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  1. Flying 30 metre Test
  2. 35m Sprint Speed Test

Flying 30 metre Test

From a running start, the athlete sprints 60 meters and is timed at the meter point and again at the end of the sprint. The run time on the first 30 meters is subtracted from the total meter time and then rounded off to a 10th of a second. For the flying meter dash, the average speed for to year-old girls ranges from 4.

30 meter sprint.

While an excellent speed drops below 4. Boys in the same age group run about 4 to 5 seconds faster than the girls. The Association segments age groups into under 20, under 17, under 15 and under The standards are categorized into four grades, ranging from Grade 1 for the top 7.

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  • What Is the Average Running Speed of a Teenage Girl?!
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Grade 3 designates teenage girls in the top 30 percent. For example, the average under girl does a meter sprint in The average under girl can complete a meter sprint in If teenage girls want to reach the average running speed for their age group, they can follow benchmarks established by track and field associations.

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After participating in 52 weeks of training, and year-old girls should aim to run the meter sprint in Analysis of the test result is by comparing it with the athlete's previous results for this test. It is expected that, with appropriate training between each test, the analysis would indicate an improvement in the athlete's acceleration. This test is suitable for sprinters but not for individuals where the test would be contraindicated.

35m Sprint Speed Test

Test reliability refers to the degree to which a test is consistent and stable in measuring what it is intended to measure. Reliability will depend upon how strict the test is conducted and the individual's level of motivation to perform the test. The following link provides a variety of factors that may influence the results and therefore the test reliability. Test validity refers to the degree to which the test actually measures what it claims to measure and the extent to which inferences, conclusions, and decisions made on the basis of test scores are appropriate and meaningful.

The test provides a guide to the athlete's potential future performance and a means to monitor the effect of training on the athlete's physical development.

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There are published tables Dick [1] to relate results to potential performance in competition 60 metres, metres and metres and the correlation is high with experienced athletes. The athlete warms up for 10 minutes The assistant marks out a metre straight section with cones The athlete starts in their own time and sprints as fast as possible over the 30 metres The assistant starts the stopwatch on the athlete's 1st-foot strike after starting and stopping the stopwatch as the athlete's torso crosses the finishing line The test is conducted 3 times The assistant uses the fastest recorded time to assess the athlete's performance.