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In Barbarian Invasion, the player gets to control one of the Barbarian nations that invaded during the decline of the Roman empire, while Alexander puts players in control of the legendary Greek king, Alexander the Great. Moreover, the game comes with several historical battles to play through.

Rome Total War Gold MAC OSX questions — Total War Forums

As a result, the Gold Edition provides a complete experience and the sheer amount of content will keep players occupied for a long time. Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

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Browse with Brave. Learn more. It is primarily a turn-based strategy game, but battles are handled in real-time 3D, with an emphasis on tactical decisions.

View full description. PROS Award-winning real-time tactical battles In-depth campaign mode spanning several centuries Several historical battles are available Includes both official expansion packs.

Total War Rome II Emperor Mac Edition - 2160p

CONS Can be daunting for new players Not ideal for short-term casual play Graphics are slightly dated Transporting units can be frustrating. It's set during the years of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, spanning three centuries. You take control of one of three great Roman families as you attempt to increase your family's power in Rome using your skills in diplomacy, economics and war.

Rome: Total War Gold Edition

The game features a 3D graphics engine that can render more than 10, virtual soldiers on the battlefield at once--the graphics have been impressive enough to be used by the producers of "Decisive Battles" by the History Channel to recreate famous battles of history. Feral is adding Rome: Total War Gold Edition to its recently-launched "Feral Legends" line--a series of older games that are just now seeing their debut on the Mac, value-priced below the typical cost of a new Mac game release.

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Feral debuted the Legends line in with the release of Sid Meier's Pirates.