How to zoom into your mac screen


  1. What Keys Do You Press on MacBook for Zooming? |
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  3. Change Accessibility Zoom options on Mac

Enable it during your initial device setup using iTunes, or activate it later through the Settings app.

What Keys Do You Press on MacBook for Zooming? |

On the Zoom screen , touch and slide the white Off button beside the word "Zoom" to the right. Once in the On position, the button turns blue. After Zoom is activated, a double-tap with three fingers magnifies the screen to percent.

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To increase magnification to as much as percent, double-tap and then drag three fingers up or down. If you magnify the screen beyond percent, Zoom automatically returns to that magnification level the next time you zoom in.

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Once zoomed in, drag or flick with three fingers to move around the screen. Once you start dragging, you can use just one finger. All of the standard iOS gestures — flick, pinch, tap, and rotate — still work when the screen is magnified. You cannot use Zoom and VoiceOver screen reader at the same time. And if you use a wireless keyboard to control your iOS device, the enlarged image follows the insertion point, keeping it in the center of the display.

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In the System row, select Universal Access. Click On under the Zoom button. Click Options to adjust Zoom settings. The screen can move continuously as you move the cursor. Move the pointer to reposition the rectangle to the area where you want to zoom.

How to Zoom Out on a Mac

Hold to temporarily toggle zoom Temporarily zoom in or out on the screen when you press and hold the Control and Option keys at the same time. Hold to temporarily detach zoom view from pointer If the screen is zoomed in, making it difficult to see information displayed under the pointer, press and hold the Control and Command keys at the same time to hide the pointer and move the zoom view without changing the location of the pointer.

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Continuously with pointer Make the zoomed image move with the pointer. Only when the pointer reaches an edge Prevent the zoomed image from moving until you move the pointer to an edge of the screen. So the pointer is at or near the center of the screen Keep the center point of the screen near the pointer as you move it.

Picture-in-picture zoom Window position Set whether the zoom window stays in one location stationary on the screen, follows the mouse cursor around the screen, or is tiled along an edge of the screen.

Change Accessibility Zoom options on Mac

Cursor style Set the cursor style used in the zoom window. Invert colors Invert the colors of the contents of the zoom window. Adjust size and location Open the zoom window to resize and reposition it. Resize: Drag any edge or corner of the window.

Reposition: Drag the window to a new location, or to an edge of the screen. Display a rectangle on the screen that shows the center point of the zoom.