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For instance, my girlfriend's iBook is still running OSX Gee, we're talking about a 3-years old OS; it's even much more recent than XP, and nevertheless none would consider dropping XP support! You are right to promote your great work. The great thing about Lily, and about Free Software in general, is the freedom of choice; you can choose your platform, you architecture, your OS, and even your editor.

Re: Lilypond language definition for Notepad++

In reply to this post by v. Valentin Villenave wrote. Stan Sanderson. David Fedoruk. I have never been able to get all the features of LilyPondTool to work in jEdit. The advanced render and open as PDF has rarely if ever worked for me. I render from a bash or zsh shell and open it manually from the Finder.

It may be a bit awkward and not how it was designed to work, but even so, jEdit and LilypondTool are by far the best combination I have yet found. I've also never been able to figure out how to get the lilypond plugin from Open Office to work. But, I probably would not change from jEdit and LilypondTool anyway. The OpenOffice solution may make producing a musicology essay a bit easier since I am not that comfortable with Latex -- but I've even managed that.

I know I am impatient with some of these other solutions but I need a text editor to work out of the box without a lot of fiddling. I do enough fiddling and tweaking in Lilypond itself as it is. For some reason Smultrons's syntax completion doesn't work for me, hence I abandoned it quickly and remained with jEdit and LilypondTool. Cheers, David -- David Fedoruk B.

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In reply to this post by Stan Sanderson. I'm learning wxWidgets to make it fully cross-platform in a distant future. Same thing. Fortunately they are still more or less supporting the deprecated version of Smultron which does not support LilyPond, remember my mail on the list several months ago ; the new one does not run on Panther.

Palmer, Ralph. I'm running LilyPond 2. I didn't see any great advantage to jEdit at that time about a year ago? I've been happy ConText, but I may give jEdit another chance. Trevor Daniels.

How to get Notepad++ in macOS 10 6 and above

Highlighting works well, and with F9 set up to save and invoke LP, and F10 to display the pdf, it does all I need, and quickly. Output is displayed in an online panel. I use the same editor for most of my text editing, and as the highlighters are easily edited to suit each file extension all types of file can be highlighted and all types of applications invoked, all from the same editor at the same time.

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It's relatively simple, but as a result is reliable and quick. Renato Biolcati Rinaldi James Bailey I don't know what it requires, but it may be easier than you think. I know that with no previous experience with regex or syntax hilighting , a couple of hours and the wikipedia page on regex, I was able to create one for nano.

Asking about some PPC apps + My story on how I fixed my mad mac

On Bugzilla from [hidden email] wrote:. Tomas Valusek. Sent from the Gnu - Lilypond - User mailing list archive at Nabble. James E. Bailey-3 wrote. In reply to this post by Bertalan Fodor LilyPondTool Bertalan Fodor LilyPondTool wrote I'm always curious why people spend a lot of time to create something for an editor that has been supported out of the box in jEdit for more than 3 years now. No offence taken.

They're both excellent and both, perhaps, a bit too expensive. They also both come with trials, so you can check them both out and decide for yourself. But maybe you're someone who doesn't want to pay for their programming-friendly text editor. If that's you, there are a couple of other alternatives that don't cost a thing. First, TextWrangler is a capable option with a loyal user base if they haven't already upgraded to its big brother BBEdit , but it's a little low on capabilities and has an interface that feels pretty dated.

Alternatively, there's Fraise the successor to Smultron , which is another free, capable, but not-as-amazing-as-TextMate and Sublime Text text editor. It supports over 65 languages, is remarkably fast and lightweight, and only comes with one real disadvantage: it's in its early stages of development.

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When I checked it out earlier this year , however, it was pretty solid. Kod is very much worth a look, even if it hasn't been around for quite as long as the others. Lifehacker's App Directory is a new and growing directory of recommendations for the best applications and tools in a number of given categories. The A.

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