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I find them in every box. Zoya Jan, 19, Gotta love it! Gentle on the stomach! Its hard to find a tomato soup that doesnt bother my acid reflux. You know you're eating the good stuff when it digests well. Soft noodles in a thick, creamy, flavorful sauce, everything you could ask for! Amanda Cruz Dec, 19, Bunny soup for my little that does not like tomatoes.

My grocery store just recently stopped stocking this item, now I am on the hunt for another store that does so I can get some to keep in reserve! I love this soup! I do not like tomatoes but absolutely love this soup!

It's the same with ALL their products, their amazing! Idalia Mar, 08, Amazing Soup! I love this soup.

Poached offers long kids' menu

It's very thick and delicious. The creaminess is very much appreciated as I do not experience the same acid reflux I get from other tomato soups. The pasta bunnies are a nice touch! Super filling. I want to add, this soup is so good that I checked the container a couple of times to make sure it didn't contain meat as I am pescatarian. Seriously tastes like pasta in meat sauce. No meat! Just great flavor! Thank you for such a wonderful product!! Alisa Feb, 27, Good eats I don't like tomato soup but was willing to try Annie's.

This soup was awesome and who cares if the pasta was discolored, its natural and not made with bleached products. Jesenia Dec, 31, Good soup.. The soup is delicious, however, as others have mentioned, the pasta bunnies were discolored. They were more of a grayish brown, not like the pasta pictured on the box. I had the fish the pasta out of the soup and hope that the soup did not make me sick. It would be nice to know if this is a normal discoloration. Kristy Dec, 11, Love it but Same as a few other comments that I see, discolored pasta?

Parts are grey and not sure if that's normal? Alyssa Nov, 22, SO good that it tastes like Spaghettios, but way healthier and filling! Some of the pasta is dark grey. Please, answer as to why it is like this. If normal, please, note on container.


Brown Bunnies smells okay, but some of the bunnies were really brown.. Robin Feb, 23, Soup and sandwich I love tomato soup but it burns my throat. I took a chance and purchased this soup. No burning throat, creamy thickness not watery , and it went very well with a swiss cheese sandwich. Julie Jan, 18, I heat this soup up and send it to school with my kids in a thermos once a week.

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They love "hot lunch" day! Jen Oct, 30, Like, I think about this soup when I'm not eating it. It's THAT good! I'd eat it every day if I could. Sam Oct, 20, So good This soup is good!! It was one of my dad's signature dishes.


Growing up we ate a dish that was baked beans, hot dogs, canned corn, and crumbled saltine crackers called beanee-weenee-corny-worny-cracker-wacker. It's embarrassing to type that out. It was gross. Yet he seemed proud of it like it was the best food ever made. I knew someone whose entire family called spaghetti "daddy noodles" and I cannot.

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I wouldn't invite friends to my dad's house for fear of my step mom making "Texas Spaghetti" which was barely drained noodles mixed with one can of tomato paste and 3 cups of water. No seasoning. My dad and I would sneak out for dinner those nights. So glad I lived with my mom. Reminds me of my cousin. Always went to this friends house after school.

Then he slept over. Sweet Milk is when you finish your cereal and pour your leftover milk into the Sweet Milk container. Shit was ass. My aunts made macaroni from a box of macaroni and cheese but without any cheese or butter or salt. It might have also been cold? No matter what we were having.

Mac-and-Cheese Soup (via | Soups | Soups for kids, Soup recipes, Soup, sandwich

I used to think this was like.. Like eating vitamins w your meal? Daily dairy? Turns out my dad is just jazzed abt cheese.