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Renew and Scheduling Automate the process for when you want your ads to go live and receive notifications when ads need to be renewed. StevenL, Washington DC. Craigslist Account Creation No longer do you need to create your accounts manually. Knowing that we can create our accounts versus using 3rd party providers made this a no brainer. RhondaC, Los Angeles.

Ad Content Spinning With the power of tokens you now only have to create your classified advertistment once and can let Crayzilla do the hard work. TrevorY, New York.

How to Get Email Notifications

Ready to use the 1 Craigslist Poster? Manage 3 Classifieds Sites With Crayzilla 1 Craigslist The largest classified site online our Craigslist auto poster will take care of all the requirements you need to successfully manage any online advertising you have. Start Posting - It's Free. Enhance Your Business with Crayzilla Learn how your can get more customers today.

What users are saying about Crayzilla? Crayzilla Posting Software Features See how we exceed all the expecations. Multi Classified Support Take control of the three biggest classified sites onlne with Crazyzilla. IP Rotation System As the software does it's magic auto posting you can be sure that it's also smart enough to take care of all IP management. Content Spinning Creating quality ads is a part of the trade for effectively obtaining new customers and with our content spinning feature our platform can then spin your content to generate an unlimited number of unique versions.

Account Creation Whether you need to create emails or classified accounts you can relax and let the software take care of this. Ad Reposting Technology Whether you need to repost or renew your classified ads all the tools you need for management are available in the software. Auto Scheduling Get better results for your marketing efforts with our calendar scheduling feature.

Sites to Search All of Craigslist At one Time

Cookies and Cache Manager You can be sure that you are posting to the classified sites with a clean browser. Do you want to make your classified posting easier? Get Started with Crayzilla Your top choice for classified ads marketing and software automation. Download Crayzilla Free Software Trial. Free Download. Buy Now. Do you have any questions about our software? Frequently Asked Questions Find the answers you need to common customer inquiries.

What classified sites does the Crayzilla software support? The Crayzilla software currently supports and can post to Craigslist, Backpage, and Ebay Classifieds formerly known as Kijiji. Unfortunately our posting software does not support Mac or Linux based computers at this time. Do you have any help documentation?

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Yes simply download, register, and activate the software demo. Once you have successfully activated the demo. You will be presented with all the help documentation needed to begin utilizing the software and its features. What do I need to begin posting ads with Crayzilla? The software will require that you provide the email accounts, IPs, phone numbers, phone verified accounts, and ad content to begin managing and posting your ad campaign s.

You will also need to configure and finalize your ad campaign before you can begin posting. Please make sure to review the help documentation built into the software. Should you need help please contact our support staff. Do you offer a demo of the software?

Yes we offer a full functioning demo which will allow you to post ads and create accounts on a limited trial basis. It will be clear once your demo account has expired. Do you have a refund policy? Yes we provide a no questions asked 30 day refund policy to our customers. How much does the software cost? Which is required to keep your license on and active. Any failure in payment will result in your license being cancelled. Keep in mind that you are free to cancel and or reinstate your license at any time. We are here to work with you. How many computers can I use my license on?

Currently we allow your license to be used on 1 computer per account. Should you be in need of more computers or licenses please feel free to contact our support staff. How can I cancel my Crayzilla subscription? You are free to cancel at anytime. Simply contact our support team and we will assist you with cancelling your account. My questions wasn't answered here how can I get support?

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Please click here to contact us and send in your inquiry. We look forward to your questions and hope to help you get started with the software. That's not true I make thousands of dollars a month off stuff I buy from Clist Jairus , 28 Jun pm. Thanks tech dirt! I shared my hypothesis with other people on the CL forum just check the link that takes you to the forum from the defunct page and they laughed at me. I contacted quite a few people from different cities and most of them while they preferred local pick ups they were willing to ship stuff.

I like CL, I find the prices being very reasonable, less people know about it than eBay and there are no fees, feedback and other things to worry about like eBay. Looks interesting. SEO Service , 18 Mar am. I can't wait to see ebay's influence on craigslist in the future I put together a craigslist search that emails you when an item you are looking for gets posted.

Craig no not that craig. Wrote a tool freeware that runs on your local machine and searches CL every five minutes. Not a lot of bells and whistles but does what it was meant for fast notification of specific searches very well, and doesn't rely on an RSS feed or single proxy point of failure. I welcome feedback and donations. Kirk , 27 Jul pm. Thought you appreciate this.

Works fantastic allowing users to search Craigslist with all the popular search options. Steve , 13 Sep am. I really wish that craigslist would at least allow for regional searches. Northwest, Midwest, Southwest. I'm looking for something special and having a larger search area would be very nice. I'm surprised that they will not allow this sort of functionality.

I hope that they reconsider at some point or at least expand the search options. Nathan , 15 Sep pm. Go check it out: Search Craigslist. Anonymous Coward , 15 Sep pm. I am so-stupid.. Messed up the link. Here's the actual one: Search Craigslist. KJV , 25 Oct pm. Maybe this is a simpler approach.

Me , 26 Dec pm. I don't need local when the item I want isn't available here. NONE of them were in my area! Most were on the other coast, one was a few states away. What good is local in this case?

Sites & Apps to Search All Craigslist At once [ Best Search Engines ]

It's not. Oh yeah, I did find a retailer who's site claims to have the item in stock LOL and yes, I'm waiting for a reply to the email I sent them. I think they should set up a secure payment system, but don't go all ebay on us with bidding, just keep pricing as is. Hell, paypal doesn't give you that security, maybe it should be an ebay optionas well.

Is it just me or does this actually make sense? Ok, I've rambled on long enough. It is not sad that they banned that tool. The idea is to keep it from becoming the next Ebay where it is basically run by merchant wheeler and dealers and is not really helpful to the common person anymore! Could the reasoning for the regional, national, or global search engine shut down be related to the billing process? Most of craigslist is free, but there are some places and catagories that charge a fee. Maybe the non-local search engines somehow cause a conflict with this process.

Just a thought. Brian , 3 Apr pm. I am using www. I recommend it to everyone. George , 16 Apr am. Brian has mentioned this in several places. I assume Brian owns CraigsPal. At this point in time my experience with CraigsPal is horrible. The program's Nw search set up box won't open thus it is totaly useless since you can't even set it up. Also on their website where users can Log in, that does not work either so you can not directly contact them to discuss program errors. Make a rule with yourself.

Merima , 16 Apr pm. George, you need a computer classes, It works just fine. This is great time saver.

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George , 7 May pm. Johnny Rebel , 26 Jun pm. I am sorry you got ripped off. He should have made it a FREE software!! Eddie , 6 Mar am. George, it is really not polite to attack CraigsPal with bogus complaints. I use CraigsPal two years now, it is the best tool I've ever seen for Craigslist. Niftly organized, precise, actually Craigslist should have done this years ago. I recommend it to all of my friends who love Craigslist, as I believe CraigsPal will help CraigsList to be used much more efficiently and overall to keep it the most popular pro-social website. George, I can conclude you are competitor of CraigsPal trying to attack real values of people who love and use properly Craigslist.

If I am in your shoes I would be ashamed. Mike, please do not pass bogus complaints, I contacted CraigsPal on several occasions to add some features to their search browser and they did it without the word said. I can not support someone without the real facts. Please be aware that some people use your boards to make trade wars on it, and that is not ethical, makes you not ethical person.

I appreciate time saving idea and good work of CraigsPal. George , 16 Apr pm. Never assume. Have large amount of computer experience. At the moment I co-administer a PhPbb bulletin board and Moderate others and have done some, be they minor, but have done them- Application Designs for the industry I work in. At this point in time CraigsPal has contacted me. Possibly via my email address from this site and we are working out the problems. Im sure we can find and solve the problems.

Robert , 21 Apr am. This is in addition to any craigslist filters you used such as price, keywords, has pic, etc. Anonymous Coward , 25 Apr pm. Isn't the intent of the internet to allow information exchange and implies there are no boundaires, therefore Craiglist's intent is against the internet's intent and the internet, being bigger, should override. Thats what small town newspapers are for. Why is Craigslist duplicating the service that a local paper provides already? CL has become the electronic equivalent of this thing you call a small town "newspaper's" classifieds.

That's why the papers are crying so loudly. Seriously, who actually gets the paper anymore? Plus, newspaper websites' classifieds are typically a joke - if they have one at all. Again, that's what ebay is for. Eric , 24 May pm. I agree, as soon as another search list like Greg's list comes along and allows national searches craigs list will cease to exist. People just don't want to spend that much time searching.

Yeah I'm with you guys. Craig et al. I now have the choice of searching a very large area: the Bay Area. A simple fix for listers is the option of local search only. An ebay eqivalent of x miles from y zipcode would be a boon. Otherwise you could be Rudy Powersurfer , 24 Jul pm.

How to search Craigslist nationwide

I don't know , 24 Jul pm. Here's the thing with Craigslist that makes it work. My Grandmother, my mother and myself all know about it, get it and use it. My mother won't use these things because her friends don't talk about it. I'll start to use something else and slowly my mothers friends might hear about it because all their kids will talk about it as well not sure there is enough time left for my grandmother to learn something new. Soon enough I'll have kids of my own they'll have their own things, I'll be hesitant to follow them along but slowly we'll move forward. Ed Morgan , 24 Jul pm.

We own employment companies in many markets in the United Stated and advertis with Criagslist many cities all over the country. The ability to search the entire help wanted area was a great tool and I hope it comes back. Craig is a smart guy and as soon as he knows he has the best tool for HIS clients I'm sure he'll make it happen.

We are sad to see this go. It was a great tool to seach for stolen items. Obviously theives can list in any number of areas on the list making it almost impossible to catch them.

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  • Craigslist is the ideal place to fence stolen items because of this. David , 2 Aug pm. I have been using this craigslist search engine , it is just like searching Google but it only returns results for craigslist. I really like it! Craigslist Search Engine , 2 Aug pm. Craig List , 25 Oct pm. I found this site to be the best to search Craigslist: cl. It had problems in the beginning but now it seems ok. Try it. Jake , 3 Nov pm.

    Anonymous Coward , 3 Nov pm. This one works, is real, and isn't in danger of being shut down, IMHO. Randy , 1 Mar pm. Radiux stole all my email addresses then sent "Invitations" to them to join Radiux! Stay away! It emails you once an hour if it find anything new. Fire Knox , 29 May am.

    There are plenty of sites that are better than Craigs List. Their main traffic is coming from local hookers and their clients. I use cl. You might want to check it out. Paul , 13 Jul pm. David Simpson , 27 Jul pm. If they don't want us to search the entire United States in a single search to locate jobs, then their own comparisons to CareerBuilder.

    On any of those sites, I can seek jobs in the entire US at once. Bandwidth is a problem.. But later they appeared to have worked out with the major search engines, and it become crawlable again. Also craigslist want their listing to be unique, and lock in their users on their site, and they do not want third party to build something on top of their offering.. Mike , 27 Aug am.