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  1. 2017 MacBook Pro logic board failure under normal use
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  3. How to Repair the Macbook Pro Logic Board at Home: 4 Steps
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I had decided to give this beast one last chance before I threw it out, and I am glad that I did.

It took a little bit of work to get all of the connectors off the logic board. Then I turned off the oven and opened the door a crack to let it cool down. I later put it back into the chassis and reconnected all of the connectors and turned on the power. Now I need to get some thermal paste for the heatsinks on the 3 major computer chips on the lower side, before I screw everything down and close it up.

Brilliant solution. Thank you very much!!! I tried it and about halfway through all I could think was what am I doing right now. It's a method commonly known as reflow. It actually "repairs" or "re-solders" all the points on your board.

Why the unauthorized repair cost so much less than Apple's quote

It's difficult to do by hand, and there are ways to do it with real tools. There is also a cheap way by stripping your motherboard and sticking it in a common oven. A professional reflow oven, an infrared lamp or a heat gun will do it too. Whatever way you choose, it is extremely important to get to your desired temperature slowly to allow the volatile solvents in the solder paste to outgas.


2017 MacBook Pro logic board failure under normal use

For paste solvents to be properly expelled and the assembly to safely reach pre-reflow temperatures, your logic-board must be heated in a consistent, linear manner so you don't crack components because of a too sharp change of temperature. You will have to let it cool down slowly as well. Whatever way you're using, keep in mind that it is considered a temporary fix. It usually does not last more than a few months at best. Yes it worked! Its been almost a year now, still working. Reply 1 year ago. By Unboxingexperience7 Follow.

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Clean the logic board remove also the thermal compound. After 7 minutes turn the oven off and open it a bit 8. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Cheap, Sturdy, 1-Hour Quadcopter. Internet of Things Class.

How to Repair the Macbook Pro Logic Board at Home: 4 Steps

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User profile for user: KXsig KXsig. Very strong posts here, guys, congratulations! I want report my great satisfaction with my 1,1 model, handled by a very good care and use. In fact my great and main concern, that constantly drives my usage, became the temperature and fans activity, the cooling system. I must say that in a 3.

I kept full time loaded jobs, up to windowing Mail, Safari video browsing, Itunes, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and minor support applications for hours, and without care that much, in 1 year period, experienced crashes getting more and more frequent. Was only about a month past that I discovered my first kernel panic, which happened while I was away and a friend was using my Mac. From that point I managed to zero out OS, not without a week having only the Single User access and command line interaction which I was 20 years apart. Thank you, guys, and again, posts here were great.

Cheers, K. User profile for user: osxtasy91 osxtasy Sorry about the previous mac rumors link. I forgot it required login. User profile for user: vc vc I have the model 2. I have used it everyday for graphics work as my main computer some video work also. No issues for me since day one. I've had 3 portables before this one, and luckily they were all good to me. My Imac G5 just died from a blown capacitor, which apparently was an issue with a small number of machines out there - it lasted me 6 years. The cost to repair the board is more than the machine itself.

Regarding another purchase, these days, I do think quality control is not the same as before, hence a lot more poorer quality products hit the shelves unnoticed. With more affordable macs each and every year, something has to get compromised right? It helps to understand why these boards are prone to fry so frequently. It seems that there should be some other kind of cooling aid. I started researching some info on these machines as an alternative to buying a new laptop. Since I wasn't really taking an advantage on the computer's portability and to keep my existing iPhone syncing, music and photo libraries in iTunes and iPhoto respectively while searching for a "cheaper??

Seems I ran into a dead end in my search for better options. We just have to look into trivial things where the likeliness of a customer complaint is either improbable or non-consequent. Take for example a disposable drinking straws with one end sealed. In these trivial cases, I think that such companies are being hit so hard by the current economic situation that is likely they've been forced to loosen their quality standards to deal with production costs.

In such cases the risk and implications of a defective unit are obviously not the same as in the case of a costly consumer product such as a computer, LCD TV, a car, etc.

Apple MacBook Pro A1278 Logicboard Diagnostics and Repair To Fix No Charging Issue

What I don't agree completely is that macs are more affordable each an every year. Yes they have somehow lowered their prices, but it seems that there is a hidden besides high cost related to the product's durability, not to mention that it seems AppleCare is not optional but rather an almost required add-on to the already high bill if you want to keep your computer for at least 3 years. I'm sure you can understand how it feels. My bet is that it shamefully will. User profile for user: c5w c5w I feel your pain.

I just took my MBP in on Saturday because it would not power up and found out it was a failed Logic Board — and my Macbook is only 13 months old. There's only a 90 day warranty on the new board. I've never bought the extended Apple Care plan, but it's looking pretty good right now. User profile for user: agwalters agwalters. Oct 4, AM in response to agwalters In response to agwalters In theory they should be able to replace the logic board without any data loss, but there's no guarantee.

I had them do it just in case.