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I otherwise love the application. I used it for all my research for over a decade. But this is a deal breaker for me. If, like me, you are interested in returning, I would encourage you to let them know you would like the ability to associate images with source citations. They talk about some changes about linking media to source.

MacFamilyTree 7 vs Reunion

Tom, thanks for pointing us to that discussion. If Leister Pro really wanted to pick up some former FTM users, they would change Reunion accordingly instead of jury-rigging it to move all citation media to the corresponding sources. Now comes Ancestry and collapses my carefully worked FTM files. If I understand you correctly, the leading number is just a piece of text before the title. Reunion may not sort the sources in this order automatically, but I would think that you could sort on Title and get them in the order you want.

I may be way off base in this, but it seems somewhat logical now that you have me thinking that the titles are TEXT and not numbered Media. Your thoughts? Bob, you are correct, the Title of a source is just a plain text field. For example, S1 could be the number for a source record, M1 for a media record, etc. If everything but sources is imported correctly, then what I would need to do is to re-align my source numbers in the new REUNION file and change my master file to the new numbers.

The file is labeled 5. I decided to use my older Reunion 9 and imported directly from Ancestry a small family group. What a mess. No facts, notes, or images of any kind. Many sources listed multiple times per person. Citations seemed to be there in a form I wanted. It feels almost like starting over. Glad I tried it though and now I need to further educate myself as to work arounds. Perhaps another program would be better.

Thanks for all these posts as they are extremely helpful. Ancestry is supposedly looking into this, which would be a real boon to many users. RootsMagic does a fairly good job of importing, but I have concerns about how it exports sources. Sorry, yes a gedcom file.

In Reunion when I click on a name there are tabs for Facts and Notes. Facts such as employment, marriages, military etc are not there.

Top 10 New Features in Reunion 12 for Macintosh

Notes are blank as well. My main data bank is still hard copy. I too hope for a better program than Reunion as I find it awkward to use again. Pricey too but prior uses at least get a price break for an upgrade to the most recent version. Thanks Keith. While not directly about importing from FTM, I had a similar problem about 15 years ago when Sierra abandoned their Generations packages. Apparently Generations was a Windows port of a very early version of Reunion. I tried a number of other Windows genealogy programs and had a terrible time with the import. About 4 years ago, a work requirement made me get a MacBook Pro.

So I picked up a copy of Reunion for the Mac. The converted everything perfectly. I was amazed.

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Users still have problems when they export their data from Reunion. It was clear that Generations had the same extensions as early Reunion, and I expect that even where they differed they had a similar spirit. I would not expect a transfer from an unrelated package to be as smooth. If that file is otherwise not using 5. I have separate, multiple citations linked to the relevant source, and each citation has its own relevant media. The GEDCOM standard allows media files to be attached to both citations and sources, so I think Reunion and all other apps should support this, as well. Keith, Thank you for your assistance in replying to my message below.

I agree with you Reunion needs to change their program so users can attach media to citations and NOT to sources. As you said, this would make it easier for FTM users to return to Reunion. If there is a way I can support your advocacy for that stance, how does one do that? Colleen, the best way to contact Leister Pro is to email them: help at leisterpro.

Leister Pro has implemented a partial fix for media and notes but has said nothing about quality ratings. In the process, citation with media seem to get duplicated. My question is as follows.

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I downloaded the new patch Reunion Unfortunately, there is no way to attach a screen shot of my screen showing source citations on the individual person panel. Keith, Thanks for your reply. How would I check to see if there are duplicates of media items attached to citations, please? Then, if I find them, I wonder if dragging and dropping the sources over one another would fix the problem?

Colleen, You can check the sources by clicking on Sources in the Sidebar. There are two tabs, one for All and one for the current Family. It might be easier to check one family at a time. You can compare the number of sources listed there to your original FTM file. Number 1 above produced some errors while using 2 produced some errors.

Another issue is that Legacy is a Windows app, while Reunion is a Mac app, and Windows and Mac each use different file paths. Windows specifies the drive letter and uses back slashes to separate folders and the file name, while Mac uses forward slashes. I believe media can only be attached to people, families, sources, or citations, and any media attached to citations will be moved to the corresponding source.

Keith — Thanks for the insight. Perhaps before the year is over, a method will surface that obviates this issue, so I will keep it in mind. I have added many Ancestry hints, mainly historical records, and have never had a problem with my tree getting corrupted. I believe the problem comes from trying to sync too many changes at once, or trying to sync in two directions simultaneously ie, changes in both FTM and Ancestry trees. Are you sure TreeSync has corrupted your file? Can you pinpoint specific instances of information that have gotten corrupted after doing a TreeSync?

Maybe the problem is with Reunion, but whatever the cause, I cannot deal with missing files on the attempted transfer and maintain my sanity! Its an interesting dilemma.

Reunion 12 Download

Bob, As for the problems with importing to Reunion, I doubt if Leister Pro will change anything more than they already have. Just email them at help leisterpro. Regarding new hints when you upload or create a new tree at Ancestry. In fact, you could upload the exact same tree with a slightly different name, and you would get all new hints. Your email address will not be published.

MacFamilyTree 7 vs Reunion - ReunionTalk

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. MacFamilyTree 7 vs Reunion. This topic is closed. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Has anyone here tried MFT7? If so, how does it compare to Reunion? Tags: None. Sure, there are always some things one would like to see in any programme, but to me overall, Reunion holds first place.

If you can, go with Reunion. Comment Post Cancel. No comparison in my mind. Re: MacFamilyTree 7 vs Reunion. Originally posted by romad View Post. Click here to email me OS X I have a very small tree less than individuals and I have experienced crashes and once I lost some data. When I send charts to relatives, most of them not really interested in family history but want to see some basic info, I import a gedcom from Reunion, which is my preferred software, into MFT.

In my opinion, Reunion wins hands down in all other areas, I can't speak highly enough about the program and it's developers. I've learned more about gedcoms and sources in the last year since buying Reunion than I did in the last 20 years. Last edited by suzivegemite ; 04 June , PM. Reason: spelling mistake. Originally posted by suzivegemite View Post.