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However, I wanted to make an exact image, bootable and all using the above techniques. The resource fork prevented this unfortunately. RsyncX crapped out with malloc errors.

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The native cp doesn't support resource forks. I found a cp that did support resource forks, but it didn't support hard links, psync doesn't have the advanced features of rsync. If anyone knows of a way to do this commercial app would be fine please share. Remember, it must support hard linking to really be feasible. You are right and thanks to to mention it: this technique is only for data software installers can be copied in some cases, like if they are inside a. It is not intended for systems, but it will backup databases as long as you issue a stop database beforehand.

If you want to backup your system, you must boot from a separate partition and create a. I use Psync instead of Rsync or RsyncX damn malloc errors! The drawback with psync is that unlike rsync it wont work across the network to a remote computer. You have to mount the computer's drive and in that case you may run into problems with root squashing if you are trying to transfer root owned files.

Psync does have a cute way of dealing with files owned by users that dont exist on the remote machine. One of its options removes places all the ownership and priviledge info into a single file, and in restore mode psync will read this file and assign the ownership and priveledges. Psync is a tad slower than rsync which is slower than rdiff-backup, but in my experience the slow step in backups is the cpio step not the psync step. I have successfully restored individual files and entire machines using it. It is made by Dantz [ Reply to This ] resource forks still a problem Authored by: kd4ttc on Apr 17, '05 PM the pax utility will do hard links!

Just discovered this a short while ago. See man pax for details. The pax utility will do hard links! Since you can use ssh under over? Is it possible to use the same kind of trick for rsync? To connect between two hosts separated by firewalls, you can use an SSH tunnel. Now modify your rsync command to use the same:. FWIW, Panther uses rsync version 2. I really like the script posted above and the info at mikerubel is also excellent. I will be implementing these strategies on my Linux server The man page for CP doesn't include the -l option for links.

A man page for CP I found on the internet describes the option. Any instability issues if I use a feature of CP that is not documented in the man pages on my computer? Steve Holland. Just wish I could use it reliably and retain resource forks on Mac. Anyone have any hints on getting this to work with resource forks? The man page on my mac makes no mention of the -l option. Is there a stability issue to be concerned about using a feature documented on man pages found on the internet but not in the man page for Mac OS X found on the Mac?

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The man page I have for the apple installed Panther cp is Hmm that is odd. Well whatever version of cp I have - its actually working pretty good with the above script. Was skeptical and it ain perfect - but its a start. I really like this backup strategy. Looks like cp is trying to copy recursively and not allowed or something. Some application icons are borked when using cp - but the apps function normally. On the version that you would use on a mac, which is the one where cpio is used rather than cp, the script calls for changing directory, then using find on the current directory.

Find lists all the files in the directory recursively. Is there a limit in unix on the size of a text listing passed via a pipe? If so, this script would crap out with large numbers of files. My situation calls for archiving 20 files, and will grow to files in the future.

A detailed walkthrough on creating backups using rsync - Mac OS X Hints

Perhaps a temporary file could be used to receive the file list to be fed to cpio. Way late, but no there is no limit on how much data you can send through a pipe. You pour stuff in one end and it comes out the other. Bob Harris. This does not work.

There are a few problems. The OS now uses xinetd, which needs to be incorporated. This version of rsync and LBackup have the folloing issues with regards completing the backup bouncer test suite :. The first issue relating to extended attributes for sym-links is the only issue which may affect people who wish to backup user data. The second issue may be problematic for people who wish to make use LBackup to preform full system backups. It is important to keep in mind that LBackup is not designed for full system backups. Results are the same as on the local machine.

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Failure to make this change in the configuration file will result in the standard version of rsync being used for this backup. Visit the screencasts page to visually learn how to download, compile and install rsync on Mac OS X. Note : If you have installed Xcode 4. Further details are availible from this external link. For reference a screen capture of the installation in process via Xcode is shown below. The screen capture is from OS X If you install the command line tools via Xcode must launch 'Xcode.

Next click on the 'Downloads' tab within the preferences. Finally, select and install the 'Command Line Tools'.

Mac os x rsync

I do this to keep my iTunes and iPhoto libraries in sync amongst three Macs and a Linux box. It was mentioned above that there may be problem using the -E flag rsync'ing to a machine that doesn't support it, but I have no problems with the files on my Kubuntu 8. It may be the K Ubuntu's rsync supports it, but I see no mention of it in its man page.

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. If you find online backup solutions expensive and heavy on your system, you might be pleased to hear there is a cheap, easy way to create a mirror backup your Mac or other UNIX variant to a secure online server using a program named rsync.

And as of Mac OS X Leopard, rsync will even transfer metadata associated with your files like tags and comments. This method does not allow you to roll back to previous dated backups like certain backup solutions do Time Machine , for example. What it does is create a mirrored backup of your Mac on a remote server, so it's best used in conjunction with a local hard drive-based incremental backup solution. Still, if the house burns down, your files will be safe and once you've done the initial backup, rsync is very efficient at keeping your remote backup mirrored with your disk.

In this example, we're going to backup the currently logged-in user's Documents folder. What you'll need: rsync running on your Mac it's there on Examples: 1 2 3. Procedure: Set up the remote server You're going to need shell access to your server. If there isn't, contact your ISP directly. With shell access set up, create a folder that is outside of the scope of your webserver. You could use FTP to do this, if you prefer. Set up your Mac Launch the Terminal application found in your Utilities folder. Back up key files via rsync and ssh 12 comments Create New Account.

The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Back up key files via rsync and ssh Authored by: macavenger on Jul 01, '08 AM. A caveat and a note: While it is true that Tiger and Leopard's RSYNC allows you to save metadata using the -E switch, which is not actually mentioned in the hint : -E --extended-attributes copy extended attributes, resource forks this ONLY works if the remote rsync also supports it- which won't be the case unless you are syncing to another Back up key files via rsync and ssh Authored by: blouis on Jul 04, '08 PM.

Back up key files via rsync and ssh Authored by: adrianm on Jul 01, '08 AM. I've been doing this for a while to dreamhost and one thing I've noticed is that resource fork for file bla get written as.