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  1. External Hard Drive Unmounted or Invisible on Mac? How to Recover Files?
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Pick your favorite way to eject disk volumes from your Mac and put an end to the Disk Not Ejected Properly warnings.

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It offers a small eject button on the Import tab but the button rarely if ever registers my furious clicks. Thankfully, there are other ways to eject an external storage device from a Mac. I count five, to be exact.

External Hard Drive Unmounted or Invisible on Mac? How to Recover Files?

Any of which will help you avoid this stern warning from MacOS:. Any external volume connected to your Mac shows up on your desktop. Right-click the volume and choose Eject "volume name. I'm terrified to plug in my other hard drives because what if the same thing happens to them!? Unfortunately all my Aperture libraries are stored on external disks!

Either your WD MyBook enclosure has failed or the disk itself has failed. If it doesn't work on different computers you have narrowed it down the the WD unit itself. If the problem was with your Mac, it wouldn't be present on a different computer. The correct response provided by diskutil for disk1.

It's highly unlikely though not impossible , that if the enclosure wasn't functioning you would at least get erroneous information back or no information at all. The WD enclosure is reporting back that there is a drive but it has no operating system. Chances are, it's the drive. However, you can take it a step further and do some additional diagnostics. The key here is to isolate the major individual components of the WD enclosure - the logic board and the drive itself. You will need to disassemble the MyBook. From my research, the case appears to be held in place with "snaps" which you just pry off so it shouldn't be too difficult to get into.

There's a straightforward set of instructions on Instructables. If one component works i. I have personally used Disk Drill with excellent results it's free to use the diagnostic portion and to see if you can recover data. You will be able to make an image of the drive and attempt recovery on the image lessening the chance of total failure of the drive. If it happens to be the enclosure, the USB to SATA adapter will allow you to continue to use the disk drive while you come up with a more permanent solution the MyBook is essentially the same thing but with a more elegant enclosure.

If you choose the "drive method" you will still be able to get the same diagnostic results, except you won't be able to transfer or rescue any data if it happens to be the MyBook enclosure that's bad. Now, as preventing it from happening again - well, this is a spinning hard drive which means it mechanical. It's going to fail. The only thing you can do is mitigate data loss by having a backup. However, iPhone in either USB port did show up.

Mounting Hard Drive Mac

Tried one last thing - had external drive plugged in, opened Photoshop, and in preferences went to scratch disk - and voila - there it was. Ejected, then tried with next - and it then showed up. With third disk I did not open Photoshop but it mounted correctly - maybe a little time lag but it's a 4T drive, so might have needed time to mount.

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So, maybe if you have a software program that needs to find the disk not Time Machine - did not work - you might try finding it that way. Whoops - just saw where drive did not work on other computers.

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How to mount and unmount drives in macOS and OS X from the command line

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Recover Data from Unmounted External Hard Drive on Mac

Summary When an external hard drive becomes inaccessible or unrecognized on your Mac computer, check it in Disk Utility. Download for Mac Download for PC. Can't access data on an unmounted external hard drive Have you ever met this problem that you tried to open an external hard drive on your Mac computer but the disk displayed as unmounted?

Part 1.

mount - My WD external drive unmounted itself and now does not work - Ask Different

You'll see that the external hard drive is greyed out, marked as untitled. Untitled means unmounted on Mac computer. Step 2: Select the untitled external hard drive and click the "Mount" button from the Disk Utility bar.

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If not, move to Part 2 and restore all lost and existing data from the external hard drive. Part 2. Restore lost data from external hard drive An efficient way to recover data from the external hard drive after mounting it using Disk Utility is to apply professional Mac hard drive data recovery software for help.