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However, not everyone is a fan of the Dashboard, with some Mac users preferring to disable the Dashboard entirely. Just be aware that when you place a widget on your Desktop, that widget will always appear in front of any applications or windows that you have open, so this trick tends to work better on larger screens, or if you use your MacBook with an external monitor, just so you have plenty of onscreen space available!

With this mode enabled, developers were able to place their work-in-progress widgets on their Desktop, where they could more easily test and debug them.

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By enabling this mode, you can place any Dashboard widget directly on your own Desktop. As already mentioned, the major drawback to placing widgets on your Desktop, is that these widgets will always appear over all the other applications and windows that you have open.


macos - Can I disable Dashboard in Mountain Lion? - Ask Different

If you find this distracting, then you can reclaim some of your screen space by moving one, or more of your widgets back to their original home on the Dashboard:. Even if you banish every single widget from your Desktop, you may still want to go one step further and disable the dashboard development mode entirely. Notification Center shows your notifications, like a calendar alert or a missed FaceTime call. Notification Center also gives you quick access to widgets that show you information from your apps.

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Learn how to keep results from Siri in Notification Center. Do Not Disturb silences incoming calls and notifications and automatically turns on when your Mac is connected to a TV or projector. Use Notifications on your Mac Notifications are a great way for your apps to keep you informed and appear in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Use Notifications on your Mac

A small drive can quickly fill up with photos or music, causing everything else to come crashing to a halt. Enter the following Terminal commands to disable all window and Mail animations change true to false or vice-versa to re-enable them.

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  • Apple provides, on the whole, a smooth and pleasant experience while using your computer, partly because the options Read More instead. Until that day though, you can kill your Dashboard with the following Terminal commands:. If your system tray is starting to look a bit bloated and you have apps you there you no longer use, remove them from your system completely with the free AppCleaner or AppTrap.

    This will only apply to a fresh login though and by defaul, Mountain Lion is going to keep open any apps that were open when you shut down. Virtual memory, caches etc are all stored on your hard drive. This ensures everything is written to the fastest part of the drive, the latter half is slower. Unlike Windows, OS X uses very efficient ways of writing smaller files to a disk in one large block rather than all over the place, so the need for defragging at all is significantly reduced.

    After a few years though, and especially on particularly old Macs that have been through numerous updates, a completely fresh install will do wonders for performance. Just be sure to backup what you need on external drives, and be prepared to spend the time re-installing apps you genuinely need. Put those files and folders into their proper storage space and stop using your desktop as a temporary dumping ground.

    Inatalling and removing fonts can corrupt a font cache, causing it to become slow over time. Rebuild the cache with the following terminal command. Enter the following commands to enable a new menu option, and reboot Finder. Power outages can cause disk errors or corrupt caches and permissions; this is one cause of random slowdown and beach balls, but they could also be indicative of a failing drive.

    Either way, you can check the drive and repair permissions using the built in Disk Utility. Onyx is a free app that will clear caches, rebuild the fonts, and do a lot more besides. Be sure to download the right version for your OS X. It is possible your system slowdown is due to a failing disk: Disk Utility may be unable to fix the problems, or you may hear strange sounds as well as occasional lock ups.

    Read More outlined here. SSDs are incredibly fast — but much more expensive on a per-GB basis compared to regular hard drives.

    How To Change the Background of Dashboard in Mac OS X Lion

    Is the boot time so long that you can actually go out and buy a coffee? If so, perhaps it's time to think about upgrading your main Read More , but only try this if your machine is well and truly out of warranty.

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    Chrome and Safari are the fastest modern browsers on OS X, fact. But even then, the number of tabs and extensions you have installed can seriously slow your machine down. You may find some articles that advise you run the built-in maintenance scripts if your machine is powered off between 3am and 5am every day when they would normally run automatically. This means you can safely power off the whole night and not worry.