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External 3. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. Compatible with the interface USB 1. See similar items. Note:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. Powered directly from the USB port, no external power required. Super slim and lightweight, easy to carry, ideal for Desktops and Laptops;High quality hard plastic enclosure, durable and very nice looking.

Give new life to your old floppies, also can be used for Windows installation. Available USB bus supply current: mA or less. Number of Cylinders: Rotation speed: rpm, rpm recording method: MFM. Media: High Density 2 HD. Bootable if your PC has such support too. Exactly as the 1st picture. USB cable color is Black.

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2. CIpotZIZ external usb floppy drives

USB cable length: about 20cm. Free shipping. Get power directly from the USB port, no more external power needed. Data Transfer Rate: Kbits 1. Date capacity: 1. Only 1 left! This external disk drive simply connects to your USB port and your computer is ready to access the information. This is a USB 3. O External 3. The floppy drives are tested and working flawlessly. This for IBM USB floppy drive adopts a streamlined plate design, with superior materials, pure color, stylish and noble.

Sabrent USB 2. New condition. Item sealed in factory seals. USB 1. Aww vintage builds, gotta love that nostalgia. It's amazing I found one new in box. By palmer wiand iii. By Hewlett-Packard. Costs a little more, but THIS one works. USB floppy drives seem to be something of a hit-or-miss proposition. I've tried several which purported to be able to read any kind of floppy, only to find that they saw more than half of the disks I tried as either unreadable or in need of formatting. This floppy drive works great. So far this drive has read everything I've put into it, and it was recognized instantly by the laptop I plugged it into.

This model is quite a bit more expensive than many other models on the market, but what good is "saving" money if what you get doesn't work? Spending a little extra is worth it, if you get reliability. By Dr H. Ole reliable, works just as you would expect, a bit pricey we needed a "legacy" piece of equipment.

Candidly, the reviews of the more economical i. We invested a bit more in the HP and are glad we did. Cannot compare to a cheaper model because we did not purchase the lower price; however, this piece of equipment worked just fine. By WJ. Better construction; similar performance I purchased the HP after reading several disparaging reviews of the cheaper products.

It arrived in a timely fashion and worked from the start on a Dell Latitiude running XP. It read about half the old floppies, and I couldn't discern why it was unable to read the others and wanted to format them, which, it warned, would erase all previous data, rendering the whole attempt pointless. I don't think the great American novel is lost to posterity thereby, and some of my daughter's articles might be interesting to her, so I'll keep it, but it is not the performer some reviewers state. By from warehouse. This was a godsend for me, as I have This was a godsend for me, as I have recently come across a stash of old files on 3.

Obviously, none of my modern computers have an internal drive for them so I went to my local computer retailers. After the obligatory jokes about whale oil technology levels, none of them had carried any such product for years. The drive came with a cd with drivers, which were not even needed. I just plugged in into a USB port and it ran immediately.

The only problem I have run into is that unlike the older internal drives, this one does not want to read the older format single density 3. I have few of them, however, so it's not too big of a problem. By Mike Cody. Works perfectly with my bit Win7 setup Worked literally out of the box - Running Win7 bit.

I did NOT use the mini-disc that came with it. Windows identified and installed the device within 30 seconds of me plugging it into my USB port. Put in a blank floppy - it recognized it as soon as I opened Windows Explorer.

Anyone using a USB floppy drive with OS X? - Ars Technica OpenForum

It even assigned A: to it automatically. I was able to write a Word file, exit, get back in, and open it without any trouble. I was able to erase it too. Will only read 2HD 1. I am using Windows 7 Pro bit and the drive works out of the box for me. The box also included a mini-cd which I did not need to use. I just plugged the drive into a USB slot and Win7 instantly recognized it and found a driver. However, as my heading says, this drive will only read High Density 1.

I also have some older 2DD diskettes double sided k which this drive will not read, but rather prompt me to 'format a blank diskette. By K in FL. It worked as advertised. Very happy. My OS is windows XP on a old desktop computer. Read the instructions which told me "not to plug it into USB hub because there would not be enough power to run the disk reader properly", which I would have done if I had been told not to. I did not have to unplug and re-plug in to get my files read from a different floppy disk.

I had. I was able to copy all files to my computer's "C" drive. I did not try the disk reader on any other OS systems or computers. I was finally able to retrieve all those Win 95 programs on 1. I was not going to loose Duke Nukem. That goes for a host of other programs I had on other floppies. This is now a jewel in my tool set and has served me well for all those folks who now admit they have floppies with gold on them.

Bottom line, over 70 floppies tried and only 3 dud floppies found. Did we have good floppies? Were they storied right? Given the success rate I would say it still shows the tool works when the media is in good condition. Another failure I might be a bit frustrated but being honest and sincere, this drive is a bust.

I was unable to see files on some disks, but reinserting the disk would show the files were there. I'd use copy and move with files I needed to backup, and it didn't work. The errors varied. Some say can't copy file, others went right to "disk not formatted" and that is just ridiculous.

The files were still showing and not only that, I was even able to open the files and viewed them right from the floppy and yet this thing would not communicate with a USB port for copying or backing up. By Sony. USB Floppy fulfills floppy need for computers without the floppy. Very compact, very easy to connect USB and to use. Allows use of legacy floppies on floppyless machines.

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Far easier and cheaper than transferring legacy floppies to CD. Many of my spreadsheets and docs fit very nicely on a floppy, and floppies are actually easier to haul around than CD's. By Richard Karlin. By Kindle Customer. By Teac.

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An Acid Test I ordered this with the intent of recovering some old photos that were originally shot on 35 mm film and sent off to a processor who returned the "developed" pictures on an old 3. The drive plugged right into my newer HP laptop and came up without me having to go through a lot of garbage loading installation software - definitely PnP. The drive had no trouble reading the info on the diskette, but the program to open the photos that were stored on the diskette was too old to run on my Windows 10 system.

So I moved the drive over to my old laptop running Windows xP. The drive again started right up and this tie the photo display program also started right up. I figured that was a good enough acid test to get five stars. By Relic of the Golden Age. Of course that long ago, it was mostly reel to reel tapes and recorders etc. By John Farmer. I'm disappointed that it isn't labeled as a Teac product, since buying a Teac was why I chose this unit.

It has no brand name on it at all, and has no country of origin marked on it. There are no labels or product markings at all. There are smudges on the bottom of the case where it appears the original manufacturer's label may have been removed. On the three Windows 7 SP1 systems on which I tested it, Windows reports that it's an unrecognized device for which a driver could not be found. The pilot light doesn't come on and it doesn't spin up with or without a floppy in it. The "inch USB cable approximate " is almost 18" long.

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Well made unit Does what it is supposed to do, but unlike most things these days, it appears well made, and even sounds like a solid device. Kinda' exudes quality for a lowly floppy drive. By The Engineer. Using it as backup for my laptop. Using it for back up. It works as advertised. Had found a batch of old floppy discs with photos on them.

Have 4 PC's and no floppy drive. Enough said. By John Fields. Worked exactly as expected; great for us floppy disk Luddites For those of use still living in the computer stone age that use or even know what a 3. Simply plug into a USB port, and there you have it -- a floppy disk drive. No drivers to install, nothing to "set. Other people have criticized floppies for their unreliability. This is contrary to my experience; in over 20 years of PC use, I have never had a floppy disk failure; still, one might consider a "flash memory" USB device as an alternative.

We may see floppy disks disappear entirely in favor of the latter, and other external memory devices. By Freedom Fighter.

USB Floppy Drive Unboxing Review

High Quality Nice! It's a floppy disk but not a cheap low quality one though. The shipping could survive a tornado! Appeared to be new as described but I am not entirely sure about that. It meets my needs in any case. The drive is very quiet and makes only the usual brief dull clicking when first accessed by Windows Explorer in Windows 7.

Old and new 1. Faulty, Broken and Cheap Simply Do not Buy Buy on your risk this drive arrived faulty and broken the plastic on the front looked cheap, dented and metal was also dented. By mohdsaltamimi. By Sabrent. Overall this floppy drive is great for the price, but may need attention. There are many previous reviews here that report that the drive is not able to read floppies which were written to by a different drive. An error is presented upon reading it saying something like the disk needs to be formatted. However, it is able to format and read data that itself writes.

This is exactly what I have experienced with this drive model.

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Apparently, it is a hit-or-miss on whether you get a good drive. I have looked into the issue with my own drive and decided not to return it, but rather to fix it myself. I used to be a computer repair technician years ago Disclaimer: This will void the warranty. Works great with Windows 7 and 8 - IF you know the secret instructions. I couldn't figure out how to use it. Plus, the eSynic external usb floppy drives is a usb 35 floppy drive.

Most buyers agree that the external usb floppy drive is quiet during operation and the floppy discs are ejected smoothly. A few strongly agree that the external usb floppy drive A few strongly agree that this usb 35 drive is made by teac, a well known company in the computer peripheral business, and this usb 35 drive works well, if a little noisy. The external usb floppy drive is a must have addition for your daily usage.

Best External USB 3.5-Inch Floppy Drive

The external usb floppy drive is easy to carry,high quality hard plastic enclosure, durable and very nice looking. Most buyers opine that the external usb floppy drive are microsoft works files and also it is perfectly with windows 7 and requires no additional driver. Many buyers have used the external usb floppy drive for more than few months without any problems, and it shows no sign of giving up. Buy on amazon: amazon external usb floppy drives.

ToOGOO R offers a variety of external usb floppy drives for personal choice and yet maintaining quality in all the variants. Powered directly from the usb port, no external power required. The external usb floppy drive is a registered trademark to add to that comes with usb interfacesuper slim and lightweight, easy to carry, ideal for desktops and laptops. December 24, December 25, Desktop Pcs.

Top 8 Best external usb floppy drives. External usb floppy drive reviews: Read pros and cons from existing customers Most customers agree that the external usb floppy drive made in a sturdy plastic case with a 55 cm usb cable. External usb floppy drive reviews: Read pros and cons from existing buyers Almost all customers opine that the external usb floppy drive is quiet during operation and the floppy discs are ejected smoothly. External usb floppy drive reviews: Read reviews from existing buyers Most buyers agree that the external usb floppy drive is quiet during operation and the floppy discs are ejected smoothly.

WE KEY external usb floppy drives The external usb floppy drive is a must have addition for your daily usage.