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Here are a few tips to help you find more on your Mac. It's , and spell check is built into everything from browsers to PDF readers. The Dictionary app is for reference only. You can look up words, use it as a thesaurus, or even install translation glossaries. You can add as many additional dictionaries as you need. Fortunately, there are several iPhone foreign language apps that will help you translate simple Read More dictionaries from directly within the app itself. Depending on where you live, you could have as many as 30 inactive dictionaries.

On the list of dictionaries, mark the checkbox next to the ones you want to install. As soon as you see it, you can close the Preferences window. Some entries — such as Wikipedia — have additional language-based options for you to customize. They allow you to search sources in multiple languages for the information you need. For example, a Spanish-language Wikipedia entry about something in the Spanish-speaking world will often be much more in-depth than the English-language equivalent. DICT files.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are not many websites offering a free database of DICT files for download. Results can be hit-and-miss — all the files work, but their quality varies. Adding a DICT file to the app is straightforward. As of today, your best chance is to visit stardict. Aside from countless language dictionaries, you can also download legal dictionaries, business dictionaries, health dictionaries, scientific dictionaries, and a lot more.

You can grab it for free on GitHub.

How can I download the Widget application to my computer Dashboard

Install it on your Mac and fire up the app. The app will automatically take care of the rest, including installation. Do you use the Dictionary app? There's no way it includes any elements from the 90s. Read More on the entire Mac operating system. What went wrong? What error messages did you see? Your email address will not be published. Wonder if they've somehow disabled this in OSX Once dropped into the folder, make sure to select the installed.

It works for me in OS But its not coming in Mac dictionary app. Please tell me the solution. Can you please tell me steps after this where i'm lacking. Thanks in advance. My dictionaries have disappeared - either after upgrading to Sierra or in creating a new user issues with the old one. So I have wikipedia Can I upgrade it?

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Stay away from mac, which is just a overhyped expensive and PC -which is hard to impossible or very expensive to upgrade, with another OS. Do not buy it. I do not recommend it. I have made an app that you may find useful given how hard it is to find good dictionaries. It contains translation dictionaries for currently 44 languages that are based on a good source Wiktionary and look good in Yosemite and El Capitan unlike many old or stardict-based ones.

Please get in touch by email see homepage if you want to discuss the details. RE: 5.

After finish converting, the converted dictionary will automatically exported to Apple Dictionary, and the Dictionary app will be opened. If this is the case, just remember to put the same name in the Dictionary Name and Dictionary ID fields.

wordreference widget mac | WordReference Forums

And in some cases, even that doesn't work. I just spent over three fruitless hours trying to add the stardict Webster's dictionary to my Mac. Thanks for your efforts, though. Example : Pluralize the English word forum to get both forums and fora. Singularize patches to get patch.

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Example : the word bakers is the plural form of baker [noun] , which is in turn the "one who does something" form of the bake [verb]. Specify a word and obtain a list of all its derived forms, including detailed part of speech information. Example : the complete inflection of the French adjective bleu includes bleu , bleus , bleue , and bleues , along with superlative and comparative forms like la plus bleue "the most blue", feminine, singular.

Provide a sentence or sentence fragment to obtain a list of the most likely parts of speech for each word, in context. William [noun, singular, proper] drinks [verb, third-person, singular, present tense] two [adjective] drinks [noun, plural] at [preposition] night [noun, singular]. Text mining support, natural language database queries or game input, numbers written out in word form for a fancy countdown, help predict the next word in the user's sentence, etc.

Macs For Dummies

If you have language feature ideas for your apps and you want to know whether ULAPI can help you realize them, let's talk!. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Imagine your application involves a database of images uploaded by your customers, who tag their own images with keywords so other people can search for them by concept.

You might, for example, end up with many photographs of cattle in the snow, with keywords assigned like so:. Solution : use ULAPI's stemming and dictionary look-up features to support keyword search that can find the right images even though the form and language of the keywords vary. In a lot of apps, especially ones that are for reading or writing, it's handy for people to have quick access to a dictionary. Though there are built-in monolingual dictionary tools on some operating systems, there are seldom bilingual or multilingual dictionaries available.

An Introduction to the Dictionary App

Problem : Your customers need quick access to a possibly multilingual dictionary. Here's an example of the iOS popup dictionary that we have available for licensing:. Need to add your own specialized vocabulary for lookup?

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We can work with you to build special datasets for just such a purpose. Problem : How can we treat different forms of a word as identical for the purposes of the game? Solution : Use ULAPI's pluralizer, singularizer, and alternate spelling detector to detect matches between words that should be considered the same.