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  1. Life After Lindsey: How Fleetwood Mac Will Cope in the Post-Buckingham Era
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You'll receive all 11 pages after purchase. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. A Star Is Born []. Always Remember Us This Way. Lennon, John. The Prayer.

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Groban, Josh. Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


Life After Lindsey: How Fleetwood Mac Will Cope in the Post-Buckingham Era

Wonder, Stevie. Williams, Pharrell. Look What I Found. Saint Honesty.

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Bareilles, Sara. Homeward Bound. Keen, Marta. Porgy and Bess. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting. John, Elton. Call Me. Give Thanks. Silverstein This cover, from their album A Shipwreck in the Sand , is heavy metal death growl meets early-aughts boy band.

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A crowd pleaser punctuated by moments that leave you woke. The Cranberries This cover, from the Irish exports' Faithful Departed album, does not disappoint with its upbeat tempo, solid electric guitar action, and the occasional Enya-esque voice notes. Keane The British alt-rock band, who are known to eschew guitars and rely more on the piano, have never shied from covering the greats. In a radio performance they unveiled their Fleetwood Mac nod.

♪♫ Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (Tutorial)

We nominate the rumba shaker for the cover's MVP. But a second season episode, titled "Rumours," was devoted entirely to the Fleetwood Mac album's songs. It's more like I heard a piece here and there and got a flavor for it.

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Someone who's played guitar by himself in his room for years will tend to come across things and find ways to incorporate them into his style. But because I was never formally taught on anything, I'm basically a refined primitive. I don't read music, and I just found my own way on guitar. I'm more knowledgeable about rock music than any other kind, but even there it's only to a point. By no means am I a musicologist. GWA The sound of the acoustic nylon-string continues to be central to your music. Are you still using the same Rick Turner guitars?

My setup's never been too elaborate. I'm not trying out new guitars or looking at what else is out there. I tend to find things that work and stick with them for a long period of time, as long as I can get to what I want to get to. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's in open G, and I used a bunch of maj7 chords.

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GWA The chords sound very high and sparkly, as though the guitar was in Nashville tuning. Were you using a capo? It's probably moved up [three frets] to Bb or I don't know what key it's in. That's where my skill ends. I'm not someone who can transpose into different keys all over the place. I just have my things that I do. I'm sort of like Irving Berlin in that way. He could play in only one key, so he had his piano customized so that he could turn a crank and change the key even though he was still playing the same chords.

Chordsound - Chords Texts - Go Your Own Way FLEETWOOD MAC

It's a little easier to do that with guitars. Thank you, dear [laughs]. It was originally written in a much slower, straighter tempo, and it wasn't something I'd planned to put on this record. But when I was finishing the album I went back to it, and the lyric struck me as more appropriate than it had been when I wrote it.

It was a remembrance of growing up [in Palo Alto, California]. Juniper is the name of a street that ran right into the street my family lived on; we used to ride our bikes down Juniper when I was a kid. Not I'm a father, and when you become a parent you see your own parents differently-you can maybe see them in a wiser light. Also, because it was another maj7 song, I thought it would be a nice mate to "Under the Skin. GWA Parts of the new album are so self-revealing that they make the listener feel like he's eavesdropping on a private conversation.

The lyrics cut pretty close to the bone. But there was certainly a precedent set for that kind of writing during a certain time with Fleetwood Mac, and back then I don't think anyone thought about what the specifics of any given song were or what the overall effect on anyone else would be. The aim was just to make it as true as we could and as skillful as we could, and the same holds true here.

My life has changed so drastically since the last time I made a solo record. If you go back three years to the last Fleetwood Mac album, there was such a lag time for my material on that because it was all a holdover from what was supposed to be my own electric solo album.

Videos matching Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Acoustic-Cover) Marc %26amp; Max

I got that off the books, and started fresh and addressed my life as it is now-I'm finally married after so many years of living in a semi-dysfunctional social world, with three beautiful children and the kind of perspective that gives you, combined with whatever goes on in the mind of someone who can see himself healthily, as a mature artist, not trying to be someone he's not. That's what came out on the album. Many of these songs seem more truthful to me than anything I've ever done.

There's a long history of that kind of band usurpation, starting in the mids with Tango in the Night. It reminds me of Michael Corleone in the Godfather movies: Every time you want to go off and do your own thing We were over at Christine [McVie]'s hosue, and everyone was literally standing around me in a circle saying, "You've got to put the solo work down and do this with us.

There was a little bit of pressure about my carving out a sufficient time frame to do this album, tour it, then finish the other one and, in all likelihood, tour that one too. But I talked to Stevie [Nicks] and everybody about it, and I don't think anyone at the end of the day begrudged me the time to do what I felt I needed to do.