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Click on the button to initiate the download. After you have successfully set up ClipGrab, you can launch the program.

Downie for Mac: The BEST video downloader for Mac

Now you need to copy the web address of the video that you want to download. After copying the link, switch to the ClipGrab window. After saving the YouTube videos to your Mac, you can view or edit it as you like. If you want to view the downloaded videos on your iPhone, you can transfer videos from Mac to iPhone with MobiMover to get things done.

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The Best YouTube Downloader for Mac apps to use in 12222

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Then you must read this article. You wil…. Carman - How to view iPhone texts on PC and manage your messages? There are lots of ways to get text messages off iPhone onto com…. Download Center Partners Support. It reads the URL directly from the clipboard and asks you what resolution and format you want to save the clip as. Interestingly enough, you can also import a spreadsheet in CSV format containing a list of URLs, although if you want to download more than 25 at a time, you need to purchase a license key.

You also need to purchase a license key if you want to download subtitles along with your video clips, although the rest of the program is completely free. There are also some neat features hidden away in the Preferences. Get 4K Video Downloader. If you are looking for a pure Mac YouTube video downloader, then Folx is for you. The app has a super sleek interface that makes it extremely easy to manage your downloads. Folx is fetching the content of this video, soon I am able to watch the Apple Event Recap on my iPhone.

Folx immediately detects that the video is from YouTube and a new window pops up see the screenshot above.

15 Best YouTube Video Downloader for Mac Catalina/Mojave/High Sierra 12222

The download speed is blazingly fast! In my experience, it usually takes seconds to finish downloading a MB YouTube video — of course, it also depends on your Internet speed. Folx also offers an extension for major web browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera , making it even easier to download videos. All you have to do is install the extension in your browser, though a restart may be required.

Publisher's Description

Once you come across an interesting video on YouTube, just click on the Folx browser icon and the Folx app will respond automatically. Below is a quick comparison table that shows all the differences between the two versions. Get Folx Mac. Airy is a very basic Youtube downloader, which makes it all the more surprising that it asks you to accept responsibility for your usage habits before allowing you to use the program. Airy is the only video downloader I tested that mentioned potential copyright issues at all. The interface itself is as basic as possible, which is a bit refreshing compared to some of the other downloaders I reviewed.

Best 15 YouTube Downloader for Mac

You simply paste the URL you want, choose the resolution, and click Download. I found it to be oddly slow when it came to downloading, but there could be a number of reasons for that. The interface is extremely simple, but that can be a virtue. As you can see in the screenshot above, the free trial of Airy only allows you to download 2 videos before forcing you to purchase a license key.

The only added feature that it has is an interesting method of browser integration which somehow uses bookmarks to simplify the process of copying and pasting the video URL. It was a simple process and worked flawlessly as a result. But if you want the most streamlined Youtube video downloader possible, you may find that Airy meets your needs.

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It required the installation of a number of additional drivers, virtual devices and the adjustment of firewall rules just to make it through the setup process, which is definitely excessive for a Youtube video downloader. The interface seems simple at first, but the rest of the functionality of the program strikes me as overly complicated.

It provides the functionality for recording Youtube videos as well as a number of other video services and also offers a feature it refers to as a digital video recorder or DVR for streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu.

Review of Top 12 Best Youtube Downloaders for Mac

There are other programs that provide similar functionality in a simpler and more user-friendly package, and casual users would probably be better off with one of our recommended apps. Downie is another great YouTube video downloader for Mac users. That said, Downie is a beautifully designed app with incredibly sleek interfaces and the download speed is fast. Once you download and install the app on your Mac. If Downie allowed me to define the resolution, that would be perfect and I have no problem switching to the app for my YouTube download needs.

This saves you time without you manually copying and pasting one by one, which gets tedious fast. I discovered once I had downloaded the program that Leawo was being somewhat misleading about exactly what it was that I was installing. This program seems to act as a hub to connect a range of 8 different feature programs, although I only wanted one.