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Press Contact. A new way to lock your Mac.

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Just walk away. Play Video. Control multiple Macs User Near Lock to lock and unlock multiple Macs, copy and paste clipboards, take photos on failed login attempts and many more features. Menu bar Near Lock lives in your Mac's menu bar and lets you view status of your iPhone and set the desirable locking distance. Near Lock experience is great, I just take iPhone with me and leave while my Mac automatically locks. If you are worried that just being able to walk up to your Mac with your iPhone is a little insecure then the iOS app can be setup to require Touch ID authentication before it will unlock, which is a nice but still convenient way of accessing your Mac.

Using your own fingerprint to unlock your computer? Stay informed with our newsletter Subscribe to get news about new releases and special offers. Product Compatibility Features Contact. Company Contact Press Terms of use Impressum. If you move the swivel around, you hear the metal clanging around -- not a security issue, but more industrial and a bit unrefined. The included screws are one-directional, meaning they can be screwed in, but the head design has a smooth surface not a flat edge so that Excellent product at a great price!

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So I just used two and shifted it to the left. Still very solid. A joy to use once I got used to it -- but I still can't find how to tell if the "caps lock" key is on or not - I wish someone would tell be how to know this. This is the first keyboard I have used that is reasonably priced, quiet like an Apple keyboard mine wore out and lets me program the keys so that I can use the same key commands on both machines.

This is accessory needed to download info. I'm a designer who uses a Wacom Cintiq pen display. I always struggled with where to put my keyboard so I could access it for quick keys and shortcuts in programs like Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. This keyboard fits perfectly in-between the stand legs and is so easy to access while drawing now.

Mac Mini Lock

I really like this docking station. I've been waiting for a docking station option for MacBook Pro Retina for a while and decided to get this when it came out. The one negative in the reviews I read was that it was a bit difficult to engage the dock. While I agree that it does take a little work, it's not a game changer.

Compulocks Maclocks MacMini Secure Mount Enclosure MMEN76

At the most, it takes 10 seconds to get it lined up -- no big deal. Once it's engaged, it works great. I have my ethernet cable, scanner, blue ray writer, usb keyboard, external USB 3 hard drive and external monitor hooked up to the dock and I'm ready to go. You have to remember to load the driver Currently unavailable. I gave this 5 stars, though technically it isn't perfect. But I've got a solution that works great and I'm happy.

How To Remove The Firmware Password On An Older iMac ( Pre 2011 ) Tutorial ( Apple Secret )

My computer has a Sound Blaster card that is integrated on the motherboard, and after installing the KVM I had trouble getting the sound to come out properly on my speakers. It would work just fine with the HDMI audio coming out of the speakers on the Samsung TV that I am using as a monitor, but when I used the Sound Blaster driving the speakers, the audio comes out like crap because it is trying to drive it as Surround Sound.

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I don't have a center channel speaker, so the audio in the Right and Left speakers is just the stereo portion. The common signal going to the Right and Left is being sent to the Center, which I don't have.

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So about this camera, it is small and built very solid, you can put it in so many areas of your home or office it is so versatile. All you need to do is pull it out of the box and plug it in download the app and you are off and running. It has a great picture come with speaker, two way talk and listen very clear night vision and when you have the app open whether you are at home or away you can move the camera with just a touch of your finger you are able to scan your whole room.

I highly recommend this camera and at this price you won't find better!!! Solid plate, small form factor, thin bezel--just a nice board.

Mac Mini Mount - Mac Mini Security Mount

Be warned, you're buying into some serious click here; of clicky switches, "outemu blues" are considered louder than their Cherry or Gateron counterparts. However, I bought this to change out the switches--like it advertised. Since this is a "DIY" board with no soldering, my ergo clears should plug in, right? Ah, no. Not quite. Two big issues: First, about 15 of the original outemu blue switches were solidly stuck into the board. No soldering, but there was a weak glue holding some of them in.