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And they aren't as pigmented as matte eyeshadows. Out of all the eyeshadow finishes, these are my least favourite. They have limited colour payoff and are quite waxy in texture. So next time you are buying a Mac shadow, be sure to check out which texture family it is from to guarantee that you are making the most of your eye shadow kit.

Have you ever noticed the difference in some of your MAC eye shadows? And which one is your favourite? Stay updated with Beaut.

Stash Treasure Find: MAC Beauty Marked Velvet Eyeshadow | rubyangel

Follow us on Instagram. Eyes Face Mac Makeup beauty eyeshadow glitter mac cosmetics mac eyeshadow matte satin semi matte shimmer slider textures types of eye shadow. Get Beaut. Related Articles. The best lash curlers for doll-like lashes. We've found a dupe for a cult classic eyeliner that costs less than a euro. Sleek celebrate a decade of shade with a limited edition collection.

Whats happens when you cross Gigi Hadid with Maybelline? You hardly need much product for maximum color. Besides the full on smokey eye look, I like to mainly use this as a dramatic crease or in the outer V corner to smoke out my eyeshadows and for smudging out my eyeliners.

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Since this is almost matte black I like to also apply it as an eyeliner. Overall I do like it, you just have to take the time to play around with it a little bit, and find what works for you. I especially love MAC for their lipsticks and eyeshadow. You should definitely give them a try! Omg Im so glad you did this post!


Im gonna use it today. Glad you liked post!

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I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Hey there! This is a great color, it is a good alternative to black. Yes I wasn't sure about this one because it is dark, but I bought it with the blurberry shadestick and it helps to bring out the burgandy colour and the sparkles.

Beauty Marked:smokey eye and vampy lips!

I love it paired up. I have worn it twice since purchasing and have had tonnes of compliments on it. It is also great as a smokey black colour on its own. Maybe not. Def in veluxe pearl. Comments: Hard to work with. Crumbly and very pigmented. It's great if you know how to work with this finish. Kristen New member.

Yes Oh beauty marked.. The glitter isn't incredibly apparent when you wear it..

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It's a pretty, unique color- but on me, the only thing I can seem to do with it that doesn't look funny is eyeliner. It's probably going to take me 50 years to use this up since I only wear it one way No Even though I wouldn't buy this again, it's perfect to pair with other purples and good for a smokey eye It got crumbly in my palette and would get all over my cheeks when I applied it. Hikaru-chan New member. I like this shade a lot, black with maroon glitter, looks lovely worn as eyeliner.

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I got this color in last years Gem Holiday palette and it look lovely with the other colors in there. I did! This eyeshadow is wonderful, I urge anyone to try this one a few times. Beauty Marked definately took practice, but it can make a beautiful purple smokey eye. I love it and though at first I was skeptical it grew on me. Its very bold and works great as an eyeliner too.

If its wet it shows up the sparkles more too.