipad comme clavier pour mac mini


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I've been playing with GB on my new iPad and just love it! I don't have a compatible audio interface yet and am really interested to see what sort of things will be released for this platform. The only things on my wish list right now are a piano roll editor and an update for the Mac version of GB so I can open my iPad projects on my Mac. Thanks Ed! The Amplitube iRig might be a good option for you. I agree I'm sure Apple are working on it It's amazing It's not that far off the price of an iPad!

An update for GarageBand '11 for Mac has been released today 6. Hi Rounik, Did the update, and also updated to iOS 4. Exported from the iPad to my Mac, and opened the song up in GarageBand on my mac no problem. I went ahead and did some editing, but could not get my iPad to import the song back.

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I think I did everything I was supposed to first, so not sure if it's a glitch. If this is the case, then I'd assume Apple currently view GB for iPad as the sketch pad and GB for Mac as where you'd want to finish off your project - rather than need to transfer it back to the iPad. Will need to check this out Thanks, Rounik.

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Yes, I just noticed that new blog post. Very interested since I'll be getting an iPad 2 soon.

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The heading there says 'Import a GarageBand song:'. The song I tried to import was eight tracks - actually just one track added to the 'Curtain Call demo that comes with the app. I recorded onto that extra track. The feature I am referring to is the ability to change time signatures. Until this oversight is addressed, I cannot take this piece of software for more than a well designed toy.

Hi Larry, Thanks. I see! I expect it will come in a future version or update. Rounik, thanks for the great info and review. Unfortunately, all the options out there, and the sometimes steep price, has always paralyzed me and stopped me from taking the plunge.

Consomac : MacBook : les premières impressions

Well, I just got an original iPad and discovered GB. I only just played around a bit, but it looks fantastic! Can't wait to sit down and really experiment with it. My question after reading your review is about how GB for iPad works in 'sections. Does that mean you can't create a song in one continuous piece from scratch? Can you elaborate a bit?

Hi Robert, Thanks!

Test de l'iPad 6 : un « simple » iPad compatible Apple Pencil, et ça suffit

Glad you found the review useful. Sections are designed to make recording different parts of the song easier. This way you'll be able to record free-form longer parts within the limitation of a manually set up section.

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Hope that helps, Rounik. Thanks again.

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Hi Bob, Sure. It can take a little while to cross-over. I started off in the music world and have crossed back and forth into the Video editing world myself. Bon test. Pour ma part. L'article est inaccessible depuis l'appli iPhone le lien renvoie vers la mauvaise page. J'ai du passer par Safari mobile. Mais c'est plus joli c'est vrai. Le plus de ce trackpad c'est ca taille si bien que maintenant j'aimerai un MBP avec un trackpad aussi grand! Donc un fil serait bienvenu L'imac ne me sert depuis un an que de jukebox et de centrale de films. Internet, mail, toshop, boulot, tout est sur le MBP A cause du trackpad.

Depuis que j'ai le magic trackpad, je recommence a me servir de l'iMac, quel plaisir Photoshop sur le 24", enfin!