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  1. Copycat McDonald’s Big Mac
  2. 5 min Big Mac Sauce Recipe [Copycat] + Video | Masala Herb
  3. Big Mac Sauce (Copycat Recipe)
  4. Big Mac Secret Sauce Copycat Recipe

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Copycat McDonald’s Big Mac

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  1. How to make Big Mac sauce - 'secret' recipe 'revealed' – here's how to make it at home.
  2. The Best Copycat Big Mac Recipe!
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You need sweet and dill relish. You also need Mayo and miracle whip. Every now and then it gets reposted. Back then, the special sauce came pre-made in 1 gallon containers. We never made it from scratch. I have been trying to find a good copycat recipe for this sauce for a long time. This sauce was fabulous and I will make it again and again.

I also am enjoying the new Beyond Beef and will use this sauce when making burgers. Thanks for posting this and figuring it all out for us.

I did add some course ground black pepper to mine but we all just love it. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!! Do you know if this is the same sauce they put on the new burger from Spain? We loved it and are trying to make it at home. Perhaps a traveler can chime in if they know the answer. As an American living in Germany, it tastes the same.

My hubby is a big Big Mac fan so I made this for him. Great recipe! It has just the right amount of tang and sweetness and topped off our homemade Big Macs perfectly. This recipe is so good and I mostly followed it except I had to use the rice wine vinegar. And I increased the paprika to get a Pinker color.

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  2. Real Food Fast: Homemade Big Mac Recipe | Chef Sous Chef.
  3. Easy Copycat Big Mac Sauce – Forkly.
  4. Here's How To Make Your Own "Super Secret" McDonald's Big Mac Sauce.

Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Facebook Twitter Pinterest This Big Mac Sauce copycat recipe is so close to the McDonald's special sauce, you won't be able to taste the difference! Prep Time 5 mins.

5 min Big Mac Sauce Recipe [Copycat] + Video | Masala Herb

Total Time 5 mins. Course: Condiment. Cuisine: American. Servings: Author: Fox Valley Foodie. Instructions Place all ingredients together in a bowl and whisk to combine. Can be enjoyed immediately, but the flavor is best when allowed to sit in the refrigerator overnight. Store in an air-tight container. Notes If Yellow Mustard isn't common in your country, click here to see what is being referenced. The Big Mac is all about the layers. Top with chopped onion, shredded lettuce, beef patty grilled with a layer of cheese and three pickle slices.

Big Mac Sauce (Copycat Recipe)

Top with the middle bun layer, and add more secret sauce, onion, lettuce, pickles, a patty and then more sauce. Tip: for extra crunch factor, we add a layer of chips on the bottom and middle buns. Serve with chips or french fries, and a side of extra sauce, of course. If you purchase an item through the links, Chef Sous Chef Inc. There is no additional cost to you. Thank you for helping support us through these purchases. If you have made this recipe, please let us know in the comments below!

Just like the fast food classic, our Big Mac recipe is made with two thin beef patties, topped with cheese, diced onions and pickles, then drenched in our secret sauce. Using all quality, real food ingredients, this burger is even better than the original. Divide the beef into 4 equal pieces and roll each piece into a tight ball.

Big Mac Secret Sauce Copycat Recipe

Place each piece of beef between two sheets of parchment and flatten into 4 inch rounds. Sear the patties for one minute, then flip, add the slice of cheese and cover for one minute. Remove the patties to rest on a plate. Place a handful of lettuce on the bottom and middle slices, then top with the burger patties. Sprinkle a tsp of diced onion and 3 slices of pickle on top. Gently place the finished middle bun on the finished bottom, cover with the top bun and devour.

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If you like your bun toasted, make it extra crispy by spreading mayo on the buns before toasting on a skillet. You really knocked this one out of the park and now all I can think of is this Big Mac. King of the burgers right there! Ok, so this looks delicious! Wish I could grab it from my screen!!